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The Product Index

    The Product Index serves as the catalog of ceramic and pottery products, equipment and supplies sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply. The Product Index is organized alphabetically and cross referenced for customer convenience much like the index to a book.

     For quick access to the list of ceramic and pottery products carried by Dogwood Ceramic Supply please refer to the Quick Links, found at the top of the Product Index page as well as the bottom of the home page.

Quick Links

Duncan Color Catalog   Shimpo Color Catalog   Shimpo Catalog
North Star Catalog Catalog of Paragon Kilns
Speedball Pottery Wheel Catalog
pottery equipment
American Quality (AQ) Bisque Standard Ceramic Supply Catalog
Ceramic Molds for casting EPS Pottery Stools
Lehman Equipment Standard Clay
Standard Clay
Kemper Tools
Creative Paradise Pottery Molds for Clay Ceramic Bisque
daltile, unglazed ceramic tile Orton Firing Products



Product Index

Acrylic Stains (see Duncan)
Air Dried Clay
AQ Ceramic Bisque
Art Glazes (see Duncan/Spectrum)
Banding Wheels (see Shimpo)
Bat Pins (see Speedball)
Bats for Pottery Wheels
Big Blue Extruder (see North Star)
Bisque (see Ceramic Bisque)
   Clay and Pottery Books
   Mold Catalogs
Brush Cleaner
   Bamboo Brushes
   Duncan Brushes
     Discovery Series
     Signature Series
     Taklon Series
  Glaze Brushes
  Hake Brushes
Bulbs, Christmas Tree
Carts, Ware or Shelf (see North Star)
Casting Slip (see Standard)
Casting Equipment (see Lehman)
Ceramic Bisque
   AQ Bisque
   Dogwood Premium Bisque
   Duncan 04 Bisque
   Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tiles
Ceramic Christmas Tree in Bisque
Ceramic Christmas Tree Bulbs
Ceramic Glazes (see Duncan)
Ceramic Mold Catalogs
Ceramic Mold Straps
Ceramic Rubber Bands
Ceramic Molds
Ceramic Molds in Stock
Ceramic Slip
   Standard Slip
Ceramic Tiles, Unglazed
Ceramic Tools
Christmas Tree Bulbs
Christmas Tree Electrical Light Kits
Cink, The
Clay Carbon Paper
Clay Extruders (see North Star)
Clay Guns
Clay Stamps (see Molds for Clay)
Clay Trap
Clear Glaze (see Duncan/Spectrum)
Cones, Orton (see Orton)
Creative Paradise Molds for Clay
   Clay Stamps
   Drape Molds
   Hump Molds
   Slump Molds
   Sprig Molds
   Texture Molds
Crystal Glazes (see Duncan)
Custom Kilns
Dal-Tile Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tiles
Digital Controllers for Kilns (see Paragon)
Drape Molds (see Molds for Clay)
Drying Cabinet (see North Star)
Duncan Brush and Tool Catalog
     Discovery Series
     Signature Series
     Taklon Series
     Ceramic Tools
     Viscosity Cup
Duncan Color Catalog
   Duncan Acrylics
     Duncan Acrylic Stains
     Duncan Decorative Acrylics
     Duncan Granite Stones
     Duncan Liquid Pearl Stains
     Duncan Sparklers
     Duncan Translucent Stains
     Duncan Ultra Metallics
   Duncan Accessories
     Duncan Non-Fired Accessories
     Duncan Spray Sealers
   Duncan Low Fire Glazes
     Duncan Artisan Glazes
     Duncan Clear Glazes
     Duncan Courtyard Glazes
     Duncan Crackles Glazes
     Duncan Crystal Glazes
     Duncan Designer Glazes
     Duncan Envision Glazes
     Duncan Satin Glazes
     Duncan Shimmer Glazes
   Duncan High Fire Glazes
     Duncan Renaissance Glazes
   Duncan Overglazes and Lusters
     Duncan Overglazes
   Duncan Underglazes
     Duncan Concepts
     Duncan Cover Coat
     Duncan EZ Strokes
     Duncan French Dimensions
Duncan Kiln Parts (see Paragon)
Electrical Kits for Ceramic Xmas Trees
EPS Pottery Wheel Stools
Extruder Dies (see North Star)
Extruders for Clay (see North Star)
Fired Gold
Fired Snow
Firing Cones (see Orton)
Firing Service
Firing Stilts
Firing Supplies
Gift Cards / Gift Certificates
Glazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
Glaze Brushes (see Duncan)
Glass Separator
High Fire Glazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
High Temperature Wire
Hump Molds for Clay
Kemper Tools
   Ceramic Tools
   Pottery Tools
   Sculpture Tools
Kiln Cement
Kiln Controllers
Kiln Elements
Kiln Furniture
   Furniture Kits
   Plate Racks
   Tile Racks
Kiln Parts (see Paragon)
Kiln Posts
Kiln Shelves
Kiln Stilts
Kiln Vent (see Orton)
Kiln Wash
Kilns (see Paragon)
Lehman Slip Casting Equipment
   Slip-O-Matic Centrifugal Pump
   Slip-O-Matic Reversible Pump
   Studio-Star Pump
     PP30 with CT6-L
   Lehman Replacement Parts
Low Fire Glazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
Luster (mother-of-pearl)
Metallic Glazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
Moist Clay (see Standard)
Mold Casting Equipment (see Lehman)
Mold Catalogs
Mold Straps
Molds for Clay
   Clay Stamps
   Drape Molds
   Hump Molds
   Press Molds
   Slump Molds
   Sprig Molds
   Texture Molds
Music Box Movements
Natural Sponges
North Star Catalog
     Throwing Bats
     Shelf & Ware Carts
     Versa Cab Drying Cart
     Big Blue Extruder
     Extruder Dies
     Wall Mounted Clay Extruders
   North Star Slab Rollers
     Portable Slab Rollers
       18" Portable Slab Roller
       24" Portable Slab Roller
       30" Portable Slab Roller
     Standard Slab Rollers
       24" Slab Roller Package
       30" Slab Roller Package
     Super Slab Rollers
       24" Super Slab Roller Package
       30" Super Slab Roller Package
       36" Super Slab Roller Package
Orton Product Catalog
   Orton Firing Cones
   Orton Kiln Vent
   Orton Witness Cones
Paragon Kiln Catalog
   Paragon Big Oval Kilns
     Paragon Janus Ovation
     Paragon Ovation-22
   Paragon Drop Door Heat Treating Furnaces
     Paragon HT 10
     Paragon HT 14
     Paragon HT 22
  Paragon E-Series Front Loading Kilns
     Paragon Xpress E-9A
     Paragon Xpress E-10A
     Paragon Xpress E-12A
     Paragon Xpress E-12T
     Paragon Xpress E-14A
  Paragon F-Series Lamp Working Kilns
     Paragon F-500
     Paragon F-240 TS
     Paragon F-240
     Paragon F-130 Elite
     Paragon F-120
   Paragon Front Loading Pottery Kilns
     Paragon Dragon
     Paragon Iguana
     Paragon Super Dragon
   Paragon Fusion Kilns for Glass
     Paragon Fusion 7
     Paragon Fusion 8
     Paragon Fusion 10
     Paragon Ovation 10
     Paragon Ovation 1013
   Paragon Glass Crucible Kilns
     Paragon Darby Dipper
     Paragon Trifecta
     Paragon Vulcan
   Paragon Janus Combination Kilns
     Paragon Janus 1613
     Paragon Janus 23
     Paragon Janus 24
     Paragon Janus 27
     Paragon Janus Ovation
   Paragon Knife Making Kilns
     Paragon KM-14D
     Paragon KM-18D
     Paragon KM-24D
     Paragon KM-36D
     Paragon KM-45D
   Paragon Pearl Clamshell Kilns
     Paragon Pearl 18
     Paragon Pearl 22
     Paragon Pearl 44
     Paragon Pearl 56
   Paragon Professional Glass Kilns
     Paragon GL 24 ADTSD
   Paragon Professional Glass Annealing Kilns
     Paragon PAF 10, Front Loading
     Paragon PAF 20, Front Loading
     Paragon PAF 30, Front Loading
   Paragon Professional Glass Annealing Kilns
     Paragon PAT 10, Top Loading
     Paragon PAT 20, Top Loading
     Paragon PAT 30, Top Loading
   Paragon Professional Pottery Kilns
     Paragon Viking 24
     Paragon Viking 27
     Paragon Viking 28
   Paragon Q Series Front Loading Kilns
     Paragon Q-11A
   Paragon Silver Clay Kilns
     Paragon SC-2
     Paragon SC-3
  Paragon Swing Door Heat Treating Furnaces
     Paragon PMT 10
     Paragon PMT 13
     Paragon PMT 18
     Paragon PMT 21
   Paragon TnF Kilns
     Paragon TnF 27-3
     Paragon TnF 24-3
     Paragon TnF 23-3
     Paragon TnF 82-3
     Paragon TnF 1613-3
   Small Paragon Kilns
