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    The Dal-Tile Unglazed Ceramic Tiles sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply are a key product for the decorative ceramic industry and many hobby ceramic studios as well as industrial applications where a standardized surface is required for a number of abrasion or absorption tests for various coating and related consumer products.


    The Unglazed Ceramic Tiles, also known as blank ceramic tiles or unglazed ceramic bisque tiles are technically an earthenware clay that has been bisque fired to maturity and is suitable for decorating with a wide range of underglaze products such as Duncan's Concepts or Spectrum's 400 series Super-Strokes.  Earthenware clays are commonly referred to as "ceramic" or "low-fire" to distinguish the clay from high temperature porcelains or stoneware, hence the basic product description.  It is this earthenware formulation, in combination with the lower temperature to reach maturation, that yields the porous ceramic bisque tile suitable for a wide range of industrial applications as well as allowing easy decorating by ceramic artists of all ages.  For decorative usage, because the bisque tiles are manufactured from earthenware clays, the tile should be covered with an appropriate clear glaze over any artwork completed with underglazes in order to provide a continuous vitreous surface when contact with water or food is anticipated.  While decorating the tile with artwork and designs is most common, the unglazed ceramic tile may also be completed with any number of low fire opaque glazes as well a variety of non-fired acrylic products.  Ultimately the custom finished ceramic tile, if properly glazed and fired, can be used for backsplashes, murals, countertops, bathroom walls and of course trivets featuring children's or baby's handprints.  It is this wide ranging decorative and usage options (and low product cost) that is the reason the unglazed ceramic tiles are especially popular with school programs trying to accomplish simple art projects with a limited budget.


     Fired to maturity hotter than Cone 04 (approximately 1940°F) the Unglazed Ceramic Tile should have no additional shrinkage with subsequent glaze firings unless the maturation point is exceeded.  The color of the unglazed ceramic tiles will vary batch to batch from off-white to slight buff or mild grey tones.  Product color does not affect the suitability of usage for industrial usages though customers expecting an absolute pure white tile may be disappointed.  Absorption rate is approximate 14%, making the product suitable for any number of modifications to the Union Carbide Tombstone Test as well as being used as a substrate for abrasion tests.  Obviously, all industrial users should purchase sufficient quantities from a single batch of tile to complete their project and minimize any batch to batch variations in the absorption rate from affecting their testing procedures.  Both the 4x4 and 6x6 unglazed ceramic tiles are temperature stable up to Cone 04 and may be glaze fired in tile racks without requiring additional support.  The exact maximum temperature of the Unglazed Ceramic Tiles is not known and would obviously be dependent upon firing temperature, duration and physical support.  Unknown results in reduction or high stress firing methods.

6x6 Tile Rack   Tile racks sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply, such as the 6x6 Tile Rack shown to the left,  are preferable over conventional refractory shelves to maximize the number of tile per kiln load while reducing the mass and firing times.

Hint:  Never glaze the backside of the tile if using racks for firing as the tile will stick to the support arms.

Tile Racks are available for 4x4 and 6x6 tile.
  Tile Rack in Use

    Because of their wide popularity, Dogwood Ceramic Supply stocks multiple pallet quantities of Dal-Tile Unglazed Ceramic Tiles in our warehouse for immediate delivery to schools, finished ware producers, industrial customers and of course hobby ceramic studios.  Dal-Tile Corporation, a 2 billion dollar subsidiary of Mohawk Industries and sister company of American Olean, was established in 1947 and is the largest US based ceramic tile manufacturer as well as one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world.  Daltile's Unglazed Ceramic Tiles are recommended by all leading hobby glaze and underglaze manufacturers because of their consistent quality and suitability for decorative painting.


Daltile unglazed tiles

    The Daltile's Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tiles are available in two industry standard sizes: 4¼" x 4¼" and 6" x 6".  Both sizes of of tile have fluted backs to readily accept mastic for ease of installation and side edge offsets for proper spacing to allow for grout between tiles.  The 6" x 6" Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tile are generally the most popular size as there is greater surface area for standalone decorative projects.

unglazed ceramic bisque tiles

Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tiles are sold in case, multiple case and pallet quantities.




 4¼" x 4¼" Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tile

100 4x4 Tiles per case

48 cases per pallet

(4800 4 x 4 Tile per pallet)

Cases (each) Price per case
1 $0.75 $75.00
10 $0.61 $61.00
48 $0.55 $55.00

32 lbs per case
1586 lbs per pallet

6" x 6" Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tile

50 6x6 Tiles per case

44 cases per pallet

(2200 6 x 6 Tile per pallet)

Cases (each) Price per case
1 $1.10 $55.00
10 $0.95 $47.50
44 $0.86 $43.00

33 lbs per case
1507 lbs per pallet

Prices projected to be valid until December 31, 2015

Shipping Rates and Additional Support Information for Unglazed Tile





    The Daltile Unglazed Ceramic Tiles sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply are non-vitreous earthenware tiles bisque fired to maturity.  The product is appropriate for use with low fire glazes and underglazes specifically for decorative or general use such as kitchen backsplashes or trivets.  Please note, earthenware (ceramic) tiles do not meet the industry standards for flooring or other high stress, impact and/or wear applications.

     The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Pallet Price applies to complete pallets of a single size Unglazed Ceramic Tile.  Multiple pallet quantities are routinely stocked by Dogwood Ceramic Supply and can be shipped from our warehouse on the same day as the order is received.  The 10 case price may be a mix or match selection of 4x4 or 6x6 unglazed tile.

Shipping Rates and Additional Support Information for Unglazed Tile

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