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 How to Order From Dogwood Ceramic Supply

     To place an order with Dogwood Ceramic Supply, just pickup the telephone and give us a call during our standard business hours:

Showroom Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday 1PM to 6PM

Closed Wednesday and Sunday

     And always remember to have your MasterCard or Visa ready as Dogwood Ceramic Supply does not accept American Express (nor Discover either).


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply is not an ecommerce business.  We have a real store, staffed by knowledgeable people, open 5 days per week for your shopping convenience.

    The store staff will be happy to accept your telephone or fax order and for customers who are not in the immediate area Dogwood Ceramic Supply ships our extensive selection of products via UPS and YRC (Yellow-Roadway Corp) Freight company on a daily basis.



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    All orders placed by telephone are processed by hand using simple product identification names or numbers.  Our ordering process is not perfect, and most definitely not speedy, but by having a real live person (more importantly a knowledgeable person) taking the order we are able to catch far more customer errors that any other order processing system.  Also, because a live person is handling the order any unusual customer requests, such as holding a shipment to a specific date or special billing instructions, are more easily handled.

    Even with simplest purchases there are often potential pitfalls, such as purchasing high fire glazes for use with low fire clay.  Because customer support and service is critical to the needs of all customers, Dogwood Ceramic Supply strongly recommends face to face or voice to voice transactions during our standard business hours to minimize errors to best support the customer.  For especially long orders we strongly suggest sending a fax to our dedicated fax machine.

How to Order

aka: Names of the Products

    The goal of every business should be to simplify the ordering process for the typical (final) customer.  With that goal in mind, Dogwood Ceramic Supply uses the most basic product identification system for customer orders.... if at all possible we will just use the product name.

   Take the simple Plastic Ceramic Christmas Tree Bulbs.  Big name.  Hard to remember for some people.  Can be mutilated into something beyond comprehension.  But the individual products are named "Medium Twist".  Or "Small Twist".  Give us the simple product name (i.e. Medium Twist), tell us the color (assorted, red, blue etc) and move on to the next product.  Simple system.

    But for some products, no matter how hard we try to simplify the naming of the product, there will always be somebody who must have an "item number".  So if you need a meaningless item number, please feel free to use 123ryip7qk.  And don't specify 123riyp7qk or else we will charge you an extra $100.



Simple, Simple, Simple.

     Manufacturers (for the most part) follow our logic and will keep things simple.  For most part.  But naming of some products becomes difficult.... especially for some color products.  Take BLACK glaze for example:  Spectrum has a Cone 6 black glaze in their 1500 Series.  Spectrum also has two black glazes in their 1100 Series... one of those is a gloss glaze while the other is a satin glaze.  Three different Cone 6 glazes sharing the "Black" name from one manufacturer firing to the same Cone value?  Yuk!  Think that is bad?  Duncan has two glazes in their Envision Series sharing the name "Black" and both glazes are opaque gloss glazes.  Duncan also has two glazes in their Envision Series sharing the "Sun Yellow" name and they are radically different colors:



    And you thought Spectrum was the bad company.


    At some point we must use something other than the product name or color name to identify the products.  Logically the only possible (simple) solution is to use the Manufacturer's Product ID number.  IN 1003 versus IN 1670.  Both are Sun Yellow glazes in the Duncan Envision product line.  The ID number tells us the glazes are different and positively identifies the glaze to both Dogwood and the customer for ease of ordering.

    But we don't always follow the manufacturer's product identification numbering system because sometimes the manufacturer's product identification number is horribly complicated.  2565111GDE is a specific Paragon Kiln that is featured in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom and on our website.  In the real world the 2565111GDE refers to the Paragon TnF 27-3.



    The first two digits (25) refer to the basic size configuration of the kiln while the rest of the alphabet soup refers to the electrical specification, standard equipment and optional features loaded on the kiln.  Oh yea, like we are going to make the customer remember 2565111GDE if they want to order a Paragon TnF 27-3 Kiln.  One mistake in that complex number and the customer in California is receiving a kiln meeting the electrical specifications of Costa Rica.  Reverse two digits and the lid might be installed backwards.

     Bottom line, use the simple product name if the simple product name is the only identifier provided Remember, we are trying to keep it simple.  For a complex product, or a product that might share a name in common with other products, such as the IN 1003 Sun Yellow previously mentioned, then use the product ID number instead of the product name


What about Serial Numbers?


    Yes, we need them.  Unless we don't need them.  If we can positively identify the product, customer and part or parts needed, then we would rather skip the Serial and Product Indentification numbers as these are just more opportunities for errors.  Take that Paragon Kiln 2565111GDE previously mentioned.  Common name TnF 27-3.  If you bought the kiln from Dogwood Ceramic Supply's warehouse inventory since 2001, every model of the kiln stocked and sold by Dogwood will use the same element set.  We just need to know which element (top/bottom or middle) and we are 100% positive we have the elements in stock.  That said, if your kiln is in a school and we had to special order the kiln to match the voltage, then we might also need to special order the element and would then need the SN and PN.



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