     Paragon Xpress 1193
Paragon Kiln Repair Parts
     Digital Controllers
     Switch box Components
Paragon Kiln Shelves
Paragon Kiln Support Information
   Paragon Kiln Buying Guide
   Paragon Service Questions
   Paragon Small Kiln Comparison
Plastic Ceramic Christmas Tree Bulbs
Porcelain Slip (see Standard)
Pottery Books
Pottery Plaster
Pottery Tool Kits
Pottery Tools
   Clay Cutters
   Clay Drills
   Clay Guns
   Cut-Out Tools
   Dipping Tongs
   Finishing Rubbers
   Hole Cutters
   Loop Tools
   Pot Lifts
   Potter's Rib
   Ribbon Tools
   Tongs for Dipping Glazes
   Trimming Tools
   Turning Tools
   Wire Clay Cutters
   Wire Loop Tools
   Wire Ribbon Tools
   Wood Modeling Tools
Pottery Wheel Stools by EPS
Pottery Wheels (see Speedball/Shimpo)
Pouring Tables (see Lehman)
Pyrometers (see Paragon)
Raku Clay (see Standard)
Raku Glazes (see Spectrum)
   Kiln Shelves
   Kiln Posts
   Plate Setters
   Tile Racks
Relays for electronic kilns (see Paragon)
Replacement Elements (see Paragon)
Riverview Molds Magnet Molds
Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds
Satin Glazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
Sculpture Wheels (see Shimpo)
Sea wool Sponges
Self-Hardening Clay
Shelf Trucks (see North Star)
Shimpo Catalog
     Banding Wheels
   Pottery Wheels
      VL Whisper
Silk Sponges
Slab Rollers (see North Star)
Slip, Casting (see Standard)
Slip Casting Equipment (see Lehman)
Slump & Hump Molds for Clay
Spectrum Glaze Library
   Spectrum Low Fire Glazes
     Spectrum Glaze Crystals
     Spectrum Low Stone Glazes
     Spectrum Low Fire Metallic Glazes
   Spectrum High Fire Glazes
     Spectrum 1100 Series
     Spectrum Electric Ash
     Spectrum Translucent and Celadon Glazes
     Spectrum Glaze Crystals
     Spectrum Metallic Glazes
     Spectrum Nova BRUSHING Glazes
     Spectrum Nova Dipping Glazes
   Spectrum Specialty Products
     Spectrum Raised Accent Colors
     Spectrum Raku Glazes
   Spectrum Underglazes
     Spectrum 400 Series
     Spectrum 500 Series
Speedball Pottery Equipment Catalog
     Speedball Bat Pins
     Speedball Throwing Bats
   Pottery Wheels
     Speedball Artista
     Speedball Boss Elite
     Speedball Clay Boss
   Elephant Ear Sponges
   Natural Sponges
   Sea Wool Sponges
   Silk Sponges
   Synthetic Sponges
Sprig Molds
Spray Sealers
Standard Ceramic Supply Catalog
     Wax Resist
   Casting Slips
     Low Fire
   Moist Clays
     Low Fire Clay
       S-103 Red Clay
       S-104 Red Clay with Grog
       S-105 White Clay, No Talc
       S-105 White Clay, No Talc, with grog
     Porcelain Clay
       S-213 Porcelain, Domestic
     Raku Clay
       S-239 Raku Clay
     Self-Hardening Clay
       S-910 Air Dried Clay
     Stoneware Clay
       S-101 Buff Clay
       S-112 Speckled Brown Clay
       S-153 Stoneware Clay
       S-181 Smooth White Stoneware Clay
       S-182 White Stoneware with grog
       S-211 Hazelnut Stoneware Clay
       S-225 Brown Stoneware Clay
       S-240 White Stoneware Clay
       S-266 Dark Brown Stoneware Clay
       S-306 Brown Firing Clay
       S-308 Brooklyn Red Clay
       S-507 Warm Brown Stoneware Clay
       S-553 Buff Stoneware Clay
Stilt Kits
Stilt Stone
Stoneware Clay (see Standard)
Stoneware Slip (see Standard)
Stools, Pottery Wheel
Straps for Molds
Texture Molds
The Cink
Thermocouples for kilns (see Paragon)
Tile Cutters (for moist clay)
Tile Press (see North Star)
Tile Racks for Firing
Tiles, unglazed
Tool Kits
Underglazes (see Duncan / Spectrum)
Unglazed Ceramic Bisque Tiles
Vents for Electric Kilns (see Orton)
VL Whisper Pottery Wheel (see Shimpo)
Wagon Wheel Press Molds
Ware Carts (see North Star)
Wall Mounted Extruders (see North Star)
Wax Resist
Wheels, Pottery (see Speedball/Shimpo)
Wind-up Music Box Movements


