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Dogwood Ceramic Supply 30th Anniversary



Welcome to Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s 30th Anniversary


     April 1988 was the big day. 30 years ago this month, the plans for Dogwood Ceramic Supply were finalized and in November 1988 the store opened.

     We, along with many of the manufacturers of products you are familiar with and regularly purchase, are celebrating our 30th Anniversary from now until the end of November. This our way of expressing our appreciation for your many years of support and loyalty by "giving back" to our customers with prizes ranging from gift bags of product samples, colorful T-Shirts to $30 and $300 rewards on future purchases and a special treat of Biloxi Shuckers Ticket packages including Cable One Box Seats right behind home plate.


 Everybody is a winner.





Catalog of Duncan Glazes and Underglazes   Spectrum Glaze and Underglaze Catalog   Catalog of Shimpo of Pottery Wheels
Catalog of North Star Slab Rollers and Equipment Creative Paradise Pottery Molds for Clay Catalog of Paragon Kilns for Glass and Pottery
Speedball Pottery Wheel Catalog
pottery equipment
Standard Ceramic Supply Catalog


The Rules:

A) Each time you make a purchase you will draw a card from the box on the counter. Each card will be marked with a number. You then can draw from the box marked with the number for your gift.

B) Each month is different and so will be the gifts. So come back often.

C) Gifts range from special discounts to free stuff. Lots of free stuff.

D) Some gifts are to be redeem today. Others will be redeemed at a later date.

E) Some gifts are specially selected grab bags. Other gifts might be your choice.

F) If you are lucky enough to win a T-Shirt price, we will only give you a choice of sizes.

G) $30 gift certificates are valid for one time use during the month stated.

H) $300 gift certificates are valid for one time use during the month stated

K) Exchanging of gifts between recipients is allowed.

J) All the usual exclusions and mumble jumble including no purchases made by any school or government agency shall be eligible for any gift,

K) This is an instore promotion. Customers requiring shipping of goods have their own promotion.

L) Top Reward packages are limited to:


70 sets of Biloxi Shuckers Tickets (2 tickets per set) for the 70 home games during the 2018 season.
      Tickets are for admission to specific dates in the Cable One Box Section behind home plate.
      Families can exchange box tickets for general admission tickets.
      Cable One Box Tickets that expire may be offered as general admission tickets.
30 of the $300 reward tickets
300 of the $30 reward packages.


Top rewards are not guaranteed but are based upon random draw.




Dogwood Ceramic Supply

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