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    Hot off the Press from Dogwood Ceramic Supply is the best source of pottery and ceramic news with regular updates to support the academic, professional, recreational and hobby ceramic or pottery industries with the latest news and information, including advance notice of price changes, product discontinuations and new products.






     Dogwood Ceramic Supply is making several structural changes to the website to assist users of mobile devices navigate the website.  The first change was made to the primary navigation bar of the website, reducing the click points and enlarging the print size.  The click points (i.e. links to About, News, Manufacturer Links and Maps) have bee relocated to the bottom navigation bar.




Welcome to Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s 30th Anniversary


     April 1988 was the big day. 30 years ago this month, the plans for Dogwood Ceramic Supply were finalized and in November 1988 the store opened.

     We, along with many of the manufacturers of products you are familiar with and regularly purchase, are celebrating our 30th Anniversary from now until the end of November. This our way of expressing our appreciation for your many years of support and loyalty by "giving back" to our customers with prizes ranging from gift bags of product samples, colorful T-Shirts to $30 and $300 rewards on future purchases and a special treat of Biloxi Shuckers Ticket packages including Cable One Box Seats right behind home plate.


Everybody is a winner





The Bad News, Truck Load Freight Increase



     Humor.  Not everybody understands sarcasm.   So lets be clear, there is nothing funny about this one.


    In the interest of transparency and fairness, Dogwood developed a full discussion of the impacts of a truckload rate increase on slips and clays.


   The short version:


    Our freight contract was way more than a decade out of date and was re-evaluated.  The impact is an increase on truck load freight to Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  The truck load freight rate impacts the 44,000 lb shipments of slip and clay that we routinely receive.


    The impact to consumers, the bottom line, is about $0.50 to $1.50 per box of clay or about $10 to $30 per 1000 lbs.  And $1.00 per box or $80 per pallet of slip.


    The good news, if there is any good news in this, is that Dogwood Ceramic Supply is holding current prices on about 600 gallons of slip and 37,000 lbs of clay until the end of business May 5th.


    And we are still less expensive than the average price charged by our competitors who are closer to the factory and should enjoy lower freight costs. 









Duncan Glaze and Underglaze Logo


    Duncan missed their January 1 price adjustment date objective and will now take effect May 1st, 2018:

Duncan® E-Z Stroke®
New 128-oz U.S. suggested retail is $295.00 (currently $278.00)

Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $14.50 (currently $14.20)

Duncan® Artisan Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $15.95 (currently $15.50)

Duncan® Renaissance Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $13.00 (currently $12.60)

Duncan® Crackle Glazes™
New 4-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $4.25 (currently $4.20)
New pint size U.S. suggested retail is $12.75 (currently $12.70)

Duncan® Shimmer Glazes
New 8-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $9.55 (currently $9.25)

Duncan® Metallic Glazes
New 4-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $5.50 (currently $5.40)
New pint size U.S. suggested retail is $17.60 (currently $17.25)

Duncan® Color Burst Crystal Chips
New 2-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $8.25 (currently $7.99)


    Dogwood Comment:    That be it.  A very short list and no major changes.  Just the way we like things.   Ooops, we would be remise if we didn't mention the products being discontinued:  the entire line of oil-based translucent stains.







Dedeaux Road Widening


    The long awaited Dedeaux Road Widening projects is about to commence.  The City of Gulfport held the ground breaking ceremony near the end of 2017.  The first 3rd of the project, from the intersection of Dedeaux and Three Rivers Road eastward to Dee Dee Dr (near the Pepsi Bottling Plant) will start in early 2018.


Customer Impacts


    For Dogwood Ceramic Supply customers visiting from points East (Mobile, Pensacola etc), there will be zero impact.  For customers visiting from points North (Hattiesburg and Jackson) as well as customers visiting from points West (New Orleans and Baton Rouge), expect delays when traveling Dedeaux Road from US Hwy 49 for most of the next 12-15 months.  Or do what many locals and everybody from points East already do and use the Mississippi 605 (Cowan-Lorraine Rd) exit from I-10.  Less than 2 miles from the Interstate and no Hwy 49 or road widening traffic to worry about.  Visitors from the North can use the Hwy 67 exit from US Hwy 49 to reach MS 605 and in turn Dedeaux Rd.


map to Dogwood Ceramic Supply


Click Local Map for Full Size


Long Term


    Sometime in the far, far future, the other 2/3 of the project will commence.  Figure sometime around 2035 give or take a couple years at the rate this project has been progressing.  In terms of customer impacts we will worry about it when it finally happens.









