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Customer Service and Support

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply divides our customer service and support webpages into 3 general categories:

    The Basic section are the most common questions of many customers... hence the name Basic.  These key questions, including Contact and the History of Dogwood Ceramic Supply (About) are included in the main navigation bar of the website and accessible from every page in the site.  The single basic question that lacks a link tab.... our business hours... are published at the bottom of every page of the website.



    The Frequently Asked and Not So Frequently Asked Questions include many of the interesting questions specific to Dogwood Ceramic Supply as well as links to the various product support and technical guides developed by our staff for the benefit of our customers.




    All the Fine Print Stuff is the common legal disclaimers and explanations of business policies that every business should provide to their customers.  As most of these topics would be best define as fine print... the title seems rather appropriate.  When in doubt, just browse through and read the appropriate topic near the bottom of this page.  And if you are stealing images from our website it might be advisable for you to read the section on Intellectual Property before the Bubba and Guido Knee Cracking Service comes visiting you.




Frequently Asked and Not So Frequently Asked Questions

    An eclectic group of questions and answers covering a wide range of topics from Product Information to safety and consumer issues.



    Most manufacturers publish full safety information including MSDS on their respective websites.  To prevent duplication of effort and potentially providing out-of-date information, Dogwood Ceramic Supply provides links to our manufacturers accessible through the main navigation bar for access to the appropriate MSDS.

Product Information and Support

Are Small Kilns a good value for consumers?

Why are Freeze Warnings for slips, clays and glazes important?


RT Vanderbilt closed their talc mine caused drastic issues with ceramic casting slips of all brands.  See our tutorial provide at the bottom of the Standard Ceramic Slip webpage.

General Customer Questions

Is there a printed Dogwood Ceramic Supply catalog?


    No.  In the interest of providing the best possible information (and prices) to our customers, Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not print a catalog.   The major product lines are readily linked through the quick links at the bottom of the home page of the website as well as the top of the Product Index.  Both pages are linked in the main navigation bar at the top of the website.   Additional product links are found on the Product Index webpage.

Dogwood Specific Questions

Who is Emily Basset and what does she do at Dogwood Ceramic Supply?

May I bring my dog to visit Dogwood Ceramic Supply?


Clay Card, what is a Clay Card ?


Be aware, our weight restrictions for transporting slips and clays may save your life (see bottom of this page).



All the Fine Print Stuff


General Disclaimer
Warranty of Fitness
Defective Products
Shipping Damage


Business Classification


Intellectual Property
Copyright Exceptions
Manufacturer Content
Hot linking Images
Contact Web Master


Pricing Policies and Information
Minimum Orders
Back Orders


Shipping Policies
Standard Shipping Days
Rush Shipping Service
Simple Shipping Rates
UPS Package Shipping
UPS Rates
UPS Shipping Zones
UPS Damages
Motor Freight (Truck) Shipping
Weight and Distance Based Rates
ISPM-15 Regulations


Export Policies


Written Quotes
Schools and Government Agencies
Commercial Quotes 


Over the Counter
UPS and Freight Shipments
Money Orders
Shipments to other addresses 


Worthless Checks


Purchase Orders
Schools and Government Programs
Commercial Purchase Orders


Mississippi Sales Tax
Tax Resale Numbers
Tax Exempt Numbers 


Returns and Exchanges


Gift Cards


Safe Transportation of Slips and Clays







General Disclaimer of Warranties

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply sells equipment and supplies to professional customers who have a direct knowledge of the products and fully understand the uses and any limitations of the products.  Many other people, including hobbyist or amateur ceramists and potters as well as industrial customers, also purchase many of the same items.  We are not authorities on every product we carry, but if you are having trouble we will be glad to help, IF WE CAN.  The diversity of studios, tools, kilns, raw materials, personal work habits and alternative uses of the product makes problems difficult or even impossible to diagnose; therefore we can not guarantee results.

    Many ceramic products, such as glazes and clays, are manufactured from materials mined from the earth, and, as such, material composition, including trace components, may vary from batch to batch.  We strongly recommend that you test each new batch of products thru the entire process to determine consistency and suitability for your specific application.  The responsibility to test each new batch of products lies solely with the purchaser.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply is obligated only to replace products deemed defective.  We are not liable and shall be held harmless for loss, damage and or physical injury, direct or indirect, arising from the use or misuse of the products that we provide.  We provide no warranty other than the warranty provided by the original manufacturer of the product and for most consumable products there is no manufacturer warranty.

