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     Dogwood Ceramic Supply sells new ceramic molds from all of the leading ceramic mold manufacturers including Creative Paradise, Riverview and Wagon Wheel Molds.  Each of these ceramic mold companies is dedicated to our industry and produces a variety of exciting new designs each and every year.  In addition to the active companies just listed, Dogwood Ceramic Supply also purchases new ceramic molds from the retired mold lines of Alberta, Doc Holliday, Dona's, Duncan, Made-in-Fire, Scioto and TL Designs.  Each of these retired companies continue to have their ceramic mold designs of yesterday produced by Starlite Ceramic Molds.  Collectively, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is able to offer 14,000 different mold designs for the discerning buyer to purchase.


    A small selection of new ceramic molds for sale are always available in our showroom.  These new ceramic molds are dry and ready for local customers to purchase or to shipped via UPS to anybody in North America.  And some of the new ceramic molds have even been reduced in price and are on sale!


Save up to 75% off the retail price on select Ceramic Molds in Stock

    Can't find what you are looking for in the molds currently in stock?  No problem.  We offer 6 different ceramic mold catalogs featuring over 10,000 designs shown on 700+ full color, glossy catalog pages.   

Ceramic Mold Catalogs


    The 6 Ceramic Mold Catalogs sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply collectively feature over 10,000 unique mold designs shown on 700+ full color, glossy catalog pages.  If you have a limited budget, then we recommend either the Creative Paradise Super Mold Catalog and/or the Duncan + Scioto Combined Ceramic Mold Catalog.  The CPI (Creative Paradise Inc) Super Mold Catalog includes many of the classic Kimple molds from years gone by plus all of the great CPI molds starting from when the Kimple line was acquired by CPI well over 1 decade ago.  Of course the Duncan + Scioto Combined Ceramic Mold Catalog is the best of the wonderful Duncan and Scioto Molds from their nearly 100 years of combined mold making excellence combined together into a single full color catalog that even includes basic instructions on how to slip cast a 2 piece ceramic mold.

Alberta Mold Catalog Alberta's Ceramic Mold Catalog

65 pages of Alberta's Ceramic Molds (traditional mold line), the Alberta Student Casting Molds and Alberta Doll Molds plus the retired ceramic molds from Cole, Jamar, Suncrest and Heinz.  A very broad and eclectic group of approximately 1200 ceramic mold designs shown in full color with a little something for everybody.  The entire line of Alberta's Ceramic Molds are now produced by Starlite.  There are no new designs being released.

Catalog out of Print and will not be reprinted.  Limited Inventory


Creative Paradise Super Mold Catalog Creative Paradise Super Mold Catalog (CPI)

112 pages with 1400 ceramic mold designs from Kimple, Creative Paradise and TL Designs plus plenty of supplemental flyers with 100's of recent releases since the mold catalog was first published.  Many of the supplemental flyers even include painting instructions!  Highly recommended mold book and a must have for the active mold buyer.

Catalog is out of Print and out of stock. Will not be re-printed.


Dona's Mold Catalog + Made-In-Fire Mold Catalog Supplement Dona's Mold Catalog + Made-In-Fire Mold Catalog Supplement

183 total pages with 2300 mold designs from the retired Dona's and Made-In-Fire ceramic mold companies.  Dona's designs have always had a certain common design trait that makes their molds easily recognizable, whether the item is a cute Christmas Children's Nativity Set or a functional basket or canister set with optional side inserts.  All Dona's and Made-In-Fire molds are now produced by Starlite.  There are no new designs being released.


Duncan + Scioto combined Ceramic Mold Catalog Duncan + Scioto combined Ceramic Mold Catalog

160 total pages containing roughly 1300 of the best selling Duncan and Scioto Ceramic Molds shown in full color.  The Duncan + Scioto combined Ceramic Mold Catalog does NOT overlap either of the classic catalogs from the two companies.  Highly recommended Mold Catalog, if you can only buy one catalog, flip a coin between the Duncan+Scioto or the Creative Paradise Super Catalog.  The entire combined line of Duncan and Scioto molds are now produced by Starlite.  There are no new designs being released.


