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Paragon Ovation-22 Oval Kiln

Paragon Big Oval Janus 22 & Ovation 22 Kilns for Ceramics, Pottery & Glass

The Big Ceramic Kiln !

    At 11.4 cubic feet of kiln volume the Paragon Ovation-22 Oval Kilns, along with her twin sister the Paragon Janus Ovation, is the largest top loading Paragon Ceramic and Pottery Kiln.  The single difference between the twin kilns is the addition of the lid element in the Janus Ovation Oval Kiln (along with ability to fire glass) versus the plain lid design of the Paragon Ovation 22 and in the inability to fire glass.  In spite of the higher costs, most customers will opt for the Janus Ovation as the kiln is capable of firing large glass projects.


    So who should buy the Ovation-22?


    To be honest, we (Dogwood Ceramic Supply) don't sell very many Ovation-22 Kilns.  Most production customers will purchase multiple standard top loading kilns as additional firing flexibility of two kilns far outweigh the lower upfront cost of the single large kiln.  And of course those desiring to fire a bit of glass in their pottery kiln will always purchase the Janus Ovation instead.  This all said, the Ovation-22 does deserve a place in the Paragon line of kilns as the 41" length of the kiln (36" effective length using two D shelves) can better accommodate large flat sculpture without dismantling the piece for firing.

Standard Features for the Paragon Ovation-22 Oval Ceramic and Pottery Kiln:
◊ Cone 10, 2350°F maximum temperature.
◊ 11.40 cubic foot interior: 41" length x 22 ½" width (front to back) x 22 ½" high
◊ 3" insulating firebrick on walls, door, bottom and top
◊ 2" Blank top brick to protect elements from user contact
◊ Dual version of Paragon's spring loaded counter balanced LiteLid for ease of opening the heavy brick lid
◊ Reversible brick bottom.
◊ Full-formed galvanized steel base plate to reinforce the brick bottom
◊ Dust-free coating in the peepholes, both sides of the lid and the top rim of the wall bricks.
◊ Proportional power elements in deep recessed brick groves for even heating
◊ One piece construction, with hand lifts.
◊ Hinged, drop down, control panel for easy access for maintenance and repairs.
◊ Digital controller mounted at the top of the control panel for ease of viewing and programming.
◊ Basic operating instructions silk screened on control panel
◊ Dual Heavy duty kiln stands capable of accommodating the Orton KilnVent
◊ Sentry 2.0 12-Key Digital Controller with programmed cool-down and full range of programmable firing options
◊ Digital Controller warranted for 30 months.
◊ 16,000 watts of power.  Requires #2 wire, direct service, 70 amp circuit breaker.
◊ UL/CUL & NEC compliant fuses for safety
◊ Single Zone K Type Thermocouple temperature sensor and control
◊ Available in 200, 208, 220, 240, 480v 1 & 3 phase power options
◊ Certified to CSA and UL Standard 499
◊ Doorway clearance required is 33" (narrowest point)
◊ Shipping weight 550 lbs.
◊ Shipping Crate 60"w x 42"d x 42"h

Standard Options for the Paragon Ovation-22 Oval Kiln:
◊ Furniture Kit
     6 C-22D Shelves (21” x 17 1/2” x 5/8” thick)
     8 of each: 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” lengths
     1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash
     Furniture Kit Shipping Weight: 119 lbs.
◊ Orton Vent Master down draft ventilation system
◊ Auxiliary Output to control Orton KilnVent
◊ S Type Thermocouple temperature sensor and control
◊ APM Elements
◊ Mercury Relays


2015 Paragon Ovation-22 Kiln Prices

Paragon Ovation-22 Kiln          MSRP $3,740.00 $2,640.00
Ovation-22 Furniture Kit $549.00
Single Zone S Type Thermocouple $215.00
Orton Vent Master Package  
     208-240v Vent Master $365.00
     optional Auxiliary Output $100.00
200, 208, 220v same price as 240v No charge
3 phase 200, 208, 220v, 240v same price as 240v 1ph $50.00
3-phase 480v $240.00
Paragon Freight Rate = E  


Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015 


    The Paragon Ovation-22 Oval Kiln should not be considered for pickup at the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom and Warehouse or the Paragon Factory because the shipping crate will not easily fit between the wheel wells of most common pickup trucks ... even if one of the shipping crate were to fit between the wheel wells, off loading the heavy kilns would be difficult at best.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply strongly recommends customers purchasing this kiln should strongly consider allowing the kiln to be shipped to the customer's location.

    All options have the appropriate discounts applied from the MSRP.

    Freight charges are based upon the weight of the kiln, services required and the customer's location. Please refer to Paragon freight information for complete information including special rates and any adjustments to the basic freight charges for your specific location or delivery situation.  Please note, shipping two or more kilns does not automatically double the shipping costs.  In many instances an additional kiln may not increase the shipping charges or do so only a small amount.




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