    Please take care in determining the suitability of any product for your intended use, BEFORE YOU BUY.

Defective Products

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply strives to provide the proper goods to our customers that are free of defects and appropriate for use by the customer.  In the event of a defective product, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is only responsible for replacement of the product with an identical product.  All claims for defective products must be made within 30 days of the transaction date. Customer is responsible for returning the defective to Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.




Shipping Damages

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply pledges to fill your order correctly, and your order will leave our warehouse, complete, and in good condition. We do not ship used or damaged goods.

    Please take care in transporting goods from our warehouse to your location.  The items have been packaged in the manner deemed appropriate for routine transportation.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply is not responsible for damage to goods after they leave our warehouse.  In the event of products shipped from our warehouse are damaged during shipping, please follow the claims instructions for that particular shipping method.  In general terms the party in possession of the damaged goods is responsible for initiating and filing any claims.


    See UPS or Motor Freight for shipping damages.










Business Hours


    The Showroom Business Hours of Dogwood Ceramic Supply are posted in the footer of every page of this website as well as more predominately on key information pages.

Showroom Business Hours:


Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday 1PM to 6PM

Closed Wednesday and Sunday

    The business hours do not change, with the following 2 planned exceptions:

    1. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is closed on Thanksgiving Day.

    2. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is closed for an approximate two week (14 day) period around Christmas and New Years with the dates to coincide with the dates of the local school district’s Christmas vacation.  The actual dates will be announced each year on Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s Hot Off the Press web page during the month of December.


    Please note, Wednesday is an administrative work day for Dogwood Ceramic Supply to complete complex and special projects.  The salaried staff may or may not be available on Wednesday to accept your orders and handle technical service issues.  The hourly employees of Dogwood Ceramic Supply do not work on Wednesday in compensation for working every Saturday of the business year. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is closed on Sunday.


    Orders for panic stricken, rush kiln parts are accepted on Wednesday for same day shipping.  All other orders accepted on Wednesday will be shipped on Thursday.



    Why Wednesday?


    Because it is the Reformed Druid Sabbath.


    The M*A*S*H lovers out there should have caught that one.


    Seriously... working every Saturday of the business year means our key staff do not ever have the benefit of a two day weekend.  Plus the store is open most Federal & State Holidays so there are no occasional 3 day weekend either.  Burnout is a significant possibility when there are no meaningful breaks for 50 week stretches.


    Being off on Wednesdays gives our employees a small break.  Combine Wednesday with the late start on Thursday and the day off in the middle of the work week is not as good as a 2 day weekend but it does help.


    From the administrative side of the business, having the showroom closed on Wednesdays means there is a chance to get big projects done that simply can't be done with the showroom open or with frequent interruptions.


    For the benefit of our customers, the showroom is open later on Thursdays.  This allows our local customers a chance to shop after the complete their own work day, without having to shop on Saturdays unless they choose to do so.



    Why Two Weeks at Christmas?


    When should our vacation period be?


    As a small business, it is nearly impossible to have an employee take a vacation at a random time of the year because the stress on the remaining staff is just too great.  And lets not forget to mention that customer service can really suffer when the business is short staffed.  Obviously, organized vacation times are best.


    And Christmas is the absolutely slowest time of the year for our business.... schools are closing for their own break so there are no school sales.... production studios are shutting down because there isn't enough time to crank out another 1000 finished Ceramic Christmas Ducks.... and even the hobbyists slow down their craft.  There might be a few random Christmas Sales we might miss, but then again we primarily sell to mature adults, schools, colleges and working professionals who plan their purchases throughout the year.


    Bottom line, it just makes sense to have the organized vacation period to coincide with the slowest two week period of the business year.


    Of course matching up the 2 week vacation with the local school calendar allows any employees with children to be off the same days.


    We think our policies make sense and after thinking about it you will agree as well. 




