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Duncan Crystal Glazes Duncan Crystal Glazes Duncan Crystal Glazes Duncan Crystal Glazes Duncan Crystal Glazes

Duncan Crystal Glazes

Duncan Crystal Glazes

    Duncan Crystal Glazes are nontoxic gloss glazes that contain glaze crystals that melt and flow during the firing. Each of the Crystal Glazes are different, some glazes contain crystals of just one color, while others contain several different colored crystals. While these glazes are nontoxic and suitable for the classroom, the glazes should never be considered dinnerware safe as crazing may develop due to the presence of the glaze crystal.  Available in 42 total colors split into several groups including the Original Crystal Glazes and the Earth and Sky Crystal Glaze Series.

    All Duncan Crystal Glazes are available in 4 oz sample sizes and most are available in 16 oz (pint) bottles. Dogwood Ceramic Supply stocks all available sizes and colors.


Duncan Crystal Glazes

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Quantity (mix and match) 3   6  12   48
Back to School Special Discount
on Pints
20% 30% 40%   50%


Duncan Color Discounts

$250   40%
$1000   50%

All color products in ALL sizes can be combined to obtain the quantity discounts.

Some limitations may apply.  See discount notes at the bottom of the Duncan Color Catalog.

All Colors of Duncan Crystal Glazes

$5.90 US Suggested Retail for 4 ounce Duncan Crystal Glazes

price as low as $2.95 per jar after discounts are applied

16 oz size of Duncan Crystal Glazes

$17.45 US Suggested Retail for pint bottles of Duncan Crystal Glazes


Colors marked with # are NOT available in pint size.

price as low as $8.73 per pint bottle after discounts are applied

Duncan Crystal Glazes

Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 901 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 902 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 903 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 904 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 905 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 906 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 907 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 908
CR 901
CR 902
Night Sky
CR 903
Emerald Falls
CR 904
Fudge Marble
CR 905
CR 906
CR 907
La Fiesta
CR 908
Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 909 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 910 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 911 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 912 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 913 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 914 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 915 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 916
CR 909
Moss Green
CR 910
Forest Moss
CR 911
Ocean Mist
CR 912
Spring Meadow
CR 913
CR 914
Grape Splash
CR 915
Night Frost
CR 916
Holly Berries
Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 917 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 918 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 919 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 920 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 921 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 922 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 922 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 924
CR 917
Caramel Latte
CR 918
Cherry Blossoms
CR 919
Milky Way
CR 920
Water Lilies
CR 921
Glacier Storm
CR 922
CR 923
Raspberry Lemonade
CR 924
Wildflower Bouquet
Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 925 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 926 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 927          
CR 925
Independence Day
CR 926
Sandy Beach
CR 927
Hawaiian Sand
CR 928
CR 929
CR 930
CR 931
CR 932
      Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 20075 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 20088 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 20089 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 20091 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 20095
CR 933
CR 934
CR 935
CR 20075
CR 20088
Blueberry Ice
CR 20089
Raspberry Ice
CR 20091
Harvest Time
CR 20095
Blue Enamelware

Colors marked with # are NOT available in pint size.


Duncan's Earth & Sky Crystal Glazes

Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 850 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 851 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 852 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 853 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 854
CR 850 Cumulus Clouds CR 851
Eternal Galaxy
CR 852
Solar Flares
CR 853
Sailors Delight
CR 854
Outer Space
Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 855 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 856   Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 858 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR 859
CR 855
Water Lily Marsh
CR 856
Ancient Woodland
  CR 858
Polynesian Lagoon
CR 859
African Savanna

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015 

Click on the Earth & Fire Crystal Glazes to display a full size digital photo.

Crystals™ Glazes

Duncan Glaze Crystals 

Crystals™ Glazes

    Duncan Crystal™ Glazes consist of a base glaze, that usually matches an Envision™ Glaze in color, with various colored crystals added.  When fired these crystals produce unique results every time.  As shown on the vase above, Crystal Glazes can move during the firing.  The amount of movement depends upon the size of the individual crystal, the slope of the piece, as well as the firing temperature.

    All Duncan Crystal™ Glazes are rated nontoxic, however only CR 905 Blueberries is considered dinnerware safe. The other Crystal™ Glazes are not considered dinnerware safe as the crystals in the glaze may cause crazing (fine spider-web cracks in the glaze surface), which also means that Crystal™ Glazes are not recommended for the interior of a vessel that may contain water.  On the interior of a vase it is recommended that the matching or complimentary Envision™ Glaze is used to maintain waterproof food safety.

    Crystal™ Glazes are a very versatile decorative glaze.  Duncan Crystal™ Glazes may be used in conjunction with other Crystal™ Glazes, or in combination with satin or other gloss glazes.

Basic Instructions:

1. Stir product thoroughly to suspend the crystals that may have settled at the bottom of the jar.  Note: Mixing instructions depend upon the crystal size, refer to the jar label for complete instructions.

2. Apply 3 flowing coats to shelf cone 04 bisque.  Keep larger crystals sparse on the sides near the bottom of the piece to prevent the crystals from flowing off the piece and onto the kiln furniture.  Keep all crystals off the bottom of the ware, or edges of boxes to prevent an uneven bottom.

3. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.  Allow slightly more space between pieces in the kiln as some bubbling of the crystals may occur during the firing.

Project Hints:

    Duncan's Crystal Glazes are wonderful for children and classroom.  Adults may desire to move beyond the color choices made by Duncan and experiment with Spectrum's Glaze Crystals to achieve a virtually unlimited color combinations.




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