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Lehman Casting Equipment Catalog

    Lehman Equipment produces two similar yet different product lines of equipment for Slip Casting:  Lehman's Slip-O-Matic series of Casting Equipment (available in two different pump designs) for the production or professional ceramic studio while the less expensive Studio Star series of Casting Equipment is for the hobbyist or the casual slip caster.


    Both the Slip-O-Matic and the Studio Star lines of Lehman Slip Casting Equipment are made from pumps assembled and fiberglass cast in Kentland Indiana.  Yep, American Made because when given a choice Dogwood Ceramic Supply always picks products made in America rather than something from everybody's favorite fourth world country.... and Lehman's Slip Casting Equipment (or pouring equipment if you must insist) has been Made in America since 1965.


    In 2013, the production facility at Lehman Manufacturing caught fire after business hours resulting in the complete loss of all master dies to continue the production of the various fiberglass tanks used as slip casting or pouring tables.  The company quickly rebuilt in order to provide critical parts such as pumps and motors, to support previously manufactured items.  Moving forward a limited line of slip casting equipment including the RM30 mobile casting tank will continue to available.




Lehman Equipment of Kentland Ohio




Lehman Slip-O-Matic Centrifugal Pumps


    Lehman introduced the original Model "M" slip pumping tank to the world in 1965.  The Model M, with the Slip-O-Matic pump, would become the foundation model for the entire Lehman Slip-O-Matic professional slip casting product line.

    The drive assembly (or bearing assembly) of the Slip-O-Matic Centrifugal pump has no bearings or moving seals exposed to the abrasive liquid which improves the durability of the unit versus lesser pumping systems.  This unique pump drive assembly is used in several different types of pumping systems in the Lehman Slip-O-Matic product line, including the original pump in the Model M which was a centrifugal design with a housing and impeller mounted to the end of the driver assembly.  For the original Model M, as well as many of the current pump designs, a four-leg tower was used to suspend the drive housing and pump head into a large container holding the casting slip.

     Because there is no bearing or seal exposed to the slip, the pump can be run either in or out of the liquid with no wear or damage to the system.  Being able to run the pump with or without liquid is important for the active studio who may need to drain the storage tank from time to time, such as when switching between types of slip or shutting down the casting department for summer vacation.  In addition, since the sealed drive assembly for the pump is suspended in the slip, the rotating drive shaft creates a constant mixing action in the slip tank for improved handling of the slip.

     Based upon the sealed drive assembly, there are two different pump designs within the Slip-O-Matic Slip Casting Equipment product lines... the Standard Centrifugal and the Reversible.

Lehman Slip-O-Matic Reversible Centrifugal Pump Designs

    The purpose of a reversible casting pump is to pump slip into the mold AND drain the slip from the mold using the casting equipment rather than trying to turn and dump a very large mold.  A true back saving device for those who must cast large molds on a regular basis.  The standard Lehman Slip-O-Matic drive assembly is combined with a simple reversible pump head...

Lehman Slip-o-matic drive assembly

Lehman Slip-o-matic drive assembly, showing worm gear   Lehman Slip-o-matic drive assembly, worm gear inserted into assembly   complete Lehman Slip-o-matic drive assembly

.... using a rotor that is inserted into a stator... also known as a worm or screw gear turning in a stationary rubber channel.... the aluminum housing and insert are to mount the pump head to the bottom of the slip tank and hold the rubber channel firmly in place.

    We would be remiss if we didn't mention the fact that reversible pump heads always have issues with either efficiency or durability and the Lehman reversible pump head is no exception.  Remember, slip is abrasive, basically nothing more than liquefied clay particles including a lot of fine silica (sand).  Over time the slip particles will wear down just about any surface, even the stainless steel parts in the professional Lehman T-100 pouring table will wear out over time.  That said, the stainless steel parts in the T-100 might last a few years or even a few decades while the rubber channel (stator) in Lehman's reversible pump will not be so lucky.  Depending upon the type of slip used in the casting process (stoneware versus earthenware versus porcelain) the rubber stator may last only a few 1000 gallons of slip casting.  Use the reversing feature for every mold and that casting volume will be cut in half simply because the pump has been driven in two directions thus handling twice the total volume of slip.  Even the stainless steel worm gear (rotor) will wear over time and need to be replaced... specifically because the rotor must fit tightly into the rubber channel to provide the greatest degree of pumping efficiency and the slip will polish (and shrink) the stainless steel rotor quite nicely.  It is an extremely beautiful, mirror like surface if enough slip is cast against the surface of the solid stainless steel rotor.