Ecommerce Business We are Not

    *ecommerce businesses, also known as electronic or internet businesses, commonly feature electronic shopping carts which are ideal for high volume products that are readily identifiable by consumers, have few if any options and are virtually fool-proof to purchase.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon one's perspective), the wide variety of products sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply do not lend themselves to ecommerce transactions as the products are either:


◊ Sold in relatively low volumes

◊ Have significant or complex options

◊ Or can be easily confused with seemingly identical products


    For example, Dogwood Ceramic Supply provides Custom Paragon Kilns to industrial customers, universities and specialized artists.  In our experience, even the most basic custom kiln design can require 1-3 hours of telephone or face to fact contact and the more complex kilns can require days or even weeks of time as the engineers (and even the local electric supply company) become involved in the project.  Most ecommerce businesses will avoid anything so intense that a single telephone call is required, much less any product which requires a telephone call taking more than 60 seconds.  Obviously the Custom Kilns not only require an intensive level of customer support, but the sheer number of potential features and specifications makes the ecommerce system impossible to implement for just a single unit to be sold much less the hundreds of different custom kiln designs made each year.  Yet, in spite of the intensive efforts required, Dogwood Ceramic Supply loves providing custom kilns. We have been active in the design process of many of what are termed "catalog standard" kilns for the past 20 years, enjoy the process and can apply our knowledge to benefit customers.  Win-win for everybody.

    Passing knowledge to the customer is important and can prevent customers making serious mistakes.  From our standpoint, buying the wrong product is a serious mistake.  At the bare minimum, buying the incorrect product is disruptive to the customer's timely completion of their projects.  In the most extreme instances, the health or safety of the consumer can be compromised.  If Dogwood Ceramic Supply can take a few seconds and clarify the customer's purchase we can prevent many, many mistakes.  It is not that we don't trust our customers or that they don't know what they are doing, but with nearly 25 years of experience we have seen way too many husbands (wives, sisters, employees, co-workers, purchasing clerks etc) purchasing a Cone 6 glaze for use on low fire clay because he (she) thought the glaze color was pretty.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply will continue doing what we have done since the day we opened the business.... supporting customers the best we can.  Let us know when the ecommerce technology becomes advance enough to correct your purchase of Cone 6 glazes with low fire clay before the incorrect product ships to you.


    So when you are ready to order please call a real business, concerned with your needs, you'll be glad you did.







Intellectual Property Notice

    Per the 1976 Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S Code) the inclusion of a copyright notation is not required to indicate ownership of the property.  As such, unless otherwise specifically noted, the photographs, graphics, written descriptions, opinions and information content contained within this web site is the intellectual property of Dogwood Ceramic Supply and is provided to our customers for non-commercial use and may not copied or used without the expressed written consent of Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

Copyright Exceptions

    There are a very small number of photographs on this website which were provided to Dogwood Ceramic Supply following Hurricane Katrina specifically for publication on our previously published Hurricane Katrina Photograph webpage of  Proper attribute was provided within the adjoining text with each of these photographs.  Copyright of these photographs have been retained by their respective owners.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply retains the right of first publication to these specific photographs and any copying and/or republication of these photos is strictly prohibited.

Manufacturer Content

    A small portion of the content of this website consists of stock photographs and/or graphics provided by the respective manufacturer of the product.  These photographs and graphics can be considered public domain as they are provided to all vendors by the manufacturer for use on websites or other promotional or marketing activity. However, some manufacturer provided photographs were deemed inadequate by Dogwood Ceramic Supply for our purposes and were electronically edited for best web presentation.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply retains the copyright to these modifications and has embedded an electronic watermark into the photograph for proof of ownership.


    A small portion of the content of was acquired from manufacturer provided information.  This content, typically called "Boiler Plate" is basic product specifications, such as sizes, shapes and electrical requirements which are legal specifications of the product and can not be altered.

Hot Linking of Images

    Due to the number of spurious websites engaged in the practice of HOT LINKING, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has received written permission from a number of manufacturers to embed the name into the manufacturer's stock photographs hosted by the web server.  The embedded name allows Dogwood Ceramic Supply to track Hot Linking websites and pursue legal avenues to halt the practice.  The absence of the Dogwood Ceramic Supply embedded name does not preclude Dogwood Ceramic Supply from pursuing legal action against those engaged in the practice of Hot Linking.


