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Paragon's Fusion Kilns for Glass

Paragon Fusion Kilns for glass

The Best Selling Paragon Glass Kilns

    The Paragon Fusion Kilns for Glass are the best selling Paragon Kilns for glass fusing and simple slumping projects typically produced in the home studio or classroom.  The entire series of Fusion Series of Glass Kilns are top loading kilns with sizes ranging from small home studio sized kilns to some of the largest glass kilns produced by Paragon.  If the Fusion Kilns look familiar they should.  The Fusion Kilns are based upon the GF "Glass Fusing" Kilns introduced by Paragon in 1985.  Those original Paragon GF Kilns would start the hobby glass fusing revolution.  The GF Digital Kilns introduced in 1991 would cement Paragon's position as the top of the glass fusing kiln manufacturer.  The Fusion Kilns are modern modifications of the original GF Kilns utilizing the 3 Key Digital Controller for ease of usage, ball grooved element channels in the kiln top to prevent drooping elements, a slightly deeper chamber to better accommodate slumping projects as well as better element design for more uniform heat distribution for both fusing and slumping projects.




Paragon Fusion and Ovation Glass Kilns

Paragon Kilns   The Paragon Ovation 1013 is a traditional oval or bathtub design kiln that is wide enough to handle several large platters in a single firing.
Paragon Kilns    
The Paragon Fusion 10 is the largest "round" kiln the Fusion Series and is suitable for single large glass project or several smaller projects in a single firing.
Paragon Kilns   The Paragon Fusion 8 Glass Fusing Kiln is deeper than the Fusion 7 and more suitable for slumping projects.
Paragon Kilns   Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Ultimate Little Glass Kiln, the Paragon Fusion 7 operates from 120v electrical service and is UPS compliant for easy shipping.


    The Paragon Fusion Kilns are popular for pickup at the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom and Warehouse.  Please make note of the shipping crates listed with each kiln.  The size of the shipping crate is especially important as the larger kilns may not fit in the bed of a small pickup truck.

    Glass Kiln customers needing to assemble complex glass projects or perform many hot glass techniques should strongly consider upgrading to one of the Paragon Pearl Kilns, such as the Pearl 18 or Pearl 22.

    Customers seeking to "do" a bit of glass with their ceramics, pottery or porcelain should consider the Paragon Janus Kilns as an alternative to the Paragon Fusion Kilns.

    All options have the appropriate discounts applied from the MSRP.

   Freight charges are based upon the weight of the kiln, services required and the customer's location. Please refer to Paragon freight information for complete information including special rates and any adjustments to the basic freight charges for your specific location or delivery situation.




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