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     Duncan Ceramics is the leading manufacturer in the world of color products for the ceramic industry. As one of the largest Duncan Distributors in North America, Dogwood Ceramic Supply is proud to stock and sell every available product and size option from Duncan's extensive product lines, including acrylic stains, underglazes for both greenware and bisque and of course the wonderful selection of Duncan's glazes, all at great everyday quantity discounts available to schools, studios, government programs and consumers.



     The complete selection of Duncan color lines is linked from this page.  The individual product pages include digital images of the actual color tiles, basic product application and usage information, as well as the retail prices and quantity discount information.  For ease of purchasing, Dogwood Ceramic Supply uses a simple quantity discount program for the products most commonly purchased by schools, studios and government programs:


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quantity discounts

Quantity (mix and match) 3   6  12   48
Duncan Pints 20% 30% 40%   50%
Duncan 8oz Concepts   20%   30%   40%   50%
Duncan Concept Pints   20%   30%   40%   50%
Quantity (mix and match)   1   2   4   16
Duncan Gallons   20%   30%   40%   50%



     Other products in the Duncan glaze, underglaze, acrylic and accessories lines have their own discount schedule based upon Duncan's 2017 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices and the purchase of a moderate quantity of product




Please note:

   All of Duncan's glazes, underglazes and other fired products are lead-free so as to be safe for use with school age children and the vast majority of Duncan's fired products are both non-toxic and dinnerware safe.




Duncan High-Fire Glazes


     Vivid, pretty or earthy, Duncan's High Fire Pottery glazes run the gamut of color and textures.  More often than not the appearance of the glaze is as important or more so than the wares being decorated with the glaze.  Fired to between Cone 4 and Cone 6 with Cone 5 being the optimum temperture in the modern electric kiln, suitable for use with porcelain or stoneware clays and slips.

  Duncan Renaissance High Fire Glazes
    Lead-free, Nontoxic high-fire glazes for the studio and class room, 27 colors.
    Duncan True Matte 5 Glazes

Duncan Low-Fire Glazes

     Founded in 1946, Duncan invented the first non-settling glaze in 1949.  That glaze was designed for low fire (Cone 06) usage and would become the foundation of the Duncan glaze line.  Expanded and improved over time, today Duncan's Low Fire glazes are used by hobbyist, professionals and schools around the world.  Nearly 250 low fire glaze varieties are offered by Duncan. 

Duncan Traditional Low-Fire Glazes


     Duncan's Envision Glazes are what most people think of traditional hobby ceramic glazes.  Whether it is green glazes for Ceramic Christmas Trees or blue glazes for figurines, the glaze is an accent to the artwork.  Clear glaze is used to seal and protect artwork that needs no accent color OR has been decorated with underglaze.

  Duncan Clear Glazes
    Lead-free, Nontoxic, dinnerware safe Satin and Gloss Clear Glazes.  Available in dipping and brushing forumlas in gallons and smaller containers
Duncan Envision Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe gloss glazes, 103 total colors.  Select colors available in Gallons, most colors available in pints.
    50 Duncan Translucent Envision gloss glazes.  All colors are nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe
    37 Duncan Opaque Envision gloss glazes.  All colors are nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe
    6 Duncan Neon Envision gloss glazes.  All colors are nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe
    10 Duncan Envision Sprinkles gloss glazes.  All colors are nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe 

Duncan Low-Fire Art and Reactive Glazes


     Designed to react to the phase of the moon, day of week and the detail and shape of the ware, application thickness and firing temperature, reactive glazes never predictable and always a lot of fun.  Available in 3 series of glazes producing either matte, gloss or satin finishes.

Duncan Courtyard Art Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free MATTE reactive glazes in earth-tone colors, 14 colors
  Duncan Artisan Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe SATIN reactive glazes, 10 colors
     Available in Pints and 4oz sample bottles.
Duncan Designer Glazes
    Nontoxic, dinnerware safe, reactive GLOSS glazes, 13 colors

Duncan Low-Fire Satin & Matte Glazes


     Low sheen or nearly no sheen, Duncan's Satin and Matte glazes are for broad coverage to accent and compliment the artwork when a gloss glaze would detract.

  Duncan Satin Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free dinnerware safe matte glazes, 11 colors
  Duncan True Matte Pastels Low Fire Glazes
    Duncan True Matte Glazes

Duncan Crystal Glazes


     Designed to melt and flow during the firing, Duncan's Crystal Glazes add excitement to traditional gloss glazes with small pieces of bright, vivid opaque glazes.   The perfect addition to accent plain wares or even bring life to tired castware designs.

  Duncan Crystals Glazes
    Lead-free, Nontoxic crystal glazes flow during the firing, 37 colors
Duncan Earth & Sky Crystal Glazes
    Lead-free, Nontoxic crystal glazes flow during the firing, 9 colors

Duncan Low Fire Specialty Glazes


     Not every glaze is easily to classify.  Shimmers, Metallics and Crackles Glazes are some of the most popular glazes made by Duncan.  And no-fired snow and Color Burst Crystals are absolute musts for everybody.  The Duncan Low Fire Specialty Glazes are unique to themselves and each product serves a specific purpose.

  Duncan Shimmer Glazes Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free, dinnerware safe gloss sparkle glazes, 14 colors
  Duncan Metallic Glazes
   8 Nontoxic, lead-free low fire metallic glazes for sculpture and artwork.
Duncan Crackles Glazes
    Nontoxic, lead-free gloss crackle glazes, not dinnerware safe, 4 colors
Duncan Fired Accessory Products
    Accessory Products including Fired Snow and Patch-A-Tatch
  Duncan Color Burst Glaze Crystal Chips
    The Duncan Color Burst come in 8 colors that may be low or high fired.