    Please note, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has specifically blocked all bots (search engine robots) from acquiring images from our site through robot.txt commands.  Google Images and Bing Images honor the robot.txt commands and do not show any Dogwood Ceramic Supply images on any of their sites other than the images specifically authorized by Dogwood for use by those two sites.  If you see an image site showcasing Dogwood Ceramic Supply images, the site has willfully refused to honor the robot.txt command and is in violation of both US and International Law.  Please promptly report such violations to the Dogwood Ceramic Supply webmaster as well as local law enforcement.



Social Media usage of Images

    All Social Media sites, including Pinterest and Facebook have been specifically blocked, through a combination of on-page directive tags, specific robots.txt commands and .htaccess codes, from direct acquisition and/or scraping of images from this website.  If you believe you have a legitimate use of an image from our site for sharing on one of the social media websites then simply save the image to your hard drive and load the image, without removing any electronic watermarks or the overlay if present, to the social media website using your registration password.  Sharing of images through this method is generally the only acceptable method of acquiring images from a website without prior written permission.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply retains ownership of the image, unless it is a public domain image published by the manufacturer, and should the image be used inappropriately per our opinion, including but not limited to the purpose of generating revenue for another party, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is within our legal rights to require removal of the image from the social media website.



Dogwood Ceramic Supply Webmaster

   The WEBMASTER of Dogwood Ceramic Supply may be reached by telephone during normal business hours regarding any questions or problems with the website.  Any request for permission to republish any photograph, graphic, written description, opinion or information content contained within this web site must be sent via United States Postal Service, attention WEBMASTER, to the address of Dogwood Ceramic Supply shown in the footer of this webpage.



Pricing Policies and Information


    Nearly every item sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply is stocked in our warehouse and is available for immediate purchase and pickup.  All prices, unless otherwise noted, are FOB our warehouse in Gulfport, MS.  In some instances the warehouse and manufacturing facility of the manufacturer may be used as an extension of the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom and warehouse and as such the products may be sold FOB the manufacturer's warehouse in addition to FOB Dogwood Ceramic Supply.
    Some equipment items (due to size, weight, or difficulty in handling) would be best if shipped from our warehouse (or the manufacturer's warehouse) to the customer's location.
    There are few items, typically due to complex shipping and handling costs, which are sold exclusively FOB the manufacturer's facility and warehouse. These items will be clearly marked as such.
    Any shipping to the customer's location will result in an additional charge.

    All customers are entitled to current prices and available discounts, conditional upon meeting purchasing terms.


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply prices and terms are inclusive.  Any modification to the terms requested by the customer will result in a substantial modification to the prices. 


    When the manufacturer has a published retail or list price, that price will be used as the basis for our pricing, and any discounts will be from the published price.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply may choose to round off unusual manufacturer published retail prices to the nearest normalized pricing point (such as $1874.47 will be rounded to $1875.00 or $2.31 will be rounded to $2.30) for ease of display and customer convenience.  The rounded prices will be binding.

    For the convenience of showroom customers, some items on display in the showroom and the website may be pre-priced with the appropriate discount. Quantity discounts, if applicable, are always displayed in the showroom and on the website.

    All prices and quantities required to obtain discounts are subject to change without notice.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply will honor written quotes for a period of at least 90 days from the date of the quote, unless otherwise specifically dated on the quote.  Freight charges on written quotes are an estimate of freight charges and are subject to change due to volatile fuel prices and any accessorial services requested by the customer.

    Verbal price quotes are an approximate price provided for the convenience of the customer to estimate their purchase and as such are not legally binding.

    Dealers and institutions engaged in resale activity are expected to set their own selling price, independently of the prices set by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

Minimum Orders

    Dogwood Ceramic does not require a minimum purchase amount, however, please be aware that for very small purchases, the UPS charges are often more than the cost of the item(s) purchased.

Back Orders

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply strives to have sufficient inventory to meet the needs of virtually any customer, and as such does not normally issue backorders.  In the event of a significant shortage, you will be notified prior to shipping of any item that is not available in current inventory.  Items that are placed on backorder by agreement of the customer and Dogwood Ceramic Supply, will be shipped separately to the customer and the the customer will be responsible for any freight charges.








