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Ceramic Bisque

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers an extensive selection of pottery and ceramic bisque for hobbyist, schools, ceramic studios and professionals:

Dal-Tile Logo       Dal-tile's unglazed ceramic bisque tiles are popular with schools, recreation programs, finished ware producers and hobbyists.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply stocks pallet quantities of unglazed ceramic bisque tiles for local purchase as well as shipping to customers.  Case quantities are available for UPS shipment.  Large quantities are shipped via Motor Freight.  Individual quantities of unglazed ceramic bisque tiles are available for local purchase.   Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers firing services of the unglazed ceramic bisque tiles to local schools to support their art programs.

Duncan 04 Bisque Logo       Duncan 04 Bisque is bulk manufactured from imported sources exclusively for Duncan.

    Case quantities can be shipped via UPS or Motor Freight.  Limited selection of individual quantities are available for local purchase.

Dogwood Premium Bisque Logo        Dogwood Ceramic Supply manufacturers a wide selection of ceramic bisque items for the enjoyment of our local hobby customers using highly detailed plaster slip casting ceramic molds and the best casting slip that is never reclaimed so as to maintain the highest possible quality standards.  High quality bisque deserves a special name and we called these items "Dogwood Premium Ceramic Bisque" because the items are manufactured to our exacting standards by Dogwood Ceramic Supply's professional staff.

    Only items specifically listed at Dogwood Premium Ceramic Bisque are available for UPS shipment to hobby customers.  Local hobby customers can purchase a wide variety of Dogwood Premium Bisque by visiting the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom during standard business hours.

Ceramic Greenware Logo

    For information regarding Dogwood Ceramic Supply's ceramic greenware offerings, please refer to our dedicated ceramic greenware page.

Ceramic Bisque FAQ

   Ceramic Bisque generally refers to clay being fired the first time to a high temperature at or near the maturity point of the clay.  For hobby ceramics, the earthenware slip or moist clay will be fired to Cone 04.  Cone 04 is approximately 1920˚F (depending upon the rate of climb during the last 1 to 2 hours of firing).  Firing hotter than Cone 04 (such as Cone 03 or Cone 02) does not increase the strength of the clay and can cause serious technical issues with the decorative glazes or underglazes that may be subsequently applied to the wares.

    Please note, Ceramic Bisque firing temperatures vary according to the type of clay and usage.  The Old English term for Ceramic Bisque is Biscuit as in Ceramic Biscuit.

    Sources of Ceramic Bisque:

    Ceramic Bisque can be found in the typical Mom & Pop Ceramic Studio across the USA.  The variety of bisque from the Mom and Pop sources tend to be the greatest.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Premium Ceramic Bisque is a good example of the classic Ceramic Studio bisque... a huge variety ALWAYS on display for immediate purchase and of course the fewest number of castings on the molds to preserve product quality.

    Import sources are of Ceramic Bisque are quite common.  Yes, Everybody's Favorite 4th World Country is the primary source of the imported bisque.  Other major sources include Italy, Spain and Thailand.  The variety tends to be limited, actually pretty darn limited compared to the selection cast in-house by the typical ceramic studio. And the quality of the imported bisque can hit or miss at best, especially as vendors chase price versus quality.   But, quite surprisingly, Everybody's Favorite 4th World Country's Ceramic Bisque is generally better quality than the European sources.  In spite of the disadvantages and limited selection, the ceramic bisque from imported sources will always remain popular because of the low prices.  Specifically because of the low prices (and even lower profit margins), Dogwood Ceramic Supply's inventory depth of imported bisque will always remain rather limited as we are unwilling to play the game of following the leader to poverty.



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