Duncan Underglazes


     Underglazes have a long history of decorating ceramic wares dating back to the Chinese dynasties and later with Renaissance Europe.  As in the past, underglazes are used to decorate ceramic ware with patterns and detail of permanent color not achievable with traditional glazes.  Unlike traditional glazes, even satin glazes, the key feature to underglazes is they do not move in the firing.  It is this lack of movement in the firing that allows for precise application and predictable results.

Duncan Traditional Underglazes


     Designed for the widest application including being applied to greenware, traditional underglazes are for the most exacting techniques and projects and are used by both professionals and amateurs alike.

  Duncan Cover-Coat Underglazes
   Duncan's traditional nontoxic versatile opaque underglaze, 70 colors.  Maybe be fully glazed or left unglazed for decorative results.  Wide selection of colors available in pints.
    64 Duncan Cover-Coat Underglazes.  Wide ranging color pallet of opaque underglazes perfect for everybody from absolute beginners to professional artists.
    6 Duncan Cover-Coat Underglaze Neon Colors  Bright, vivid colors perfect for accents or children's projects.
Duncan E-Z Stroke Underglazes
   Duncan's traditional nontoxic versatile translucent underglaze, 56 colors.  Select colors available in pints
    51 Duncan EZ Strokes Underglaze.  Traditional, wide ranging color pallet perfect for everybody from absolute beginners to professional artists.
    5 Duncan EZ Strokes Underglaze Neon Colors  Bright, vivid colors perfect for accents.

Duncan Underglaze for Bisque


     Designed for bisque application, Duncan's Concepts Underglaze for Bisque must be applied to previously fired wares (bisque).  Unlike traditional underglazes, the underglaze for bisque class of products include a small amount of glaze material to better fit the fired clay body, thus these products may self gloss even without any clear glaze applied.  Perfect product for decorative painting studios and the classroom and even professionals.  Even the most inexperienced artist will have great success using Duncan's Concepts. 

Duncan Concepts Underglazes for Bisque
    113 total colors of versatile, nontoxic, leadfree underglaze for bisque.  All colors are available in 2 ounce sample bottles and 8oz and pint size squeeze bottles.
    83 Duncan Concepts for Bisque.  Matching light, bright and dark wide ranging color pallet perfect for schools and studios.
    11 Duncan Concepts Earth Tones Underglaze for Bisque.  Bold, earthy color pallet perfect for serious decorators
    7 Duncan Concepts Neon Underglazes for Bisque.  Bright, vivid colors perfect for accents or use by children
    12 Duncan Concepts Sprinkles Underglaze for Bisque.  Fun, exciting underglazes with a small hint of contrasting specks.
  Duncan French Dimensions
    Nontoxic, lead-free raised glaze (dimensional) product for decorative projects. 8 vibrant colors.

Duncan Overglazes

Duncan Color Catalog   Duncan Luster and Metallic Overglazes
    3rd firing products, includes metallics and lusters.

Duncan Non-Fired Products

  Duncan Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics
   Duncan OS Series, traditional ceramic acrylic stains, 67 colors
  Duncan Ultra Metallics
   Metallic Acrylic Stains, 9 colors
  Duncan Sparkers Brush-On Glitter
   Glitter Acrylic Stains, 3 colors
Duncan Oil-Based Translucent Stains
   Water soluble translucents for antiquing and other techniques, 6 colors
Duncan Accessories
   Nontoxic brush-on sealers and No-Fired Snow
  Duncan Spray Sealers

Duncan Brushes & Tools

Duncan's Brush selection consists of three complete lines of high quality ceramic brushes to meet the needs and budget of schools, professionals and hobbyists.
    The Duncan Signature Brushes are a Premium line of Sable Hair Ceramic Brushes
    Duncan Debut Taklon Brushes use synthetic fibers to produce well controlled brushstrokes
    Duncan Discovery Brushes are versatile and economical brushes for wide range of uses
    Duncan Ceramic Tools for greenware prepartion.

Duncan 04 Bisque

     Duncan 04 Bisque is bulk manufactured from imported sources exclusively for Duncan.

    Case quantities can be shipped via UPS or Motor Freight. Limited selection of open stock quantities are available for in-store purchase.

   See Duncan 04 Bisque for additional product information.

Duncan Color Stocking Time at Dogwood       It's is that time of day, the time to review the many holes on the display shelves of Duncan Glazes. But don't worry, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has plenty of additional Duncan color inventory in our dedicated glaze warehouse. Please note the shelves of pints and gallons of Duncan glazes. Dogwood Ceramic Supply actively stocks all colors of Duncan glazes in pints and gallons.

        The 27 page Duncan 2016-2017 Creativity Guide and accompanying Duncan Creativity Guide Product Order Form is available for just $5.00, package of 12 for $48.  

        Real Duncan Color Tile Charts are now available for the Concepts, Envision and other product series.  

   The color tiles shown in the Duncan Creativity Guide are shown in a digital format on this website. Dogwood Ceramic Supply realizes that customers deserve to view high quality color chips, and we have kept the size as large as possible for the benefit of our customers.

    Product application and usage information on individual product pages.

   Effective July 2009 Duncan Enterprises is changing its name to iLoveToCreate™, a Duncan Enterprises Company:

Duncan I Love to Create Logo

Discount Notes:

     Additional quantity minimums, restrictions and limits may apply to some products, see specific product pages for additional information.  Large volume (bulk) discounts are also available for customers buying a variety of products.




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