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Contacting Dogwood Ceramic Supply

    Many customers require a significant amount of personal contact in order to determine the ways that Dogwood Ceramic Supply may best serve the customer and face to face or voice to voice contact is the best means of providing the proper level of support.

     In-store:  Our sales staff offers a highly diverse background of ceramic and art experience and is always available to assist customers with their purchases during our standard business hours.  Please be patient when visiting Dogwood Ceramic Supply during peak business hours as we are often busy assisting a large number of customers.

     Telephone: 228-831-4848

    When an in-store (face to face) visit is not possible, the best way to contact Dogwood Ceramic Supply is to simply give us a call.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply's telephone is always answered by an experienced ceramist who is ready to assist you with your purchase.  Because customer support and service is critical to every customer, there is No Phone-Tree-From-Hades when you call Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  However, in order to best assist the large number of customers that call each day a member of the sales staff may ask to take your telephone number and return your call.

    After business hours a dedicated answering machine is available for customers to contact Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Please avoid leaving long, complex messages on any answering machine as the potential for errors is increased with the length of the message.  This is especially true when trying to recite the product ID numbers of your order of 42 bottles of Duncan Glazes plus your credit card number. 



    Hmmm, maybe it would best to just leave your name, telephone number and best time to contact you.

   Fax: 228-831-3111

A dedicated fax machine is available 24/7 for your convenience.
    Always follow up critical fax's to insure that your fax was received!
    If you hand write your fax, please write clearly on unlined paper.
    If you print your fax, please use at least 12pt print size for clarity.
Always include your:
    Name, address (including zip code), and telephone number.
    If appropriate include your tax exempt, or tax resale number.
    Credit card number with expiration date (if not on file at Dogwood).

Remember to dial the fax number very carefully as both the IRS and Pizza Hut have similar numbers.

A simple mistake can result in a large pizza or a field audit!


Dogwood Ceramic Supply
12950 Dedeaux Road
Gulfport, MS 39503

     E-mail: Because of the complexity and variety of the products as well as the need to provide quality customer support, Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not accept e-mail as standard form of communication.

    For basic orders or customer support, please visit the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom in person or contact us by telephone during standard business hours.  If you have a lengthy order please consider sending a fax to our dedicated fax machine.

Why No E-Mail?

    The problems with e-mail is complicated.  Emails often generates what we call "dueling e-mails"... a seemingly endless stream of messages, questions and answers which never seem to clarify the information being seek.  Throw in a few abbreviations or assumptions and things get complicated real fast especially when there are complex products involved.


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply's position is pretty simple.  We want to avoid "dueling e-mails" as they inhibit the prompt resolution of problems.  Again, for best possible service, visit the showroom in person or simply place a telephone call during our standard business hours.

   Yes, even a simple order can generate "dueling e-mails".

   How much is the freight?  Has an allocation for freight charges been included on the Purchase Order?  Will there be additional products purchased? What are those products?  Do they need to be shipped with the primary order, held for local pickup or shipped separately?  Do you need 208v or 240v electrical service for the Paragon Kiln you are purchasing?  Will you need lift-gate for delivery?  Are the doorways large enough to allow easy passage of the kiln?  Is there a day, week or month which delivery may not be allowed (vacations, school closed for maintenance etc)?  Is a left handed model required?  Will the kiln need to be vented?  Sending dozens of e-mails taking days or even weeks to resolve the issue or conduct ONE simple 5 minute telephone call.

    Maybe we are lazy, but our vote is for the telephone call.



Dogwood Ceramic Supply

12590 Dedeaux Road
Gulfport Mississippi, 39503
Telephone (228) 831-4848        Fax (228) 831-3111

Showroom Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday 1PM to 6PM

Closed Wednesday and Sunday