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Paragon Premium Kiln Shelves

    Kiln Shelves are used to provide a solid surface for stacking ware within the kiln. Paragon's Premium Kiln Shelves are manufactured from cordierite, a high refractory clay, and were specifically designed for use within Paragon's electric kilns.  Please note, all kiln shelves may warp at higher temperatures, and while Paragon's Premium Kiln Shelves are capable of holding great weight the shelves are structurally fragile.  Do not drop, raku or reduction (gas) fire any Paragon Kiln Shelf.  Rated to Cone 10 in oxidation only.

Paragon Premium Kiln Shelves

    Paragon's Premium Kiln Shelves are priced and sold in individual (each) quantities.  Discounts are available for customers purchasing case quantities of Kiln Shelves.

     Please Note: The item number does NOT equal the size of the shelf.

See Kiln Shelf FAQ at the bottom of the page for additional information

Item #   Size Case Case Price
  Quantity Weight Each
Paragon C-10 Kiln Shelf C-10 ** 10" Hexagon x ½" 5 20 $22.00
Paragon C-10h Kiln Shelf C-10 H ** 10" Half Hexagon x ½" 10 20 $15.00
Paragon C-13 Kiln Shelf C-13   13" Round x ½" 5 30 $28.00
Paragon C-13h Kiln Shelf C-13 H   13" Half Round x ½" 10 30 $16.00
Paragon C-14 Kiln Shelf C-14   12" Round x 5/8" 5 29 $28.00
Paragon C-14h Kiln Shelf C-14 H   12" Half Round x 5/8" 10 29 $16.00
Paragon C-16 Kiln Shelf C-16 ** 15 ½" Octagon x 5/8" 5 53 $44.00
Paragon C-16h Kiln Shelf C-16 H ** 15 ½" Half Octagon x 5/8" 10 53 $22.00
Paragon C-18 Kiln Shelf C-18 ** 15" Round x 5/8" 5 44 $42.00
Paragon C-18h Kiln Shelf C-18 H ** 15" Half Round x 5/8" 10 44 $22.00
Paragon C-20 Kiln Shelf C-20   20" Square x 5/8" 5 115 $102.00
Paragon C-20h Kiln Shelf C-20 H   10" x 20" Rectangle x 5/8" 10 115 $54.00
Paragon C-22 Kiln Shelf C-22 ** 21" Round x ¾" 5 102 $86.00
Paragon C-22h Kiln Shelf C-22 H ** 21" Half Round x ¾" 10 102 $43.00
Paragon C-23h Kiln Shelf C-23 H ** 20" Half Round x ¾" 10 91 $44.00
Paragon C-22 Kiln Shelf C-24 ** 26" Full Round x ¾" 5 176 $144.00
Paragon C-24h Kiln Shelf C-24 H ** 26" Half Round x ¾" 10 176 $72.00
Paragon C-30 Kiln Shelf C-30   22" Square x 1" 5 163 $145.00
Paragon C-30h Kiln Shelf C-30 H   11" x 22" Rectangle x 1" 10 163 $75.00
Paragon C-22gl Kiln Shelf C-22GL   22" Square x 1" 5 163 $151.00
Paragon C-22gl Kiln Shelf C-24GL   24" Square x 1" 5 176 $172.00


** Most popular sizes, heavily stocked by Dogwood Ceramic Supply in case and crate quantities.

All sizes are approximate.


No Packing Charges for UPS Shipments

Kiln Shelf Quantity Discounts

1  Case 15%
10 Cases 20%
25 Cases 25%



    All Paragon Premium Kiln Shelves, with the exception of the C-24 Full Shelf and C-24GL Square, may be shipped via UPS.


    The C-24 26" Full Shelf is ONLY available in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom or shipped via Motor Freight from the Dogwood Ceramic Supply warehouse.  The C-24 26" Full Shelf is NOT available for purchase in the Paragon factory or with kilns shipped from the Paragon factory.

