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Shipping Policies of Dogwood Ceramic Supply

    Everybody is invited to visit the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom to purchase their ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies. Purchasing through the showroom allows customers to avoid needless shipping charges as well as allows the customer to view and purchase far more good than those posted on this website. For those who are unable to visit our showroom, Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers daily UPS and motor freight service to customers throughout the United States as well as container shipments to serve our international customers in Europe and South America.


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    In general, all customer orders of with a total weight below 150 lbs will be shipped via UPS, conditional upon the items being qualified, practical and cost effective based upon box size and other considerations.

Small Boxes waiting for UPS Pickup

    Orders of multiple items (multiple boxes) with a combined weight above 150 lbs, but less than 200 lbs, may be shipped via UPS or LTL (motor freight) depending upon the location of the customer, the size, weight, shape and complexity of the order as well as the total cost of shipping for UPS versus LTL including the Fuel Surcharge and packing and prep costs.

    Regardless of the total weight of the order, UPS size and weight limits must be observed and may preclude many seemingly qualified shipments from being shipped via UPS.  Even when the goods may be qualified to ship via UPS, the surcharges applied by UPS to oversized packages or packages weighing more than 70 lbs may limit the desirability of shipping the item via UPS.  Under no circumstance will UPS accept any single package weighing more than 150 lbs.

    With few exceptions, all orders above 200 lbs will be palletized and shipped via motor freight.

Pallets waiting on Dogwood Loading Dock

Standard Shipping Days & Service

   Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s Standard Shipping Days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and Friday.

Order Processing Time

    Due to variable number of orders that can be received on a single day, and the sheer size and complexity of some customer orders, Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not provide an absolute guarantee as to when any specific order may be shipped, although most small orders (typically under 100 lbs) will ship the same day or the next Standard Shipping Day after the receipt of the order.  Please allow additional time for large orders or during peak seasons such as the beginning of the school year (August thru early September) and for the Christmas rush for hobby customers.

Rush Shipping Service / Rush Shipping Charges

     With the exception of kiln repair parts critical to the operation of any business, there is very little need for Rush Service in the ceramic industry.  This is especially true as Dogwood Ceramic Supply processes orders on a first come, first served basis and typically ships small orders the same day or the next Standard Shipping Day after the receipt of the order.  If same day or next Standard Shipping Day is not fast enough for you, then we strongly suggest you re-evaluate your purchasing habits as we will NOT bump other customers out of the queue so that your goods ship before theirs.



    Need a critical kiln part in an absolute screaming hurry?  4PM Central Time on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday, 2PM Central Time on Wed.  Remember the times.  If your Paragon Kiln Part order is placed by the cut off time, we can hand walk the kiln part order through our shipping system and still load it on the out going UPS truck.  Customers within 750 miles of our showroom will typically receive the package in 1 or 2 days.  Of course if time is really critical and your boss won't accept one or two day service, there is always the UPS Next Day Air Guaranteed Delivery option ($22 to $90 for most kiln parts with the actual rate is determined by the customer's location, the weight of the parts and whether residential or Saturday delivery is involved).



Simple Shipping Rates

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply has been developing what we call Simple Shipping Rates.  The Simple Shipping Rates are used for a number of stand alone products.  The qualifying products are often purchased as a single product, have a known shipping weight and there are few if any options that would significantly alter the weight or change the size of the shipping box.  The basic premise for the Simple Shipping rates was the Paragon Freight Rates we developed several years ago for Paragon Kilns.  From there we have expanded the Simple Shipping Rates for other products whenever practical.


    The key issue is simplification.  Simple for Dogwood and simple for our customers.  Oh, and the rates must be fair as well.  In the simplest terms the Simple Shipping Rates are comprised of a base rate for commercial shipments and a surcharge for residential shipments.  For very light weight shipments the rate may apply to the entire Continental USA.  More complex items may be subdivided into several regional freight rates.

    There are several key advantages with the Simple Shipping Rates.  Obviously, for the light weight shipments the customer can usually add another of the same product (or three, four or even 10 of the same product) and the shipping rate will not likely change.  This reduces the fumbling with what-if I add something to the order issues.  Just as importantly, the rate is predetermined so the shipping to mom's house in California instead of your house in Texas is easily handled.  And from Dogwood's perspective, since the Simple Shipping Rate is computed for each item group, the published rates can include insurance when required and any packing or handling costs not otherwise built into the cost of the product plus an allocation for the Fuel Surcharge charged by UPS.

    The major disadvantage in any predetermined shipping rate program are the large or complex orders of multiple product densities.... you know, the stuff that is most often shipped by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  For those complex orders we simply use the standard UPS rate tables and add $2.00 handling charge when appropriate.  Of course the really big stuff always ships via the big trucks.

    Please note, the vast majority of the shipments are from Dogwood's showroom and warehouse, though some Paragon Kilns and North Star equipment shipments to customers well west of the Mississippi River may be shipped from the respective factories (Dallas TX for Paragon and Spokane WA for North Star) in order to preserve Dogwood Ceramic Supply's low Simple Shipping Rates.

