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Paragon's Janus Kilns

Paragon Janus Combination Kilns for glass and ceramics

Combination Kilns for glass and pottery

    Drawn from the most popular Paragon pottery kiln designs, the Paragon Janus Kilns are the newest series of pottery kilns from Paragon. The Paragon Janus Kilns were designed with a dual purpose, to fire both glass and pottery in a single kiln.  The Janus name for the newest Paragon Kilns was derived from Janus, the Roman god, who is often depicted having two faces which faced in opposite directions or even simultaneously looking into the past and the future.  The Janus name is quite appropriate for these kilns as firing glass or pottery are often require radically different element designs to achieve even firing.

    To achieve the dual purpose firing goal, Paragon transferred the top firing element from the Paragon Fusion Kilns to a traditional pottery kiln and then added control circuits to limit the side wall elements during the firing of glass wares.  The results is a kiln series that can handle wider and/or taller glass objects than any of the Fusion Kilns yet fire the glass just as precisely as the Fusion Kilns. More importantly, because the overall power levels of the kilns were not compromised, the Janus Kilns are capable of repeatedly firing to Cone 10 just as well as any of the TnF Kilns from which they were based in design.

   So who should buy the Janus Kilns?  First and foremost, Glass Artists needing a deeper kiln for large slumping projects will find the Paragon Janus Kilns the absolutely perfect kiln for their studio.  In fact the Paragon Janus 27 is most often purchased strictly as a dedicated glass slumping kiln just because of the shear size of the kiln.  The Janus Kilns can also fire clay projects which means these kilns are ideal for manufacturing glass molds as well as accomplishing glass projects.  From the pottery side of the equation, the Janus Kilns are ideal for Potters who want to experiment with a little glass without the expense of purchasing a separate glass kiln.

    Are there drawbacks to the Janus Kilns?  Yes.  For starters, clay is dirty.  Small chunks of clay debris should always be expected.  Good hygiene or housekeeping practices between firings should be enforced to prevent clay contamination of critical glass projects.  Secondly, because of the temperature rating of the Janus Kilns, it is impossible to install the Ceramic Fiber lids commonly found on the professional glass kilns.  Without the ceramic fiber, the issue of dust and debris will be amplified as the element vibrating in the large lid will generate brick dust.  From the pottery side of the house, the Paragon Janus Kilns have an element installed in the lid of the kiln.  The installation of the roof/lid element removes a portion of the insulating brick from the kiln.  Because heat rises, and a portion of the insulating brick has been removed, the electrical consumption of the kiln will be higher than a dedicated pottery kiln of the same volume.  In addition, while MDR (Mercury Displacement Relays) are an option for the Janus Kilns, because of the amperage required for these kilns to reach Cone 10 the cost of the MDR will be significantly higher than a comparative volume dedicated glass temperature rated kiln.

    Bottom line, customers considering the Paragon Janus Kilns should look at the option of purchasing a dedicated kiln for each of the tasks desired to be accomplished in the kiln.  The initial cost of purchasing dedicated kilns may be higher than purchasing a single kiln, but dedicated kilns can have less side effects and eliminate the need to wait for one kiln load to complete before the next load can start.

Paragon Janus Kilns for both Pottery and Glass

Paragon Kilns   The Paragon Janus Dragon is an option on the Paragon Dragon.
Paragon Kilns    
The Paragon Janus Ovation is an oval or bathtub version of the Janus Kilns and is the largest volume top loading kiln sold by Paragon.
Paragon Kilns   The Janus kilns also include the Janus 24, which is a pottery version of the Paragon GL 24 ADTSD professional glass kiln.
Paragon Kilns   The Paragon Janus 27 is based upon Dogwood Ceramic Supply's top selling short and wide Paragon TnF 27-3
Paragon Kilns   With an low load height, the Paragon Janus 23 is ideal for the classroom and children loading their own projects.
Paragon Kilns   The Paragon Janus 1613 is ideal personal usage glass and pottery kiln

Paragon Janus Combination Kilns for glass and ceramics




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