Shipping Policies



Standard Shipping Days
Rush Shipping Service
Simple Shipping Rates
FOB and the impact on shipping damages
UPS Package Shipping
UPS Rates
UPS Shipping Zones
UPS Damages
Motor Freight (Truck) Shipping
Weight and Distance Based Rates
ISPM-15 Regulations









    Any order to be shipped outside of the Continental United States is considered an export order as the packing and administrative requirements for these shipments differ versus shipments made within the Continental United States.  Any export order is done solely at the discretion of the Management of Dogwood Ceramic Supply.


    Purchasing products that require exportation from the United States is a luxury not an entitlement.  If we are able to handle the sale of the product to your location without damaging the business relationship with our existing domestic customers then and only then will we consider completing your transaction.  If, for any reason, we feel our existing customers may be damaged or compromised by completing the export transaction then the export transaction will NOT take place.  This is our choice and our decision will be final.



General Export Policies


1.    The prices and general policies listed on apply specifically to orders shipped within the Continental United States and as such DO NOT apply to export orders.  The prices charged to the export customer will generally be higher (or the discount smaller) to account for the increased administrative costs related to handling the shipment as well as the greater packaging requirements for protecting export shipments during transportation.  In lieu of adjusting prices and/or discounts, Dogwood Ceramic Supply may choose to charge an administrative fee.


2.    Not all products sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply may be exported or may have limitations in the shipping methods.  In general terms the prohibited items, such as Duncan's Fired Gold, are products that can not be shipped via UPS Package Services that may include air transportation.

3.    In the interest of environmental concerns, Dogwood Ceramic Supply applies ISPM-15 regulations to ALL export shipments, including those made to Alaska and Hawaii or other locations outside of the Continental United States where ISPM-15 regulations may not currently apply.  The cost of ISPM-15 compliance will be added to all export shipments if not otherwise included in the normal cost of the product.  Please note, ALL Paragon Kilns are factory crated in compliance with ISPM-15 regulations, however the standard domestic crating may be considered insufficient with regards to product protection for containerized export shipment and as such additional crating material may be required and subject to additional fees.  ISPM-15 compliance fees vary depending upon the products required, size of the order and the method of shipment.

4.    Due to the significant time and administrative expense of determining the freight charges for export shipments as well as the direct administrative costs associated with export documents, Dogwood Ceramic Supply shall apply a nonrefundable fee of $65 to all export shipments.  Payment of this fee is required prior to quoting the freight rate for any export shipment.  The administrative fee must be prepaid by certified Bank Check drawn from a bank located within the United States prior to the quotation of product prices and/or freight charges.

5.    All international banking charges, including but not limited to wire transfer fees and monetary exchange fees are the responsibility of the customer.

6.    Dogwood Ceramic Supply will ship to any designated US port of embarkation.  Due to our geographical location, ports along the Gulf Coast Region (Gulfport, Houston, New Orleans and Mobile) or along the Southeastern seaboard (Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville and Miami) would offer the lowest freight rates to Europe, Central or South America.  Most export customers choose the Port of New Orleans, as the port is geographically closest to Dogwood Ceramic Supply and offers the best mix of low inland freight rates combined with competitive ocean freight rates.

7.    All Invoices will show the EXACT product prices and itemized freight as well as the appropriate handling and packaging charges.


8.    All duty, tariffs or taxes incurred are the responsibility of the customer and shall be paid to the transportation company, freight forwarding broker or government agent as required.









Written Quotes


    For the vast majority of customers the published price on the Dogwood Ceramic Supply website is legally sufficient for their purchasing needs as each individual product web page is dated with regards to the time limits of the published price.  With regards to freight charges many simple products, commonly purchased as a single item, include standardized freight charges either published on the same page as the product or on a separate page within the website.  For customers purchasing a mix of products the basic UPS or Motor Freight shipping charges are outlined on the respective web pages.

Written Quote Policy for Schools and Governmental Agencies

    When needed, written quotes will be provided free of charge for governmental agencies and schools that request such quotation on their letter head via fax or mail, subject to the following limitations:

    1. Written quotes must be completed by an officer of the corporation and are subject to review by counsel as written quotes are legally binding documents.  As such, Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not provide rush quote service.

    2. Product Brands specified on the quote must be listed on the Product Index of Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

    3. Quotes can not be provided for products which have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or pending discontinuation during the period of time for which the quote will be valid.  Duh, we can't quote what we can't get.