    For qualifying products, the Simple Shipping Rates are published on the product page or on a single page for the entire product group (such as Paragon Kilns).  For items without a Simple Shipping Rate schedule then the appropriate UPS or Motor Freight rates will apply. 

    Why not just ship everything "Freight Free"?

    There are three answers:

    First and foremost, Dogwood Ceramic Supply's website is our product catalog for ALL customers.  Any price listed on the website is valid in the showroom.  In simplest terms this means customers visiting the showroom can purchase the product without incurring any freight charges.  Most other vendors use their website as their catalog as well.  But the vendors who ship "Freight Free" will build the cost of freight into the selling price of the goods listed in the catalog and their local customers will then pay an inflated price.  Obviously in such cases, shipping "Freight Free" is not very fair to their local customers who are forced to subsidize the shipping cost of another customer.

    Secondly, freight is complicated.  In a good way.  In simplest terms there is a base charge.  A minimum charge so to speak.  The minimum applies to every shipment until the shipment exceeds specific combination of weight and density.  A customer located in Memphis (or Atlanta or Houston) may order a slab roller from Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Freight rate to a commercial or school location is $100 for the typical large slab roller.  Dogwood's Landed Cost of the slab roller and freight may be the same as another vendor who ships "Freight Free".  No advantage either way.  BUT, and this is a very big BUT, if the customer desires TWO slab rollers the customer has a very interesting choice.  The customer can pay the Freight Free vendor's product price x2 OR the customer can pay Dogwood's price x2 plus $100.

    Huh?  Yes, the freight charge for TWO slab rollers remains just $100.  The second slab roller cost nothing to ride along... or you can compute the freight as $50 per slab roller.  Suddenly vendors that were tied on the price for ONE slab roller are now $100 apart when you buy TWO.  Don't won't two slab rollers?  No problem.  How about adding a pottery wheel with the slab roller?  Or maybe 500 lbs of Moist Clay.  Because we separate the product costs from the shipping costs the customer can take advantage of combining products together for shipping purposes and saving way more than a few pennies.

    And lastly, Dogwood Ceramic Supply sells LOTS of inexpensive products which are quite heavy.  Ceramic Slip weighs 15 lbs per gallon but sells for about $4 per gallon (in bulk).  The shipping cost of a single gallon of slip from Dogwood to Chicago is about $16.  Hmmmm, $16 in shipping costs for a product that can be purchased for only $4?   Sure we could build the shipping cost of the product into the selling price, but does anybody think the local customers really want to pay $20 for a gallon of slip?

    Why are some of the Simple Shipping Rates subdivided by State or Region?

    The simplest answer is fairness.  We know that we can ship a small crated kiln to commercial and school locations in most parts of the Continental USA for about $100.  Most places.  Then there is New York City.  To be blunt the freight rates into Metro New York City are just bonkers.  The national average shipping cost is a few pennies over $125, yet the shipping costs for this same kiln into NYC is $300... and that is before residential and other service fees are added.  And if you think NYC is bad, try doubling the NYC rate for a small kiln shipped to an island only accessible by ferry.

    From Dogwood's perspective, and we hope the perspective of the vast majority of our customers, it is better to subdivide freight charges into States or regions such that each customer pays an appropriate freight charge rather than having a single freight charge for the entire USA and over charge the majority of the customers because of the cost/needs of a few.

    The Paragon Freight Rates reflect this fairness in shipping philosophy quite well.  Freight charges follow the location and needs of the customer.  Those located in difficult to access locations or needing special services will pay for those services or for the privilege of living on top of a mountain.  Those customers in easy to access locations and not needing special services will pay less.

    Is there a way to avoid paying freight?

    Sure, just purchase the product from the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom.  In some instances the factory location, such as the Paragon factory near Dallas Texas will do double duty and serve as the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom for that specific manufacturer as well.

    What happens if I combine products together, do my shipping costs also increase?

    Not necessarily, and even if the shipping charges do increase the rate may be quite low.  It all depends upon the weight.  Adding two 1 pound items together might increase the total shipping costs by... $0.25.  Adding a 10 lb item to a 50 lb shipment might increase the shipping costs by $2.00 or so.  UPS is fair with the rate increases between shipping weights, so we can be fair as well.  Adding products to a motor freight shipment is the best thing anybody can do as several heavy ceramic molds might cost $1 in additional freight costs above the shipping costs of a pallet of ceramic slip.  

Additional Information

Rate Changes

    The UPS rate adjustment generally occur on or about the first Monday of January each year.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply's YRC Freight contract rate changes on or about the first Monday of April.  With the exception of the staggered timing of these rate changes, these annual changes to the shipping rates are fairly easy to handle.




FOB Shipping Point Definition and Damages During Shipping


    Our entertaining discussion regarding FOB Shipping Point also includes critical information regarding freight damages and he/she who is possession of the goods is responsible for filing any damage claims.



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