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   Welcome to Dogwood Ceramic Supply, the complete source of ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies for the professional and hobby ceramist and potter.  As one of the largest pottery and ceramics distributors in North America, Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers a broad selection of only the best pottery and ceramic equipment and supplies from all of the leading manufacturers, always in stock and ready for immediate purchase in The Showroom or for shipment across the country from our warehouse.

    The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom is conveniently located in the heart of the City of Gulfport on the scenic Mississippi Gulf Coast just a short distance from the I-10 and US Highway 49 interchange and easy drive from either New Orleans or Mobile.  Everybody is welcome to visit the scenic Mississippi Gulf Coast and Dogwood Ceramic Supply during our normal business hours:

Showroom Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday 1PM to 6PM

Closed Wednesday and Sunday

    And because not every customer is able to visit The Showroom on a routine basis, Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers daily UPS and motor freight shipping to customers throughout the United States as well as container shipments to serve our international customers in Europe and South America.

The Major Products

    The Products carried by Dogwood Ceramic Supply can be quickly accessed through the major product links shown below:

Catalog of Duncan Glazes and Underglazes   Spectrum Glaze and Underglaze Catalog   Catalog of Shimpo of Pottery Wheels
Catalog of North Star Slab Rollers and Equipment Catalog of Paragon Kilns for Glass and Pottery
Speedball Pottery Wheel Catalog
pottery equipment
(AQ) American Quality Ceramic Bisque Standard Ceramic Supply Catalog
Ceramic Molds for Casting EPS Pottery Wheel Stools
Lehman Pouring Equipment for Slip Casting Moist Standard Clay
Standard Clay
Kemper Tools
Creative Paradise Pottery Molds for Clay Ceramic Bisque
Daltile unglazed ceramic tile Orton Ceramic Firing Products

   The Products page is also accessible via the link in the top navigation bar.  Many of the product sections include extensive support information written by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Additional product, technical and safety information can be found on the ceramic and pottery manufacturer's websites also accessible through the top navigation bar.

Additional Information

    Historically, Dogwood Ceramics opened as a traditional storefront ceramic studio serving the local community in 1988.  The business rapidly grew from local hobby sales to regional supply sales and in 1993 Dogwood Ceramics was renamed Dogwood Ceramic Supply to properly reflect the diversity of products and our role in distributing ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies across the nation.


    In 2001 we moved from our original storefront location to The Showroom (shown near the top of the page).  The Showroom, with over 13,000 sq ft of combined product display and warehouse space was specifically designed for the modern pottery and ceramic business with ground level access, seen towards the rear of the building, for loading the customer's vehicles as well as a covered loading dock at the rear of the building to protect our freight shipments from the inclement weather of South Mississippi.


    As we approach our 30th year in business, it is clear that our continued growth and success has been built around our loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning.  Even today, we often refer to ourselves as Dogwood Ceramics, rather than more proper Dogwood Ceramic Supply, out of convenience and respect for the past


    The Hot Off the Press includes ceramic and pottery news from all of the equipment and supply manufacturers including new product information and discontinuations as well as the all important price adjustments.  The news posts are removed as Dogwood Ceramic Supply updates the specific product pages.  The Hot Off the Press page also includes local and general business news which may affect Dogwood Ceramic Supply or our customers visiting The Showroom.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply has consolidated all of our Customer Service and Support topics plus technical support questions into a single webpage with attached links for the convenience of the consumer.  The link is included in the main navigation bar at the top of every page of the website.



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Dogwood Ceramic Supply

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Showroom Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday 1PM to 6PM