    Sounds like we don't like the reversible pump.  Not hardly.  It is a fantastic product for those who truly need the ability to pump slip into and drain large molds.  The reversing feature has save many casters from back injuries or hernias from trying to dump large molds filled with dozens upon dozens of gallons of heavy slip.  Just consider the replacement cost of the rubber stator and stainless steel rotor when making a purchasing decision of any of the Reversible Pumps versus the more durable Standard Pumps.


    The Lehman Slip-O-Matic Reversible Pump is found exclusively on the RM-30.



Lehman Slip-O-Matic RM-30 Casting Tank

Lehman Slip-o-matic RM-30

    The Lehman Slip-O-Matic RM-30 Reversible Pouring Tank is just that.... a reversible pump and 30 gallon holding tank mounted on casters for moving about the production studio.  There is no casting or pouring table mounted to the unit.  The unit is not suitable for mixing dry slips or recycling greenware.  The purpose of the holding tank on casters is to roll from large mold to large mold, pumping and draining the slip as need and in turn pumping slip into the next mold on the assembly line.  The RM 30 is ofton found in shops that cast a limited number of extremely large molds (often hundreds of pounds of plaster before the slip is added) that have a permanent casting location because of their heavy weight.


    Please note the aluminum housing clearly seen at the bottom of the Lehman RM-30.  The aluminum housing is the exterior portion of the stator for the reversible pump head.  The hose connected on the left side of the aluminum housing is the pressure relief valve to prevent the pump head from generating too much force during periods of time when the nozzle remains closed.  The pressure relief valve also returns slip to the holding tank to provide for simple mixing of the slip in the tank.



Lehman RM-30:
◊ 24" wide (diameter) x 32" edge of tank  (45" total Height)
◊ Weight: 125 lbs.

◊ Lehman Freight Group A

     The Lehman RM-30 is in current production.

 Lehman RM-30 Casting Tank

Lehman RM-30          MSRP $1,730.00 $1,385.00
Lehman Freight Rate = A  

prices valid until December 2018


Lehman Slip-O-Matic Standard Centrifugal Pump Designs

    The BEST pump for slip casting.  Period.  There are no bearings or seals exposed to the slip.

   The Slip-O-Matic Centrifugal Pump (otherwise known as the BP24 pump) is shown to the right with the motor attached directly to the drive shaft and the exhaust hose mounted to the pump head for demonstration purposes.

   The BP24 is used exclusively in the Lehman T60 and T100 professional Casting Tables.

    (both the T60 and T100 have been discontined due to the fire)

   In actual usage the BP24 would be suspended into the slip holding tank (mounted into place onto the side of the 50 gallon slip tank using the mounting plate shown in the photo) and the motor would apply the force to the drive shaft through a simple pulley system.
  Lehman BP24 Pump

    How good is the BP24 pump?  The BP24 in the Lehman T-100 used by Dogwood Ceramic Supply lasted nearly 15 years until it failed... and the part that failed was the stainless steel impeller in the pump head, not the drive shaft/bearing assembly.  Some of our active commercial customers have been able to go 20 years between pump replacements.  Yea, the pump is that good.


    The Lehman Slip-O-Matic BP24 Centrifugal Pump is found exclusively in the discontinued Lehman T-100 and T-60 professional slip casting (pouring) tables.