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015

Paragon Kiln Posts

1" Square Length 1½" Square
$1.25 ½" -
$1.40 1" $1.50
$1.60 2" $2.05
$2.20 3" $2.70
$2.70 4" $3.30
$3.15 5" $3.80
$3.30 6" $4.15
- 7" $4.50
- 8" $4.80
- 9" $5.50
- 10" $5.65
- 12" $7.00

No Packing Charges for UPS Shipments

    Paragon's Kiln Posts are priced and sold in individual (each) quantities.  Rated to Cone 10 in Oxidation only.  The 1" Square Kiln Posts, also known as small kiln posts, are used in all hobby sized kilns which use kiln shelves equal to or smaller than 16" in diameter.  The 1½" Square Kiln Posts, also known as Large Kiln Posts, are used in all of the moderate and larger kilns which use kiln shelves larger than 16" in diameter.  For customer convenience, both the 1" Square Posts and the 1½" Square Posts are packaged in 24 unit cases.

Kiln Post Quantity Discounts

1  Case 15%
10 Cases 20%
25 Cases 25%

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015

Kiln Shelf FAQ:

Paragon Kiln Shelves in use

What are Kiln Shelves, Kiln Furniture?

    The simplest answer is a combination of shelves (flats) and posts (uprights) used to create layers within a kiln chamber... as shown in the photo above.  The photo above is also a good example of the WRONG way to load kiln shelves in a kiln.  Yes, the smaller stuff should be placed lower in the kiln as the posts will be shorter thus generating a more stable platform for the upper shelves, BUT the kiln posts be of a length to match the distance being spanned.  In other words, if you need a 5" post, use a 5" post rather than an 1" stacked on top of 4" post as double stacking posts is just a disaster waiting to happen.  Remember, the goal in loading a kiln should be to make the load as stable as possible.  In that respect the posts should always be placed as close to the outer edge of the shelf as possible, not as shown in the picture.

    One last note about kiln shelves and loading a kiln.  Furniture kits often include extra posts for customer convenience.  Just because the Furniture Kit includes 4 each of a size of post does not mean you should USE the 4 posts when loading a kiln.  When stacking kiln shelves onto kiln posts, always use the fewest number of posts practical for the shape of the shelf and to create a stable platform from which to build up additional layers.  Only 3 kiln posts should be used with Half Rounds and Full Round kiln shelves as even a slight difference in the post or warping of the shelf would cause the shelf to wobble if placed on 4 posts.  Obviously 4 posts must be used on square or rectangle shelves.

What clays are used to make Kiln Shelves?

    Technically kiln shelves (and posts for that matter) can be made from any material capable of withstanding the temperatures within a kiln without sagging or shrinking.  Since clays are typically cheaper than metals, usually a clay material consisting of a combination of Cordierite (magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate) and Mullite (crystallized aluminum oxide) combined with Alumina Silicate to control thermal expansion issues will be used to manufacture inexpensive kiln furniture.  The amount of Alumina Silicate added to the formula will often encourage a marketing game of "my High Alumina kiln shelves have more Alumina than your High Alumina kiln shelves", which is a pretty poor game to play because the kiln shelves are often the same formulation produced by the different factories owned by the same company.  For Dogwood Ceramic Supply's purposes the term Cordierite Kiln Shelf, Mullite Kiln Shelf or High Alumina Kiln Shelf are interchangeable and we commonly use the term Cordierite Kiln Shelf or the simpler "Kiln Shelf" term to describe any kiln shelf manufactured with a combination of Cordierite, Mullite and Alumina Silicate.

Who makes Kiln Shelves / Where do the Kiln Shelves come from?

    There are seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of kiln shelf manufacturers across the world.  That said, most of the kiln shelf manufacturers are actually multinational corporations with multiple subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in dozens of countries.  After working through the lists of subsidiaries and whatnot they may be a dozen actual corporations manufacturing kiln shelves and the country of origin could change from batch to batch or product size to product size.

    Since there is little reason to chase brands of kiln shelves (because ultimately the source may be the same), most kiln shelf vendors will combine kiln shelves with other products to minimize shipping costs.  In this respect, Dogwood Ceramic Supply purchases kiln shelves primarily from Paragon as we can combine the purchase of kiln shelves with the purchase of kilns.  Paragon's primarily purchases kiln shelves from Hormaca.  Hormaca also sells kiln shelves to a number of other kiln manufacturers which means what looks like a Paragon (Hormaca) shelf can appear the same as another vendor's shelf (or visa versa) because in reality they really are the same shelves.  A few shelves and accessory items also purchased by Paragon from Dal-Tile.  Yes, the same Dal-Tile who makes the unglazed bisque tiles sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  In turn Dogwood Ceramic Supply may also purchase Kiln Shelves and accessories from Dal-Tile when we purchase bulk loads of tile.

