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 EPS Pottery Stools

EPS Pottery Wheel Stool 

EPS Pottery Wheel Stools


    The EPS Pottery Wheel Stools, designed for the active pottery studio or classroom, are manufactured in the United States and sold exclusively by Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  The original Creative Industries Pottery Stool was the inspiration for the design, with a broad, softly padded comfortable seat supported by a wide base connected to the floor by glides rather than casters.  Dogwood Ceramic Supply added a wrap around height adjustment ring connected to the 250 lb rated pneumatic tube which adjusts from 17" to 23" for user comfort and safety, the perfect height for the modern pottery wheel such as the Shimpo VL Whisper.


    The EPS Pottery Wheel Stools features an impressive array of features seldom found on the simple pottery stool:

◊    World-class components such as heavy-duty hardwood seating support, fire retardant foam and fade resistant commercial grade vinyl products for years of durability.

◊    The 360° “All-Around” pneumatic height adjustment lever on the EPS Pottery Wheel Stool allows the user to quickly adjust the pneumatic stool height from anywhere you reach under the seat.  This simple feature is important to potters whom seldom (or maybe never) have a clean hand that could easily find and grip a fixed location adjustment handle.

◊    Durable 5-leg "star" design 21" diameter black color fiberglass reinforced nylon base for stability.

◊    Wide-base Nylon glides for stationary placement and minimal marring of hardwood or vinyl floors.  Glides are preferable over casters with any stool as a stable, stationary placement of the pottery wheel stool allows the potter to generate greater throwing force with less stress or effort on their body.

◊    Quick assembly, just snap the the 5 nylon glides into the spokes of the base unit, insert the pneumatic tube into the base and lock the seating surface unto the top of the pneumatic tube.  No tools required.  Less than 2 minutes assembly time.


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EPS Pottery Wheel Stools are available in two styles:

EPS Pottery Wheel Stool PS-1

EPS Pottery Wheel Stool   Soft Foam Seat:
14.75" diameter top with a 3.5" thick foam seating surface.

Durable Heavy Grade Vinyl with anti-stain finish.  Color: Black is standard stock at Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

Exceeds ANSI / BIFMA minimum standards.

Weight capacity: 250 lbs
EPS PS-1 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:     $165.00
Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Price:            $114.00

12 or more EPS PS-1 Pottery Wheel Stools are $97.00 per stool.

prices valid until December 2018 

EPS Pottery Wheel Stool PS-2

EPS PS2 Pottery Wheel Stool    Firm Foam Seat:
12" diameter top with a 2" thick foam seating surface.

Durable Self-Skinning Polyurethane cover to the firm foam seating area. Colors: Black only

Exceeds ANSI / BIFMA minimum standards.

Weight capacity: 250 lbs
EPS PS-2 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:     $165.00
Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Price:            $114.00

12 or more EPS PS-2 Pottery Wheel Stools are $97.00 per stool.

prices valid until December 2018 

   The EPS PS-2 Pottery Wheel Stool is recommended by the Dogwood Ceramic Supply webmaster for fellow BIG BOYS as the foam seating is firmer and generally more supportive.  Please note, the seating area of the EPS PS-2 is smaller than the EPS PS-1 so the advantages of the firmer seat may be outweighed by the smaller area of the seating surface.... when in doubt try them both out in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply Showroom!


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Estimated UPS Shipping Rates


UPS Shipping Zones 

UPS Simple Shipping Rates
  Purple Orange Red Yellow Pink Blue Green
  Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
EPS Pottery Wheel Stools $15 $17 $18 $21 $26 $31 $36


   As actual UPS rates change each week, the Estimated UPS Shipping Rates are not absolute values but rather an approximation of the shipping charges.  Actual shipping charges may differ slightly than the posted estimates and larger orders or orders combined with additional products may be higher.  Each product sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply is unique in packaging requirements so the estimated shipping rates for one product may not apply to another similar product even though the shipping weights may be identical.  The estimated shipping charges are for schools, commercial and residential locations in urban and suburban locations.  Rural and low population density deliveries (what UPS classifies as Delivery Area Surcharge-Extended Range) are subject to $5 surcharge.




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    Bulk orders (12+) of the EPS Pottery Wheel Stools are typically shipped the same day as the order is received and will be shipped via Motor Freight from Dogwood's Warehouse for often less money than being shipped individually via UPS.

ANSI / BIFMA standards:

    ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a non-profit industry association that serves as U.S. representative to the ISO (International Standards Organization).  The primary goal of the ANSI is to develop consensus standards for various US industries to standardize the technical specifications of their products for a global market.

    BIFMA (the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacture Association) is a non-profit trade organization tasked with developing product standards for the North American office and institutional furniture industry.

    In general terms BIFMA and ANSI product standards are identical or nearly identical for the testing method for weight capacity of the product and presenting the information to the buying public.   


    The EPS Pottery Wheel Stools are designed by the manufacturer to meet (or exceed) all appropriate ANSI / BIFMA performance standards for business and/or institutional office furniture, such as the durability of the vinyl surfaces against abrasions and punctures or the weight capacity and life cycle of the hydraulic cylinder.  As all appropriate ANSI/BIFMA requirements have been met or exceeded, the EPS Pottery Wheel Stools are popular with schools and institutional customers who require a durable, high quality and relatively inexpensive product for their programs.  Please note: the EPS Pottery Wheel Stool does not meet clean room requirements.


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