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Lehman Slip-O-Matic T-100 Casting Table

Lehman Slip-o-matic T-100

    The Lehman Slip-O-Matic T100 Casting Table (shown above) was introduced in 1970.  The Lehman T-100 Casting Table uses the Standard Slip-O-Matic centrifugal pump with no bearings or seals exposed to the abrasive slip, which also means the pump system does not require any regular maintenance or replacing of parts.  The pump drive system (the protective housing covering the drive belt is just barely seen in the photo below) is suspended into the slip on the left side of the slip holding tank and is belt driven by a self adjusting belt system connected to the 1/2 hp motor, suspended under the the table tops to the left of the slip hold tank.  The pump drive system is warranted for 2 years because it is one serious piece of equipment.  The stainless steel pump head, with built in relief holes to prevent pressure build up in the dispensing hose/nozzle and to increase the mixing action of the pump drive system, is covered by a stainless steel screen to filter out any debris that may fall into the slip tank.  The pump head is then connected by tubing to a exhaust port at the bottom of the 50 gallon holding tank, from which virtually any length of flexible plastic tubing may be connected.  At the end of the tubing is the classic gasoline nozzle with a tight fitting internal closure to prevent leaks.  Depending upon slip viscosity and the length of hose attached, the Slip-O-Matic centrifugal pump is capable of pumping up to 8 gallons per minute.

    The 50 gallon capacity slip tank and drain surfaces are one continuous piece of molded fiberglass mounted into the welded steel frame capable of holding more than 2 tons of molds and slip.  Because the tank is a single continuous piece of smooth fiberglass there are no seams to trap the excess slip from easily draining back into the holding tank.

    Please note:  There is an overflow port on the 50 gallon slip holding tank.  The purpose of that overflow port is to prevent overfilling of the tank and risking slip from leaking into the pump drive system.  Absolutely, without question DO NOT plug the overflow port or overfill the holding tank.

Lehman Slip Table

    The entire work surface of the Lehman T-100 is covered by 1" wooden dowels mounted into 3 convenient to handle sections for ease of cleaning and replacement if needed.  In the photo above is mounted the optional OPT Mixer mounted in the center section of dowels near the middle of the slip tank.

    The OPT Mixer may be added to the Lehman T-100 (as well as the T-60) for use with extremely viscous casting slips, such as terra-cotta slips, to increase the mixing capacity above the levels normally provided by the BP24 Slip-O-Matic Pump. 

     In Dogwood Ceramic Supply's experience with traditional low-fire casting slips the OPT Mixer is not needed unless the slips will remain in the tank for extended periods of time without usage and mixing.

     The white protrusion seen in the bottom of the photo is the protective cover for the drive belt between the electric motor and the actual pump mechanism.


    Most customers considering the T-100 should also consider the T-60.  The T-60 is a favorite of Dogwood Ceramic Supply because it is slightly shorter length, easier to keep clean and bit less expensive than the T-100.  But either way you can't go wrong because the T Series Casting Tables are identical in everything but length.

Lehman T-100:
◊ 29.5" wide x 96" long x 31" High
◊ Weight: 210 lbs.

◊ Lehman Freight Group D


    The Lehman T-100 is not in current production.  See Rebuild Message above.

2015 Lehman T-100 Casting Table

Lehman T-100          MSRP $1,915.00 $1,530.00
Optional OPT Mixer $340.00
Lehman Freight Rate = D  

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015






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