    For customer's convenience we (Dogwood) market our kiln shelves as Paragon Premium Kiln Shelves.  Obviously the shelves are not manufactured by Paragon, but it is easier to identify the shelves with regards to our primary source rather than the actual manufacturer of the shelves.

Are there different grades of Kiln Shelves?

    Yes.  In simplest terms clay based kiln shelves will be either cast or pressed.  Why cast versus pressed?  Casting is a simpler, cheaper operation cheaper than can result in an extremely smooth surface.  Cast shelves are always cheaper than a pressed shelf of an identical size and will be often sold as "Glass Shelves" because of weight or temperature limitations.  Pressed shelves, often called Dry Pressed Kiln Shelves, are generally capable of much higher temperatures and weight bearing loads than the cast shelves but cost more and have a rougher finish than the cast shelves.  The Pressed Shelves will often be marketed as "Pottery Shelves".  In reality, many smaller cast shelves are stable enough to be used for pottery temperatures and some "pottery shelves" are used for glass so the differences between cast and pressed is usually only truly significant for larger sized shelves.

Why the wide variation in the price of Kiln Shelves?

    Actually Kiln Shelves are quite consistent in price between different vendors .... once you factor in the hidden and extra costs of the product...

    All too often the kiln vendor will add a substantial packaging or handling charge to the price of kiln shelves shipped to the customer.  In some instances the packaging charge is 20, 25, 30 and some extreme instances even 40% of the selling price of the kiln shelf.  Granted packing kiln shelves does take time and material, but packaging charges should never be based upon the price of the product as the the amount of material and time to pack a $10 shelf is the same as the material and time to pack a $20 shelf.  By the way, it is not just the vendors who are guilty of tacking on excessive packaging fees... some shelf manufacturers are even doing the same.

   Then there is the issue of warranty.  Kiln shelves are easily damaged.  Sometimes even abused.  Because damage is difficult to determine as to cause (manufacturer, shelf vendor, freight company, customer), most kiln shelf vendors simply sell shelves as is so as to deny liability in the event damage or defect does occur.  Obviously a product being sold as is/where is can be sold for substantially less than shelves sold with even a modest warranty.

    Comparatively, Dogwood Ceramic Supply builds the packaging costs of the product into the selling price and offers a minimal warranty that the others do not.  The primary reason for the minimal warranty is related to the obligations of being a storefront business catering to both online and in store customers whereas many of our competitors are warehouses closed to local customers thus eliminating over-the-counter sales.  While our selling prices may be higher, those higher upfront costs essentially disappear when substantial packaging charges and lack of a warranty are factored into the cost analysis.

Kiln Shelves can come with a Warranty?

    Kiln Shelves sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply in over the counter transactions in our showroom or shipped with a matching Paragon Kiln from our warehouse or the Paragon factory are warranted by Dogwood Ceramic Supply to be free of manufacturing defects which could compromise the functionality of the shelf.  This warranty only applies through the first firing.  Photo proof of the defective shelf or returning the defective shelf (or shelves) to Dogwood Ceramic Supply (or the Paragon factory) is required.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply will simply replace any kiln shelves deemed defective, subject to the listed exclusions:

   1) Kiln shelves damaged by overfiring (exceeding the rated temperature of the kiln or materials being fired) regardless of the cause of overfiring or the exact temperate achieved.  2) Kiln shelves are to be first fired without wares or kiln wash being applied to insure appropriate functionality of the kiln shelf, thus any are ware damaged by a defective shelf are excluded.  3)  Kiln Shelves with kiln wash applied (which indicates usage)  4)  Kiln shelves used in reduction atmospheres, salt, raku, pit, wood or any other non-approved usage.  5) Shelves dropped or otherwise obviously abused.  6)  Chips and nicks are considered cosmetic as they do not impact the functionality of the kiln shelf.  7)  Shipping damage.

