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     Standard Ceramic Supply's Ceramic Slip is a superior, premixed and ready to cast, talc based, nontoxic, low fire White Earthenware Ceramic Casting Slip manufactured by Standard Ceramic Supply and stocked and sold by Dogwood Ceramics for use by schools, production studios and ceramic hobbyists.  The product has a minimal shrinkage rate, excellent set up time and extremely good wet strength suitable for use with slip casting ceramic molds to achieve complex or repetitive shapes ranging from dinnerware to figurines.


     In technical terms, Standard's White Earthenware Ceramic Casting Slip, commonly called ceramic slip by most customers, is a suspension of clay, water and deflocculating (suspension) agents that nearly matches Standard's 105 White Earthenware Clay in color and has approximately 6% total shrinkage and 17% absorption when properly fired to Cone 04 maturity, thus allowing moist clay and slip cast projects to be intermixed or combined together.  Standard Ceramic Slip is labeled in compliance with ASTM D-4236-88 as required by the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (Public Law 100-695) and fully compatible with the nontoxic glazes and underglazes available from Duncan and Spectrum when properly applied and fired.  For purchasing convenience, please refer to the product by the simple name "Standard Ceramic Slip".  The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the product is available on the manufacturer's (Standard) website.



White Earthenware Slip Color Chip


    As previously mentioned, Standard's Ceramic Slip is premixed and ready to use out of the box or bottle.  For customer convenience Standard Ceramic Slip is packaged in two different versions:


◊    the wide-mouth 1 gallon plastic bottle (shown below) which is compliant with UPS shipping regulations and may be shipped to any location in the continental USA for hobby or casual usage


◊    the traditional premixed, 2 gallon box for bulk buyers of ceramic slip who often need hundreds or thousands of gallons of slip for production of ceramic greenware or resale to others.  Unfortunately the 2 gallon box is not UPS compliant and may only be shipped in quarter, half and full pallet quantities via common carrier (motor freight).



    Dogwood Ceramic Supply stocks both packaging versions for local sale as well as same day shipping.


1 Gallon jug of ceramic slip

Standard Ceramic Slip, Bulk Packaging


  quantity   price per gallon price per box
2 Gallon Box Single   $7.50 / gallon $15.00 / box
2 Gallon Box 1/4 Pallet (40 gallons)   $6.00 / gallon $12.00 / box
2 Gallon Box 1/2 Pallet (80 gallons)   $5.50 / gallon $11.00 / box
2 Gallon Box Full Pallet (160 gallons)   $4.88 / gallon $ 9.75 / box


Standard Ceramic Slip, UPS Packaging 

1 Gallon Bottle       $13.00 / bottle


Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015



Shipping Rates and Additional Support Information for Standard Casting Slip


Additional Information

    ALL brands of Casting Slips can not freeze. Care must be taken during storage and shipping.  See Freeze Warning for additional information.



Special Announcement-Discontinuation of Talc Production


    R.T. Vanderbilt ceased production of NYTAL and CERAMITALC effective the end of 2008. The RT Vanderbilt Talc products were key components in the manufacturing of low fire ceramic slips and white clays for most slip and clay manufacturers east of the Rockies. Both Mackie's Slip and Standard Ceramic Slip shifted from the RT Vanderbilt Talc (Gouverneur New York) to American Talc Company (Van Horn Texas) during 2009, as did most of the ceramic industry.  Unfortunately, as with any shift in the raw materials used in production, there will always be significant changes in the formulation of the finished product that must take place.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply continues to hear the whines of "my slip is no good" from across the country. The cries of help have only increased during 2010-2015 as the smallest slip suppliers have used up their stash of RT Vanderbilt Talc.  Because of the amount of time we spend each business day helping (for free) the customers of our competitors, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has prepared a simple slip trouble shooting tutorial:



1)  The set up time of the American Talc is different, in not so good of way, than the RT Vanderbilt talc previously used in most brands of ceramic slip.


2)  The increase in the casting or set up time of the ceramic slip is amplified by small changes in ambient temperature much more so than the talc used in the old formula of ceramic slips.


3)  NO, Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not have any of the old slip in stock.  NO, we do not know of anybody who might have the old slip still in stock.


4) Switching brands of slip is not the solution. As much as we would love to sell you slip, switching slip brands simply is not an option as everybody, eventually, will be using the American Talc Company product in their slip formulation at some point in the future.  Standard Ceramic Supply has been using American Talc in their slip formulations since the Spring of 2009.


5) American Talc Company is well established (80+ years) and their product has been used successfully by industrial and ceramic manufacturing companies for many decades including many West Coast ceramic slips.

6) As with any manufactured product, any change in the raw material will affect the finished product.

7) The supplier of talc to the slip manufacturer is responsible for technical support of the product. Technical support is part of the cost of the product. If you are manufacturing your own slip then contact your raw material supplier for proper support at no additional cost.

8) Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not supply talc or any other raw material to any customer, therefore Dogwood Ceramic Supply is not responsible for providing technical support to talc consumers. In spite of #4 of #5 above, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is constantly asked for assistance by the customers of various small slip manufacturers and even some of the slip manufacturers themselves. Obviously what should be common industry knowledge (or at least what we believe to be common knowledge) is not being shared by others, so.....

9) Particle size is important. The particle size distribution is critical for the right flow (viscosity) of the product as well as the set up time of the slip during the casting process.  Contact your talc supplier for additional support and specific particle size recommendations.


10) Aging the slip is extremely important versus wildly adding deflocculates and hoping for the best.  Many common viscosity related problems can be avoided by the proper aging of the product over several days or even weeks plus multiple viscosity adjustments over time and once again before final packaging or usage. Remember, haste makes waste and also makes some pretty poor casting slip.

11) Whiteness or the degree of white may require a different ratio of talc to clay as the opacity of the American Talc product could be substantially different than the RT Vanderbilt talc. The difference in opacity will allow colored contaminates in the ball clay to become visible. Of course shifts in the color (contaminate level) of different batches of ball clay will cause additional whiteness problems. Yes, it really is possible for your slip to turn pink after being fired to maturity. The pink color is from iron contaminates in the ball clay which appear as an off red (pink) color at low fire temperatures. The iron has always been present. It is only now, with the change in the talc, that the iron color does readily appear in the finished (fired) slip product.

12) Reminder: Each strata of clay or talc will have its own set of problems. What worked in the past may not work in the future. Fortunately, if you have a better understanding of your current problem you will be better situated to handle problems in the future.


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     Following extensive side-by-side and blind testing, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has ceased carrying two brands of ceramic casting slips.  While Standard's Slip will never be confused with the pre-2009 Mackie's Slip made with NY Talc,  Standard Ceramic Slip has proven itself to be the more reliable product in terms of opacity, whiteness and the most important factor.... set up time.  If you haven't already made the switch from Mackie's Ceramic Slip, we suggest you give Standard a try.




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