    4. Dogwood Ceramic Supply will not provide quotes for “like" or “substituted" items.

    5. Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s quotation is for the entire proposal, purchased as a single transaction. Split or partial purchase orders will result in a $30 administrative charge being assessed for each partial purchase order received.  Additional freight charges may apply.

    6. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is not a quote mill.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply will only provide quotes only to those agencies that are sincere in their desire to purchase from Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply reserves the right to withhold written quotes from agencies that have abused our quote system or have demonstrated their desire to purchase exclusively from other vendors regardless of the cost of purchasing from those vendors.

    7. Unless specified on the written quotation the quote if valid for 90 days.

    8. Freight charges listed on the quote are an estimate based upon the specified items and off loading information provided by the customer. Changing the specified items or requesting additional off loading services can and will change the amount of the freight charges.  Due to volatile fuel costs, freight charges are subject a fuel surcharge which is adjusted weekly.

    9. If accessorial services, such as lift-gate or limited access delivery, are required, please request those services to be added to your prepaid freight charges. Any accessorial fee that is back charged to Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s shipping account by the freight carrier is subject to an administrative charge of $65 plus the cost of the service provided.

   10. Published UPS or LTL packaging and handling charges will apply to UPS or LTL shipments.

   11. Absolute minimum written quotation amount is $250, excluding freight charges.


Commercial Quote Policy

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not routinely prepare written quotes for commercial or private customers.  When a written quote is required by a commercial or private customer an administrative fee of $65 must be prepaid prior to the preparation of the estimate.











Over the Counter Customer Payments


    Over the counter sales may be paid by check, cash or VISA-MasterCard.



    An administrative fee may be applied to any Credit Card or check purchases when any of the following conditions are met:

A) Cash back is requested.
B) Delayed payment transaction is requested.
C) Multiple payment transactions for a single invoice.
D) Two or more transactions per day are completed and the average transaction amount is less than $10.



Customer Payments for UPS Orders

    Payments must be received prior to shipment.   COD is not an option for UPS orders.


     VISA-MasterCard is the preferred method of payment.

    Prior management approval is required for all orders that must be held awaiting payment by check.


     Purchases Orders requiring delayed payment are accepted from Schools, Colleges and Governmental Agencies.

Money Orders and Traveler's Checks

    Acceptance of Money Orders or Traveler's Checks requires prior management approval.

    Goods paid by Money Orders or Traveler's Checks may only be released after clearance of funds.

    Allow 3-10 business days for clearance of funds.

    Money Orders and Traveler’s Checks may be subject to an administrative fee of at least $10 or 2% of the net transaction amount.


Foreign Addressed Credit Cards

    VISA / MasterCard are authorized to assess a surcharge for any Credit Card processed by Dogwood Ceramic Supply which does not have an USA billing address. This surcharge will be appropriately charged to the customer.



UPS shipments to other than credit card holder’s address

    Customer’s often request small packages to be shipped to a secondary address. Most of these requests are for gifts or similar purchases. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is happy to assist gift buyers with such purchases, however, please be advised that credit card regulations may subject the seller (Dogwood Ceramic Supply) to additional service charges when the billing address and “ship to” are not identical.  These service charges, if they are incurred, will be applied to the customer’s invoice.



Credit Cards Accepted


    VISA / MasterCard are accepted by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Does not matter if the card is a true credit card, a debit card or a combination credit and debit card.  If the card has either the Visa or MasterCard seal and name embossed on the card it is accepted.


    Please note, Discover and American Express and other minor credit cards not accepted.









Worthless Checks

    ANY check that is issued to Dogwood Ceramic Supply which is returned for any reason is deemed worthless and will incur a $15 worthless check fee.  Refusal to correct the Worthless Check issue will result in the check being subject to collection by the Worthless Check Division of the District Attorney for Harrison County, Mississippi, per MS Code 97-19-55, adopted 1972 and related statutes.


    The Worthless Check Division of Harrison County, per Mississippi Law, will collect the face value of the check, any fee normally collected by the merchant as well as additional fees necessary to cover the operational costs of the Worthless Check Division.  


    Please note, under Mississippi Law, Worthless Checks may be deemed a felony and an arrest warrant my be issued.  Worthless Check writers from out of state may be subject to extradition.