Duncan Classics Ceramic Mold Catalog Duncan Classics Ceramic Mold Catalog

80 total pages with 1200 classic Duncan Ceramic Molds not shown in the Duncan + Scioto combined mold catalog.  Included in this collection are molds previously retired by Duncan as well as molds retired by Duncan after purchasing Scioto.  Many are classics, others just didn't make the cut off for inclusion in the combined catalog.  All Duncan ceramic molds are now produced by Starlite.  There are no new designs being released.


Scioto Classics Ceramic Mold Catalog Scioto Classics Ceramic Mold Catalog

100 total pages with 2200 classic Scioto Ceramic Molds not shown in the Duncan + Scioto combined mold book.  Included in this collection are molds previously retired by Scioto as well as molds retired by Duncan after purchasing Scioto.  Many are classics, others just didn't make the cut off for inclusion in the combined catalog.  All Scioto ceramic molds are now produced by Starlite.  There are no new designs being released.


Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015 

    Collectively the 6 printed Ceramic Mold Catalogs sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply contain nearly 10,000 unique molds shown in full color on 700 individual catalog pages.

   Most ceramic mold manufacturers are transitioning away from glossy printed catalogs to internet based catalogs for ease of updating and correcting.  The only ceramic mold catalogs we have for sale are the ones listed above.

    The Creative Paradise Super Mold Catalog also includes a small number of Mikes, Provincial, Byron and Studio Molds in the catalog.  These molds have been retired and are no longer available from Creative Paradise.  These retired molds were not included in the count of available molds shown in the catalog.

Shipping Costs for Ceramic Mold Catalogs:

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers Simplified UPS Shipping Rates on the Ceramic Mold Catalogs for the convenience of the consumer:

Commercial locations and Schools via UPS $13.00

The simplified UPS rates are applicable for up to to 6 Ceramic Mold Catalogs plus related flyers and price lists.

Rural and Residential Shipping Rates will vary and may be higher.

Ceramic Mold Manufacturers

    The Ceramic Mold Manufacturers actually produce the ceramic molds sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply:


Alberta Molds is/was one of the oldest ceramic mold manufacturers.  Alberta, the company was named after the founder, retired in the mid-late '90's and the mold line went through a very difficult retirement process and ultimately the most popular parts of the ceramic mold line would be transferred to Starlite Molds for continued production and sale to the public.  The Alberta Mold Company consisted of the Alberta Molds, the Alberta Student Casting Molds (a line of simple molds with few if any add-ons), Cole Molds (acquired by Alberta in the '70's), Jamar Molds (Jamar-Mallory Molds founded in 1948 and acquired by Alberta in 1981) as well as Suncrest and Heinz Molds. 

Creative Paradise is the home of Kimple Molds.  Creative Paradise is a ceramic mold manufacturer with a very wide variety of highly detailed molds.  After 30+ years in business, Janet and Ron Kimple retired at the end of 2000 and Kimple Mold Company continues moving forward as Creative Paradise.  Creative Paradise mold lines includes all of their own designs plus many molds from TL Designs as well as large portions of the classic Kimple ceramic molds.  The portions of the Bryon, Cramer, Mike's Provincial and Studio mold lines previously manufactured by Creative Paradise have been formally retired and are no longer available.  In recent years Creative Paradise has diversified their offerings with a wide selection of pottery molds suitable for use by the hobby and professional potter.  Today, Creative Paradise is the most active and diverse mold manufacturer in our industry producing new casting mold designs on a regular basis.

Doc Holliday Molds Inc is another 30+ year old mold company who recently retired.  Fortunately, their molds, like many other forward thinking retired mold companies, were transferred to Starlite rather than being sold piece-mill to various small mold manufacturers.  In simple terms, this means the entire line of Doc Holliday's highly detailed figurines, with the selection ranging from carousel horses to dragons, angels, chess sets and animals can still be purchased by everybody.  There is no printed Doc Holiday mold catalog for purchase at this time.

Dona's Molds underwent an extremely ugly retirement process in early 2002 with Made-In-Fire Molds briefly formed by the former sculptors of Dona's Molds to handle the retired Dona's Mold line as well as continue producing new designs.  Ultimately all of the Dona's and Made-In-Fire Mold lines would be transferred to Starlite Molds for continued production and sale.

Duncan Molds was retired as a mold company in 2004 and the entire combined Duncan and Scioto mold line was transferred to Starlite for continued production and sale.  Duncan Color Products continue without any interruption.