    First firing is simply defined as a reasonable period of time that the typical customer will operate the kiln and test fire the shelves.  Since most customers fire their kiln within the first week of ownership, it is reasonable to assume the kiln shelves will have been fired at the same time.  Kiln Shelf defect claims after the first week of purchase will be judged on an individual basis.


     This agreement is made in the State of Mississippi and its validity, construction, and all rights under it will be governed by the laws of the State of Mississippi.  There are no additional rights allowed.


      All bulk (discounted) sales of shelves are sold as is and DO NOT include any warranty against manufacturing defects or damages as the customer has accepted the discount in lieu of the warranty.

What is the difference between a manufacturing defect and freight or handling damage?

    Customer handling damage (i.e. dropping the shelf) and similar significant freight damage issues are readily apparent and will never be covered by the Dogwood warranty.  That said, there is a common manufacturing issue which results in a specific type of crack development in identical locations in some batches of shelves received by Paragon and Dogwood.  The manufacturers (yes, multiple manufacturers and manufacturing locations) blame the shipping companies.  The shipping companies blame the vendors.  The vendors blame the manufacturers or the final customers.  Dogwood takes the high road in the blame game and replaces the shelves found to be defective.  Since this defect nearly always becomes readily apparent during the first firing, Dogwood Ceramic Supply warrants the shelves for the first firing and handles delayed claims on a case by case basis.  As with any warranty, our warranty does not cover damages during shipping or handling.

What about other types of Kiln Shelf materials?

   Yes there are many other types of kiln shelves.  And there are usually very valid reasons why we don't sell or recommend the shelves for use in electric kilns.

    Silicon Carbide.  Marketed under various brand names (Advancer from Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials being one of the most common) and variations of Silicon Carbide formulations.  Silicon Carbide shelves are lighter, thinner and have some other advantages over traditional Cordierite type kiln shelves and as such Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves are commonly used for large gas fired kilns.  However, per Saint-Gobain, there are two significant disadvantages with regards to Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves and the common electric kiln.  First and foremost Silicon Carbide is capable of conducting electricity, which can present a safety and usage risk when the Silicon Carbide (or the variants) are used in an electric kiln.  Secondly, and almost more importantly, Silicon Carbide can readily retain water which can result in an explosive steam issue if the Silicon Carbide shelves are not properly stored (dry room) between each firing or fired with an extremely slow (12 to 24 hour hold times) firing schedule.  In addition to the previous problems noted by Saint-Gobain, some of the Silicon Carbide variants may generate a reduction atmosphere within the electric kiln.  Reduction (the lack of oxygen) is not conducive to proper color development in commercial glazes designed for an oxygen based reaction and can significantly reduce the life of the kiln element.  Oh, and one last thing, Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves routinely cost 2 to 3x a comparative Cordierite Kiln Shelf.

    Hollow Core Shelves.  Marketed under various names with Core Lite Kiln Shelves and Extruded Kiln Shelves being the most common.  These Hollow Core Kiln Shelves are manufactured from the traditional Cordierite type materials and extruded through a set of complex dies to generate a kiln shelf that is lighter in weight than the traditional solid core shelves.  Weight savings are typically around 25%.  Good long term potential to replace the solid core shelves for some applications.  But as vendor's cost is significantly higher for the Hollow Core Shelves than than traditional solid Cordierite Kiln Shelves and the likelihood of impact damage is greater for the Hollow Core Shelves than solid Cordierite Kiln Shelves, the Hollow Core Shelves will most likely remain a niche market product for several years to come.  However, in spite of the cost drawbacks, the Hollow Core Shelves are becoming hugely popular in the large glass market because a single Hollow Core (Dyson) Shelf can be easily manufactured to fit the large glass kilns.

Specialty Kiln Furniture, what is it?

   Tile Racks and Plate Racks are considered specialty kiln furniture.  Typically made from Cordierite which is pressed or extruded to achieve specialty shapes.  The Specialty Kiln Furniture may or may not be able to withstand Cone 10 firing, but are often used with great success at Cone 6.




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