    Let the beatings commence.


The following changes will be effective December 24, 2017:

The rates for UPS® Ground, UPS Air and International services will increase an average net 4.9%.

The Large Package Surcharge will apply to any U.S. Domestic package with a length exceeding 96 inches or a length plus girth greater than 130 inches.

The dimensional weight divisor for packages less than or equal to one cubic foot in size (1,728 cubic inches) will be 139 for all U.S. Domestic services subject to Daily Rates or Alaska and Hawaii Rates.

The following changes will be effective July 8, 2018:

The Large Package Surcharge for any U.S. Domestic package delivered to a residential address will be $90.

The Additional Handling surcharge for any U.S. Domestic package exceeding 70 pounds in actual weight will be $19.00.


    The $19 Additional Handling surcharge is going to impact small boxed kilns, professional slab rollers and pottery wheels.  For point of comparison, in 2017 the AH surcharge was 10.85.


    The biggest impact, or at least the one that will affect the most small customers, is the change to the 139 divisor from previous 166 for small packages.  What this means is a true 10"x10"x10" shipping box will have a minimum billable weight of 8 lbs when it previously was 6 lbs.  So customers contemplating the purchase of an extra pint of glaze should go ahead and make the purchase as they will be paying for weight of the glaze even if it isn't present.







Spectrum Glazes


    Spectrum 2018 price adjustment has been nicknamed "The Tesla Increase".  As in blame Tesla for this one.  Huh?  It appears that Tesla's electric automobiles has dramatically increased the world-wide demand (and market priced) for lithium used in the batteries and in-turn the market price of lithium-carbonate used in some blue glazes.  Few price adjustments, other than a handful of blue glazes.  Blame Tesla or anybody driving a hybrid.






Speedball Pottery Equipment Catalog


    Speedball has become better organized with small, regular, annual increases rather than the sporatic big price jumps of years gone by.  The UPS surcharges for oversized items apply to all pottery wheels.




North Star Catalog Logo


    The same with North Star.  Regular interval increases tend to be smaller and easier to handle than skipping a couple years and hitting customers with a larger increase. North Star's increase is effective January 19th on nearly all products, especially canvas for slab rollers and anything with metal not adjusted in last years price adjustment.  The shipping costs of North Star slab rollers and warecarts are especially impacted by the UPS surcharges for heavy and oversized items.







    Effective January 22, Paragon's annual price increase ranges from about 1% to roughly 8%.  Just like North Star, blame volatility in metal prices.  And some industrial suppliers holding prices for 18 month and two year cycles.  Small boxed kilns are impacted by the UPS density surcharge (dimensional package charge) additional handling fee for boxes weighing more than 70 lbs.


    On the good news front, Paragon is celebrating their 70th Anniversary.


    Even better news, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has a limited number of kilns in stock at 2017 prices.  Limited.  Take advantage of last year's prices while they last. 




    Orton's annual price adjustment is effective March 1.  Vent prices increased approximately 2% and Cone prices around 3%.   Orton products are so intertwined with Paragon Kilns that Dogwood Ceramic Supply applies both increases at the same time.






Lehman Equipment of Kentland Ohio


   Lehman has yet to formally announce a 2018 price adjustment, but we anticipate at least a minor adjustment later in the Spring or Summer due to the rising cost of solvents and metals for pumps and support brackets used in the manufacturing of fiberglass tanks and vats used for slip cast equipment.  Lehman's small casting equipment tanks are especially hit hard by the UPS Oversized and density charges.






Standard Ceramic Supply Logo


    Standard held prices steady for the past two years (last adjustment for most clays in 2016 and S-105 White Earthenware has been steady since 2014).  So you know what that means.  In terms of increases, a few outliers at only 1%, most clays are 2 to 4% and nearly 10% on S-105 White Earthenware.  Lowfire White Earthenware slip increase of just over 8% and corresponding increases on Porcelain Slips.