Purchase Orders

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply accepts purchase orders from private and public schools, colleges, hospitals and of course all governmental agencies. Please provide all shipping, contact and billing information with the purchase order.  If there are special delivery considerations, including limited access, liftgate delivery required or staffing issues then please clearly indicate those issues on the purchase order.

School & Governmental Purchase Orders

    Per Dogwood Ceramic Supply's pricing policy, all published prices and applicable discounts shown within our website apply to School and Governmental agency purchases. 


    Purchase Orders with payment by credit card at the time of shipment is the preferred purchase method.


    Program issued VISA-MasterCard credit cards are accepted for any size purchase order without any minimum order limitation.


    Purchase Orders that require delayed payment are accepted under the following terms:


    1) Dogwood Ceramic Supply requires a written copy Purchase Orders.


    The Purchase Order should include billing and shipping addresses, itemized shipping charges or authorization for shipping charges to be prepaid and added to the invoice, and payment terms.

    2) Absolute minimum purchase order is $150.00 unless prior approval is obtained.

    3) Preferred payment terms are Net 10 Days.

     4) Prior management approval is required for any payment term over 14 days.

    5) Payments terms of 31 or more days are subject to an administrative fee of not less than 3% of the net invoice amount.  



Reminder for Back to School Purchases


    The majority of the supplies provided by Dogwood Ceramic Supply to schools are big and/or heavy.  Please provide a "do not deliver prior to date" for deliveries prior to the start of school season when staff may not be readily available to handle freight shipments.


    The same general rule for Back to School Purchases also apply to purchases for delivery during the Fall, Christmas and Spring Break periods.  If there may be staffing issues with regard to handling a heavy delivery then the "do not deliver between dates" is strongly recommended.



Commercial Purchase Orders

     Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not accept open account purchase orders from commercial customers in the normal course of business.  All prices on the Dogwood Ceramic Supply website are based upon payment due at the time of shipment and include any prepaid and/or cash discounts. To simplify the transaction and receive the best price as we offer schools and government programs, payment should be made by VISA-MasterCard or via advance payment by check.  If a commercial purchase order is accepted, any Package Discount on a combination of products, such as accessories on kilns or the combination of clay with a pottery wheel, will be voided.






Mississippi Sales Tax

    The 7% Mississippi Sales Tax is will be assessed on all in store and intrastate shipments unless the purchaser has a valid Tax Resale or Tax Exempt Number.  Interstate transactions requiring payment of sales tax will be assessed the 7% Mississippi Sales Tax Rate unless the purchaser accepts responsibility for payment of Sales Tax directly to their State.

Tax Resale Numbers

    Tax Resale Numbers are accepted by Dogwood Ceramic Supply for businesses actively engaged in a ceramic, pottery or related business or otherwise purchasing ceramic or pottery equipment and supplies which are appropriate for the business.  The following conditions and limitations will apply:

    A. Photocopy of the original tax number is required.
   B. The purchasers name must be listed on the document.
   C. A completed resale application must be on file at Dogwood Ceramic Supply.
   D. Capital equipment items will be assessed the Mississippi 1½% Use Tax Rate.
   E. Some categories of equipment and supplies may not qualify for tax exemption.

    F. No cash purchases allowed.  Proof of purchasing by the entitled business is required, thus payment must be made by check or credit card.

    In addition, Dogwood Ceramic Supply may impose an initial purchase requirement prior to accepting your Tax Resale or Tax Exempt number as well as require a minimum amount per purchase to continue accepting your Tax Resale or Tax Exempt number.  These minimums are necessary to avoid the administrative costs associated with processing tax exempt or tax deferred sales.

Tax Exempt Numbers

    Tax Exempt Numbers are accepted by Dogwood Ceramic Supply from appropriate governmental and institutional customers, subject to standard conditions and limitations.  As with purchases by Tax Resale Numbers, purchases by Tax Exempt entities should be by check or credit card issued to the purchasing entity.