    The Product Index is work in progress and should never be considered a complete listing of the products carried by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

    While organized in the same manner as the index of a book, the Product Index was never specifically designed to absolutely inclusive with all possible cross references.  Many of the terms used reflect product names or common customer search queries.

Does Dogwood Ceramic Supply have a printed catalog?

     The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Product Index services as the index of the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Catalog.  The entire catalog is electronic and continuously updated.  There is NO printed version of the Supply Catalog.

     The cover of the Supply Catalog is the home page:  The attached Product Index serves as the index of the Catalog.  The major product lines can be reached from the subject matter and manufacturer logos near the bottom of the front page of the home page as well as the Product Index.  The Product Index itself is listed alphabetically by common search terms and cross referenced for customer convenience.

    So what will you find on, the online catalog of Dogwood Ceramic Supply?

    Our goal is to offer the complete listing of the pottery & ceramic equipment and supplies sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply via our website and in our showroom.

    Since is an online catalog, where is the shopping cart?

    There is no shopping cart on our website nor will there ever be one.  As we clearly explain in the discussion concerning ecommerce, the vast majority of the products sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply do not lend themselves to be sold online due the complexity of the products.  In simple terms we would rather do things right and miss a few sales then selling the wrong products to customers.  When you are ready to place an order with Dogwood Ceramic Supply, just pick up the telephone and give us a call.

    Is our website / catalog actually complete?

    NO, far from being complete.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply has been working on this website since 1999 and not for one moment in time has the website ever been close to complete.  Obviously updating the existing product pages for current prices prevents additional pages from being actively added.  For the stuff not listed on the Product Index you will need to visit the Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Getting to our showroom is easy, just following the clearly written directions on the Maps to Dogwood webpage.

    Is our website / catalog up to date with the most current prices?

    Oh yes!  That is something we really strive to do well.  There may always be a page or two which have not been updated, but as fast as the webmaster can update the pages the prices will be corrected.

    While our goal is offer the complete listing of the pottery & ceramic equipment and supplies sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply, our more practical goal is to offer as much as we can offer via the 'net with all prices and product information as up to date as possible.  One day, many years from now the website might be complete ... and then the next day we will have to start it all over again.  Keeping any website up to date can be difficult.  Keeping a website as large as this one up to date is a full time job.  To keep customers notified of price changes the basic price information is posted on the Hot Off the Press section.  The Hot Off the Press gives our webmaster a few hours (or days) of breathing room to get the prices updated on the individual product pages and keeps consumers current with new products (unlike the out of date printed catalogs).






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