Lehman T-100 Professional Slip Casting Table










Lehman Studio Star Pumps


    The entire Lehman Studio Star line of casting machines (or ceramic pouring equipment and tables for those of you so inclined) use a centrifugal pump where the drive shaft of the pump is supported by a bearing at the point where the drive shaft enters the pump head.  Some of these pumps are externally mounted while others are suspended in the slip.  Regardless of the mounting location, a packing and seal system is required to operate the pump head and to protect the drive shaft bearings from the abrasive slip.  In industry terms this design of pump is known as an outboard bearing design, in Lehman's vernacular the pump is the called the Studio Star pump and is available as an external pump (EX) or submersible pump (SP).

   The outboard (or external) bearing design is every economical to build and yields a lower cost casting pump and table.  Over the years Lehman has made significant improvements in the design of the outboard bearing pumps.  But in spite of these improvements, all slips, even very fine grained porcelain slips, will eventually destroy the packing and/or seal protecting the bearings because of the microscopically small abrasive particles in the slip.  Bottom line, the outboard bearing pump design is fine for the casual slip caster, but most moderate volume slip casters should strongly consider units with the much more reliable Slip-O-Matic reversible pump used in the RM-30 or the BP-24 centrifical Slip-O-Matic pump used in the T60 or T100 discontinued professional casting tables.


    One very important note regarding outboard bearing pumps... because of the pump design, when the packing and/or seal finally breaks, the pump will leak slip.  It the pump is an external pump (such as the EX-4 pump system shown to the right) the size of the leak will be equal to the volume of slip previously in the tank.  



    The Lehman Studio Star SP4 Submersible Pump is used with the Power Potter 30 portable casting system, the Lehman EX4 External Pump is used on the discontinued CT425M and all larger CT variants.

Lehman Studio Star Casting Equipment



Lehman Studio Star Porta Potter 30

Lehman Power Potter 30 

    The Lehman Porta Potter 30 Mobile Casting Tank when combined with the Lehman STJ-L Drain Table becomes a 30 gallon slip holding tank, the Porta Potter 30 (PP 30 with the SP4 outboard bearing pump) plus a 42' molded acrylic drain table capable of holding 1 ton of ceramic molds (the STJ-L).


    The flexible usage Porta Potter 30 with STJ-L is the beginner's casting system compared to Lehman's professional (and discontinued) T60 or T100 slip casting tables.  While the PP 30 uses the outboard bearing pump found in all Studio Star machines from Lehman, the pump design is unique in that the pump is suspended in the slip.  Suspended in the slip is important because if the bearing seal should fail the pump will leak the slip into the holding tank rather than all over the floor like all the external pumps of the same design.

    The Lehman PP30 with STJ-L has always been popular with the hobbyist who may cast a few days or weeks out of the year and then need to store the equipment in a closet until the next casting session.  Since the legs bolt to cross beams of the drain table the unit can be fairly quickly disassembled to minimize the storage requirements.


    Both the Lehman STJ-L and PP30 can be broken down for ease of storage and shipped via UPS, thus avoiding expensive motorfreight shipments.


    The PP30 is shown on the left in the photo above, the PP30T is shown on the right.  The standard PP30 has a 22" work height while the taller PP 30T has a 33" work height for stand alone usage rather than being used with a drain table.   






Lehman Studio Star STJ-L Drain Table


Lehman Studio Star STJ-L Drain Table 

    Lehman The STJ-L Drain Casting Table when combined with the Porta Potta 30 Mobile Casting Tank are the perfect combination for increasing your greenware production. The STJ has the steel frame legs that hold over a ton of weight. The molded acrylic table has 12 removable dowels and a 2" center drain with shutoff and can be quickly removed removed from the self supporting legs for easy cleaning and storage.

Lehman PP-30:
◊ 22" x 22" x 25" high
◊ Weight: 70 lbs.


Lehman PP-30T:
◊ 22" x 22" x 33" high
◊ Weight: 80 lbs.

Lehman STJ-L:
◊ 26" wide x 42" long x 32" High
◊ Weight: 45 lbs.