    Rising energy costs as causation for higher clay prices have been subplanted by the Federal Government finally implimenting Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for commercial trucking fleets effective 12/18/2017.  ELD were first proposed in 2000 and final legislation was passed in late 2015 allow freight companies two years to their get ELD installed and recording driver's time on the road and hours-of-service (HOS).  While some large truckload fleets installed ELD for insurance reasons, many of the smaller fleet operators have been able to avoid ELD requirements (or installing them and ignoring them) without penalty or oversight.  The ELD will limit work-place man hour abuses, but also impacts the supply and demand curve of truck-load pricing with spot market trucking load prices 20% higher than a year ago (and 30% higher than two years ago).  The net effect is safer roads and higher freight costs.  Clay prices obviously are being impacted, with both raw clays being trucked to the factory (reflected in Standard's price of clay to Dogwood) as well as Dogwood's price of clays sold to the consumers.




    As most customers are aware, Dogwood Ceramic Supply averages the price of clays into 4 price groups (A, B, C and D).  With each price adjustment, some clays increase in cost more than others and the price groups expand or contract as appropriate.  The price increase on the S-105 was large enough to price that clay at the same selling price as some of the least expensive clays in the Group B price point.  And some of the previous Group B clays increased at rates higher than other Group B clays.  The end result is that a number of former Group B price point clays (105g, 112, 153, 182g, 225 and 239) have been combined into an expanded Group A.  The changes in clays within each price group also reset retail and discount prices. 


Price Group Changed






     No anticipated price adjustment on Sio-2 clays by Ceramica Collet for 2018.  Obviously rising transportation costs will need to be adjusted at some point in the near future.




Creative Paradise Sprig Molds

Wagon Wheel Pottery Molds

Riverview Molds for Clay


     Ceramic Mold Companies have traditional held prices seemingly for decades at a time.  While this would appear to defy logic, it actually makes a lot of sense.  OLD mold designs fall off in favor of NEW mold designs.  New mold designs can be released at a higher price to reflect rising costs of raw materials or transportation costs.  Thus broad scale price increase are rare and usually only affect molds released before a specific date.


    At this point in time none of the ceramic mold companies have announced any price adjustments of their oldest mold designs.




Duncan Glaze and Underglaze Logo


    Duncan missed their January 1 price adjustment date objective.  A price adjustment is forthcoming, we anticipate the first quarter of 2018. 


These adjustments will take effect May 1st, 2018.

Duncan® E-Z Stroke®
New 128-oz U.S. suggested retail is $295.00 (currently $278.00)

Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $14.50 (currently $14.20)

Duncan® Artisan Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $15.95 (currently $15.50)

Duncan® Renaissance Glazes™
New pint U.S. suggested retail is $13.00 (currently $12.60)

Duncan® Crackle Glazes™
New 4-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $4.25 (currently $4.20)
New pint size U.S. suggested retail is $12.75 (currently $12.70)

Duncan® Shimmer Glazes
New 8-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $9.55 (currently $9.25)

Duncan® Metallic Glazes
New 4-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $5.50 (currently $5.40)
New pint size U.S. suggested retail is $17.60 (currently $17.25)

Duncan® Color Burst Crystal Chips
New 2-oz. U.S. suggested retail is $8.25 (currently $7.99)




EPS Pottery Stools

    The 2018 price adjustment was implemented near the end of 2017 when Dogwood Ceramic Supply received another load of EPS pottery stools. 







    Metal prices to blame for across the board price increases on Kemper Tools effective January 1st.  Even 10 or 20 cent increases can be a significant percentage when many of the tools sell for under $3.00







YRC-Yellow Freight and Roadway Freight trucks


    The big stuff commonly sold and shipped by Dogwood Ceramic Supply...

Pallets waiting on Dogwood Loading Dock

    is also impacted by ELD regulations through sharply rising freight rates over the past two years with varying dates rather than consistent 12 month cycle.  Typical increases are 5%, so about $10 for a $200 shipment but the minimum charges are increasing by as much as $10 with each General Rate Increase.  In other words the freight companies are advertising 5% increases but the real world impact on the smallest shipments is closer to 10%.


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply is working hard to minimize these rate increase impacts by modifying our freight shipments to more closely match the objectives of the freight industry.  For example substantial savings can be had by scheduling freight shipments a month, week or even a day in advance.  Obviously customers who plan ahead stand to save on shipping costs versus those always needing rush orders with same day shipping.







What is Black and White and Blue and coming to Dogwood Ceramic Supply?


