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    Mackie's Ceramic Slip, properly described as M-1 Mackie's White Earthenware Ceramic Casting Slip manufactured by Mackie Newton Ceramics Inc, is a superior, premixed, earthenware (ceramic) casting slip with minimal shrinkage and extremely good wet (greenware) strength.  Earthenware Slip, commonly called ceramic slip by most customers, is a suspension of clay and water used specifically in conjunction with ceramic casting molds to achieve complex or repetitive shapes.  Mackie's Ceramic Slip is nearly pure white when properly fired to Cone 04 maturity and nearly matches Standard's S-105 White Earthenware Clay in color, appearance and technical specifications.

Mackie's Slip Color Chip

    Mackie's Ceramic Slip is certified NON-TOXIC by a professional toxicologist, labeled in compliance with ASTM D-4236-88 as required by the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (Public Law 100-695) and fully compatible with the nontoxic glazes available from Duncan and Spectrum when properly applied to Cone 04 bisque and glaze fired to Cone 06.  The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Mackie's Ceramic Slip are linked below:

MSDS for Mackie's Slip   MSDS for Macke's Slip
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Mackie's White Earthenware Ceramic Slip, Bulk Packaging


  quantity   price per gallon price per box
2 Gallon Box Single   $7.00 / gallon $14.00 / box


prices valid until at least December 31, 2014 



Additional Information

    ALL brands of Casting Slips can not freeze. Care must be taken during storage and shipping.  See Freeze Warning for additional information.

    Mackie's Ceramic Slip, established in 1968, has been the leading ceramic slip manufacturer in the Southern United States for more than 4 decades.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply has actively sold Mackie's Slip since the day we opened our business in 1988 and we continue to offer Mackie's Slip to our local and established customers.


    Customers needing slip shipped to their location should consider Standard's Ceramic Slip as the product is packaged in traditional 2 gallon premixed boxes ready for immediate shipping from our Gulfport Mississippi warehouse or when customer's location dictates from the Standard factory in Pennsylvania.  In addition, Standard is one of the few slip manufacturers to bottle UPS compliant, 1-gallon wide mouth jugs for shipping small quantities of slip to any location in the United States.



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