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Duncan French Dimension Duncan French Dimension Duncan French Dimension Duncan French Dimension Duncan French Dimension

Duncan French Dimensions

   Duncan French Dimensions are a low fire raised glaze product used for decorative accents which are nontoxic and dinnerware safe and perfect for use by grade school children, though care should be used to avoid placing raised accents directly on eating surfaces. French Dimensions are similar to the many raised slip based products on the market, but, since the product is glaze based, the color intensity of French Dimensions is much greater than any of the slip based products and Duncan French Dimensions may be used over or under a glaze and most importantly can be applied to either greenware or bisque.

    Duncan French Dimensions are packed in a 1.25 ounce bottle designed for ease of application. The bottle has a fine-writer tip built into the bottle for product application. Dogwood Ceramic Supply stocks all available colors.



Duncan French Dimension


The plate has been decorated with French Dimensions as raised dots. The fish, and all other decorations are painted with underglaze.
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Duncan Color Discounts

$100   20%
$250   40%
$1000   50%

All color products in ALL sizes can be combined to obtain the quantity discounts.

Some limitations may apply.  See discount notes at the bottom of the Duncan Color Catalog.

All Duncan French Dimension Raised Accent Colors

$3.45 US Suggested Retail for all 2 ounce bottles of Duncan French Dimensions

price as low as $1.73 per jar after discounts are applied

Duncan French Dimensions

Duncan French Dimension FD 254 Duncan French Dimension FD 258 Duncan French Dimension FD 265 Duncan French Dimension FD 266
FD 254
Black Licorice
FD 258
Pure White
FD 265
French Straw
FD 266
French Papaya
Duncan French Dimension FD 271 Duncan French Dimension FD 274 Duncan French Dimension FD 275 Duncan French Dimension FD 278
FD 271
French Kiwi
FD 274
Light Pink
FD 275
Neon Blue
FD 278
Really Red

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015 

French Dimensions™

Duncan French Dimensions product packaging

Learning About French Dimensions

Basic Instructions
1. Apply with squeeze bottle.
2. Maintain steady squeeze pressure.
3. Fire to shelf cone 06.
4. Do not touch bottle tip to ware (this may cause the French Dimensions to flatten).
5. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque (or greenware, depending on technique.

Tips & Techniques
1. Popularly used with the stained glass technique. Create design outline on greenware; fire to shelf cone 04; fill design with various glaze colors such as Duncan Envisions or Courtyard Glazes; glaze fire to shelf cone 06.
2. Use in combination with other glazes for intriguing looks.
3. Use to create lace effects.
4. Use to outline design on ware.
5. Great for lettering.
6. Great for making dots.

Health & Safety
1. Nontoxic and lead-free, but not recommended for use on food containers due to raised surface.

Additional Information About Duncan's French Dimensions

   Duncan's French Dimensions are a raised glaze product.  This means the formula of the French Dimensions includes glaze (frit) materials and will self gloss just like a conventional glaze.  The self glossing ability of the French Dimensions increases the usage of the product as the French Dimensions may be readily used in the place of a glaze on a project.  That said, the French Dimension is not ideal for dinnerware as the raised surface of the product may harbor bacteria or interfere with eating.

     The French Dimension products are not appropriate for high fire (Cone 4-6) application because the glaze content of the product will flatten out and run in the firing.  In addition for some projects the gloss glaze appearance of the French Dimension may not be ideal.  Spectrum's Raised Accent Colors are the ideal solution for either instance as the RAC is not a glaze product and will easily high fire with minimal movement.




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