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Shimpo Banding Wheels

    Shimpo's banding wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving and hand building.   Designed to provide reliably smooth and even rotation for the most delicate applications, but strong enough to support the weight of the Dogwood Ceramic Supply WEB MASTER, it is no wonder the Shimpo banding wheels are the choice for studio artists, production potters and teacher alike.  Four different models of the Shimpo Banding Wheels are available with a selection of wheelhead diameters and heights.

     Heavy duty construction from solid cast-iron with sealed ball bearings means the Shimpo Banding Wheels will retain their extra smooth and even rotation, with no wobbling or sticking through many years of continual usage.  The massive weight of the Shimpo Banding Wheel wheelhead and the smooth bearings means the wheel will stay in place on the worktable and spin for seemingly forever.  The sealed bearings are mounted to the shaft in a one-piece design so that dirt and debris will not enter the bearing assembly and to insure the wheelhead will not come off the drive shaft when being handled by children in the classroom.  The top grade paint coating is dark blue in color to stand out in the active studio and is rust resistant and chip resistant to protect your delicate wares. Concentric circles engraved in the wheel head allow for easier centering. Of course an one year full replacement warranty is standard.

    All things considered, much like the VL Whisper Pottery Wheel, the Shimpo Banding Wheel is the best banding wheel that money can buy!

Shimpo Banding Wheels

Item # Wheel Head
Height Shipping
Shimpo BW-22L Banding Wheel Shimpo BW-22L Banding Wheel 8 ¾" 2 ¼" 13 lbs $62.00
Shimpo BW-25L Banding Wheel Shimpo BW-25L Banding Wheel 10" 2 ¼" 15 lbs $84.00
Shimpo BW-25H Banding Wheel Shimpo BW-25H Banding Wheel 10" 7 ½" 19 lbs $95.00
Shimpo BW-30M Banding Wheel Shimpo BW-30M Banding Wheel 11 ¾" 4 ¾" 28 lbs $110.00

    All sizes and weights are approximate.

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015

    Please Note: Several years ago Shimpo added a smaller banding wheel, model BW-18L. The wheel head of the Shimpo BW-18L is only 7" in diameter. In Dogwood Ceramic Supply's experience, the larger sized banding wheel heads are far more desirable by customers, therefore Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not stock or sell the BW-18L.




What is the difference between a banding wheel, turntable or sculpture stand?

    The simple answer is NOTHING.

    The terms Banding Wheel, turntable, sculpture wheel or sculpture stands refer to a simple device with a horizontal plate (head or wheelhead) to hold an object and simple bearing system to allow easy movement by the user's hand.


     While there is no general difference between a banding wheel or turntable (or sculpture wheel etc), in practical use the banding wheel MUST remain perfectly horizontal with no wobble as the head is rotated so that bands of color can be precisely applied to objects (vases or plates) placed on the banding wheel.  In addition, the ideal banding wheelhead will be weighted such that the head will continue to spin long after the hand ceases to apply force so as to allow better application of bands of color without having to constantly spin the wheelhead.  Comparatively, a turntable or sculpture wheel only needs to hold a heavy weight (object) and readily turn when forced is applied by hand.   Bottom line, all good Banding Wheels can function as a turntable but few turntables function as banding wheels.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply favors the Shimpo Banding Wheels because they meet all of the requirements of a good banding wheel... heavy wheel head that will spend seemingly forever perfectly flat.  The Shimpo Banding Wheels also perform quite well as a turntable or sculpture wheel etc.  In fact, the Shimpo Banding Wheel is often used in industries far afield from the original purpose of being a Banding Wheel for the clay studio... any industry where a smooth turning, high weight bearing turntable is required.


    While we may favor the Shimpo Banding Wheels... OK, we really, really love the Shimpo Banding Wheels... Dogwood Ceramic Supply also sells a number of other (lower cost & lighter weight) turntables and sculpture stands.  The alternative products may not perform well as a true banding wheel but the light weight and low cost of the products make them attractive for use in the elementary school classroom or as portable turntables for shows and demonstrations.  We don't showcase these lesser products on our website simply because buying a lesser quality banding wheel without actually trying out the product doesn't make much sense... and there ain't no way to try out a banding wheel on the interweb. 





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