The answer is simple:




Sio-2 Clays by Ceramica Collet

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply has been working with Ceramic Collet for nearly two years to bring the finest clays from Barcalona Spain to South Mississippi.  And the clays are finally here.  Black and White and Blue are the 3 porcelain clay bodies along with several earthenware clays and even black stoneware available in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom (and even more in our warehouse).  Check out the entire line of Sio-2 Clays and take some home with you today.



Mr. Clark's Retirement


     Mr. Clark, Dogwood Ceramic Supply long serving warehouse employee has retired. Mr. Clark joined Dogwood Ceramic Supply as a mature beyond his years 20 year old in 1992. He has served the company well and worked many long days far better than some of his co-workers.

    Some say Mr. Clark was forcible retired, but in truth Mr. Clark volunteered for retirement because, while his heart was still strong and his back was more than capable and he had plenty of get and up and go, it was his feet and ability to stop on a dime that was failing him.

    So just short of his 25 year pin and promised gold watch, Mr. Clark has left Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

    Mr. Clark’s replacement is a young Cat full of spit and vigor and all the latest accruements the young have these days. While Mr. Clark will be dearly missed, we are excited to have his fully trained 6000 lb lift rated replacement already working at Dogwood Ceramic Supply.













   Dogwood Ceramic Supply, in conjunction with our shipping partners, has devised a simple shipping program for the stuff that we routinely ship in small to moderate quantities... clay, unglazed tile and gallons of glaze.



And it is really simple:



    Up to 10 Boxes of Clay, Tile or Glazes.


    For $100 shipping cost to schools, colleges and commercial locations


    For most customers within 1000 miles of Gulfport MS.





Duncan Color Burst


ColorBurst Colors


     Duncan's newest and hottest product... 8 bright, vivid Color Burst Glaze Crystal Chips in big 2 ounce bottles with enough crystal chips for 3 pints of your favorite glaze for only $7.99 per bottle.    Introductory special $40 for one bottle of each of the 8 colors.  Fantastic for artists and children alike.  And the best part, besides being a great value compared to the competition's products, is that Duncan's Color Burst Glaze Crystal Chips are suitable for both low fire and high fire glazes and underglazes.  In fact check out the Inspirational Flower below as an example of what you too can do using a combination of Color Burst Glaze Crystal Chips and Duncan low fire and high fire glazes and underglazes:



Color Burst Inspiration


    All 8 colors available now at Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Also available in a convenient counter-top display with 8 of each color with header card and literature for the active dealer showroom.  $569 value for only $250.00










Spectrum Logo




Hurricane Katrina


    It has been over 10 years (2005) and in the interest of moving forward, Dogwood Ceramic Supply's extensive collection of Hurricane Katrina damage and recovery photographs have been archived and are no longer accessible to the public through this website.




Pottery Books


    With the popularity of digital media, the sales of physical books continues to rapidly decline.  Electronic media has significant benefits (besides being less expensive than physical products) and as such most new publications are available only in electronic form.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply has recognized the market trend and ceased selling any Pottery Book that is available in electronic form.




Dogwood Ceramic Supply Announcement

Her Royal Majesty, Emily Basset Hound

    May 2009, Emily Basset has joined the Dogwood Ceramic Supply staff.  While Emily's official title is Director of Personnel, unofficially she is tasked with chasing squirrels and dust bunnies as well as inspecting all incoming packages and boxes for doggie treats.  On your next visit to Dogwood Ceramic Supply please give Emily a warm welcome (and maybe sneak her a doggie treat as well).  Of course you should never forget to give a big doggie hello to one of Emily's many friends when they visit Dogwood Ceramic Supply


    Hot! Off the Press is Dogwood Ceramic Supply's continually update webpage of important industry news and information that affects either hobby or professional ceramists and potters.  Included in the Hot! Off the Press section are news releases from the various product manufacturers represented by Dogwood Ceramic Supply, critical information from the raw material manufacturers who supply the product manufacturers as well as general industry news which may be important to a wide range of customers.  Whenever possible or practical, Dogwood Ceramic Supply will directly quote the manufacturer or source of the information so as to provide the clearest, most accurate information to our customers.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply commentaries may be added so as to provide additional information on how the news release may or may not directly affect our customers.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply also releases information to Hot! Off the Press.  Dogwood's news releases are generally related to new or discontinued product lines, special holiday hours as well as information important to customers traveling to visit Dogwood Ceramic Supply such as road closings due to parades.



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