Made-in-Fire Molds (formerly Dona's Molds) is a retired mold company, see Starlite.

Riverview Molds is a ceramic mold manufacturer who specializes on molds designed for the ease of casting with few if any attachments as well as a line of very unique one piece (open pour) magnet molds for clay.  Ross Molds was purchased by Riverview Molds many years ago and has been integrated into the Riverview Mold line.  The nativity set from Riverview Molds deserves special mention as it comes in 4 sizes and especially easy to cast and remains hugely popular with ceramists of all ages.  Riverview continues to produce a limited number of new mold designs each year and will also manufacture custom molds for customers.

Scioto Molds was historically the largest, best selling mold company in North America and was located in Columbus Ohio and named after the local Scioto River.  In October 2001 Scioto announced their retirement from the ceramic mold industry and in May 2002 sold their entire line to Duncan.  Duncan consolidated the Scioto and Duncan molds into a single mold line and transferred better than half of the combined mold lines to Starlite Molds as retired molds.  Production continued on the best selling Scioto and Duncan molds for 2 additional years before Duncan made the decision to retire from the mold industry.  The molds that remained at Duncan (the best selling Scioto and Duncan molds) were then formally retired and transferred to Starlite to join the previously retired molds. 

Starlite Molds produces molds for retired ceramic mold companies as well as discontinued ceramic molds from currently active Clay Magic Mold Company.  The retired mold companies include Alberta Molds (plus all of the lines purchased by Alberta over the years), Doc Holiday Molds (including Winner, Gold Rush and PK mold lines owned by Doc Holiday), Duncan Molds, Dona's Molds, Made-in-Fire Molds, Scioto Molds and TL Designs.  There are no new designs originating from any of these retired mold companies.

Wagon Wheel Molds is a Louisiana based ceramic mold manufacturer who produces a line of Press Molds for use with moist clay by potters and ceramists as well as casting molds for the hobby ceramist.  Wagon Wheel molds are hugely popular with local and regional customers and Dogwood Ceramic Supply maintains a tremendous selection of Wagon Wheel Press Molds in stock at all times plus a few select casting molds, such as the 18" alligator, 'cause you can never have too many alligators.




    Are the Other Ceramic Mold Manufacturers?


    Sure.  Absolutely.  Historically there could have been 1000's of ceramic mold companies across the USA.  Today?  The vast majority of them have retired off, taking their sculpting skills and mold designs to the great kiln in the sky.  Only a handful of mold companies still exist today.  Some are specialized companies, such as manufacturing molds strictly for porcelain dolls.  Others, lets be nice and say their product lines don't have the broad appeal compared to Scioto, Kimple, Doc Holliday, Alberta or Duncan.  Therein lies the problem... it is hard to sell a decent volume of a product in a cost effective manner if it doesn't have a strong, vibrant, diversified customer base.  And if we know we can't sell it well, then there is little need for us to try.

A Few Notes


     20 years ago, there were seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of ceramic distributors in the USA who stocked and actively sold ceramic molds (or slip casting molds if you wish to be more technically correct).  And many others wanted to join the fun.  Today, there might be 20 ceramic distributors active in the business plus a few dozen more who selectively sell a few molds to their best customers.  Yes, the industry has dramatically changed over the years.  Fortunately, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is one of the few remaining active distributors and we provide ceramic molds to a wide range of hobby, commercial, industrial and even academic customers throughout the United States.  We even stock a limited number of molds for immediate purchase.  We hope that you read this webpage and supporting page in full and understand the challenges facing our industry and how those challenges may impact your future purchases.


    As the slip casting mold industry continues to evolve and trying to find a retired mold from a long departed mold company is harder and harder to accomplish, many of our customers have discovered the option/need of having a custom mold (or 200) manufactured to meet their unique designs.  A custom mold may not be cost effective for everybody, but if you can't find the exact design in the 14,000 molds we offer, maybe the Custom Mold is your only option.


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply's goal is provide ceramic molds as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  To meet that goal we combine multiple customer orders to achieve the most practical shipping quantities and continue to offer quantity discounts to schools and businesses who purchase bulk quantities of new molds. 


    One last note:  New ceramic molds continue to be warranted by the manufacturer to be free of internal defects and suitable for casting ceramic wares.



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