Exchanges and Returns



    Dogwood Ceramic Supply strives to provide the proper goods to our customers. Selling (and shipping) the incorrect goods is costly to our business and disruptive to our customers.  It is our belief that customers should make every effort to purchase the proper products and when/if you are unsure about the product, you should not purchase the product.  That said, specifically noted on the specific product page, customers purchasing the wrong size, color etc may EXCHANGE the products for the correct size, color etc.  The EXCHANGE of products is conditional upon the products being in the same product classification (glaze equals glaze, kiln equals kiln, glaze does not equal kiln), must be accompanied by the original receipt, made within 30 calendar days of the original purchase date and all original packaging material must be intact.  Customers are responsible for any and all freight charges involved with the product exchange as well as any difference in the cost of the exchanged goods.  Any Dogwood Ceramic Supply employee can handle the product exchange.  Any used, damaged or soiled goods may not be accepted for exchange.  Custom ordered items, such as non-stocked or unusual voltage kilns may neither be exchanged nor returned.  Ceramic Christmast Tree bulbs and corresponding electrical kits may not be exchanged nor return.


    Prior management approval is required if a return (refund of payment) rather than a product exchange (a similar product accepted in place of the original product) is desired.  Products which are damaged or soiled, products with a high rate of hidden damage (such as bisque and kiln furniture), products which are used or could have been used as well products rated nontoxic will not be accepted for return.  Any product accepted for return shall be subject to a 25% restocking fee.  All approved returns must be accompanied by the original receipt and completed within 30 calendar days of the original transaction date and all original packaging material must be intact.  Returns for purchases originally by check may not be returned for 10 business days to allow the original payment to clear through the bank.  Returns for purchases originally made by cash, check or credit card will be issued a Dogwood Ceramic Supply gift card.  Customers are responsible for any freight costs incurred for returning the product to Dogwood Ceramic Supply.







Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards

   Having a bit of trouble picking the perfect gift for the potter or ceramist in your life?  Is purchasing a gift for your spouse, child, parent, sibling, best friend, next door neighbor or long-lost-cousin the greatest challenge you face this Christmas Season?  Instead of asking the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom staff to pick the perfect off-green, semi-opaque but can't be too glossy glaze for your difficult gift recipient, may we suggest a Dogwood Ceramic Supply GIFT CARD instead.

     The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards look much like a standard credit card.  In fact the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card is processed on the credit card merchant bank network just like any conventional credit card.  However, unlike conventional credit cards, the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card can only be processed (swiped) during an in store transaction in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom.  This means the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards are not suitable for mail order or telephone purchases.

Gift Card Advice, Suggestions & Fine Print

    Never use a Gift Card as a savings account.  Once funds (money) have been deposited on the Gift Card the funds can only be used to purchase goods in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom.  If you are holding money for a major future purchase (such as one of the many Paragon Kilns normally stocked by Dogwood Ceramic Supply),  you would be better served to hold the money in an interest bearing bank account then purchasing a Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card to hold the money.

    A Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card can be purchased in any denomination you desire.  Typical Gift Card values are $20, $50 and $100, though $250 and $971.56 Gift Cards are not that uncommon.  Regardless of the denomination, treat Gift Cards the same as cash.  If the Gift Card is lost or stolen it can not be replaced.

    The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards are not Gift Certificates or Cash Cards and as such do not have to be used in a single transaction.  Any excess value remaining on the Gift Card after your product purchase will be retained on the card and may be used for payment on a future purchase.

    There are no transaction fees with the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card and no preset expiration date either.  That said, it is never a good practice to allow the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card, or any other brand of Gift Card for that matter, to linger around for months or even years without being used.

Additional Questions

    What happens if there is a small residual value remaining on the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card?

    The residual value will remain on the Gift Card until your next product purchase from the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom.  When the Gift Card is presented for payment, the card will be processed and the processing system will request the additional funds (cash, check, credit card or another Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card) to complete the transaction.  This way the residual value retained on the Gift Card can always be reduced to zero.

    If I purchase something of greater value than the amount of the Gift Card, will my Gift Card be rejected?

    No.  The processing system with the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards is programmed to request additional funds should your Gift Card be insufficient in funds versus the size of your purchase.  This type of operating system is quite different than some prepaid "Cash Cards" which can only be used if the balance on the card is equal to or greater than the purchase amount.

    Is the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card valid at any other business?

    The Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Cards are specific to our store and may not be used for purchases at any other business.

    What happens if the gift recipient does not desire the Gift Card, can I receive a refund?

    Not normally.  If you are unsure as to the suitability of a Dogwood Ceramic Supply Gift Card for your for your spouse, child, parent, sibling, best friend, next door neighbor or long-lost-cousin then we suggest a nice plate of brownies or Christmas Cookies instead.




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