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Lehman Pouring Table Parts

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply keeps the most important Lehman Pouring Table parts in stock for over the counter sales and immediate shipment via UPS to customers through out North America.


    Lehman Casting Tables (or pouring tables if you prefer) are designed to last seemingly forever.  The mounts and design of the motor, pump and drive assemblies have changed slightly over the decades to improve the performance of the units.  If you did not purchase your Lehman Casting Table from Dogwood Ceramic Supply and the unit is more than 25 years old, there is a chance that the replacement parts we have in stock may not fit.  That said, parts to fit the ancient units are available with advance order.  Please note:  the basic design of the rotors, stators, nozzles and external pumps have never changed.  Thus, a stator is a stator and if you need a stator, the stator in Dogwood's stock will fit your unit regardless of the year of manufacture.


    Additional Lehman replacement parts, including motor drive belts and replacement ¼ or ½ horsepower motors are available with advance order.  The complete list of Lehman Casting Table parts requires multiple pages of triple column, single spaced fine print so it is extremely important that the customer provide us with the exact model number of the pouring table and sometimes even the serial number for the very old pouring tables, to make sure they receive the correct part.






FS 441 Rotor, Stainless Steel $72.00
FS 442-1 Stator, Rubber w/ Aluminum cup and insert $165.00
RS Discount Pkg. Rotor & Stator Discount Pkg.
   1 FS 441 + 2 FS 442-1
RS-Big Pkg.   High Volume Rotor & Stator Discount Pkg.
   6 FS 441 + 12 FS 442-1
BP24 Slip-O-Matic Drive Assembly & Pump $675.00
OPT Optional Top Mounted Mixer w/mounts $340.00
EX4 Studio Star External Pump, complete $375.00
SP4 Studio Star Submersible Pump, complete $375.00
30002 1" Utility Nozzle $42.00
31002 3/4" Utility Nozzle $42.00
XB400B External Pump Head for EX4 $145.00
LP-1-55 Packing and Bushing for XB400B $13.00

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015 




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