Lehman PP-30          MSRP $835.00 $750.00
Lehman PP-30T        MSRP $875.00 $780.00
Lehman STJ-L           MSRP $380.00 $340.00
UPS Oversized shipping rates apply to these items  

prices valid until December 2018


Save $100


 when the Lehman STJ-L is purchased in combination with the Lehman PP-30





Additional Equipment


    Lehman manufactures a wide selection of supporting equipment, such as slip mixing and reclaimers up to 600 gallon in size.  Many of these large holding tanks and pumps are custom designed and built for overhead or underground delivery of slip to the casting department.





Lehman Model 30B Mixer & Reclaimer 


    The Lehman Model 30B Stationary vortex action mixer and reclaimer is the smallest of the industrial slip mixers sold by Lehman.  An oversized 2" spigot type outlet conveniently drains casting slips from the bottom of the 30 gallon fiberglass tank.  Mixing action is accomplished through a 2" cast aluminum prop connected to the 1/2 hp, 110v electric motor that is permanently mounted at the top of the tank.  The top (lid) also includes a removable flap lid for adding scraps or dry mix. 


    The B of the Model 30B is the optional fiberglass base that raises the height of the 30 gallon tank by 14" so as to allow transfer buckets to be placed below the 2" spigot.


    While the Model 30 tank and optional Base (B) may be sold and shipped separately via UPS, in fact the reclaimer is typically sold as a complete unit and shipped with the Lehman RM-30. For ease of customer display, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has priced the unit as typically sold and shipped.



Lehman Model 30B:
◊ 19" wide x 41" (55" with optional base)

◊ Weight: 65 lbs (Tank) 30 lbs (Base).

◊ Freight: $25 typical when shipped with the RM-30

Lehman Model 30B Mixer & Reclaimer

Lehman Model 30B          MSRP $795.00 $680.00




prices valid until December 2018 









Lehman Mity Mite


Lehman Mity Mite


    The Lehman Mity Mite Mixer is the most efficient small mixer sold by Lehman.  It is perfect for mixing very small quantities of dry slips and reclaiming of wet trimming from molds for those who are not concerned with declinging slip quality issues related to re-used of slip.


    10 gallon capacity, lid and outlet spigot included.  The Lehman Mity Mite Mixer uses a 0.5 hp electric motor and 4" stainless steel mixing prop. 



Lehman Model Mity Mite:
◊ 17" x 9" x 29"

◊ Weight: 28 lbs

◊ UPS Oversized shipping rate.

Lehman Mity Mite Mixer & Reclaimer

Lehman Mity Mite          MSRP $530.00 $475.00




prices valid until December 2018 





Replacement Parts for Lehman Pouring Tables


    Dogwood Ceramic Supply keeps the most important Lehman Pouring Table parts in stock for over the counter sales and immediate shipment via UPS to customers through out North America.


    Lehman Casting Tables (or pouring tables if you prefer) are designed to last seemingly forever.  The mounts and design of the motor, pump and drive assemblies have changed slightly over the decades to improve the performance of the units.  If you did not purchase your Lehman Casting Table from Dogwood Ceramic Supply and the unit is more than 25 years old, there is a chance that the replacement parts we have in stock may not fit.  That said, parts to fit the ancient units are available with advance order.  Please note:  the basic design of the rotors, stators, nozzles and external pumps have never changed.  Thus, a stator is a stator and if you need a stator, the stator in Dogwood's stock will fit your unit regardless of the year of manufacture.


    Additional Lehman replacement parts, including motor drive belts and replacement ¼ or ½ horsepower motors are available with advance order.  The complete list of Lehman Casting Table parts requires multiple pages of triple column, single spaced fine print so it is extremely important that the customer provide us with the exact model number of the pouring table and sometimes even the serial number for the very old pouring tables, to make sure they receive the correct part.




FS 441 Rotor, Stainless Steel $72.00
FS 442-1 Stator, Rubber w/ Aluminum cup and insert $165.00
RS Discount Pkg. Rotor & Stator Discount Pkg.
   1 FS 441 + 2 FS 442-1
RS-Big Pkg.   High Volume Rotor & Stator Discount Pkg.
   6 FS 441 + 12 FS 442-1
BP24 Slip-O-Matic Drive Assembly & Pump $675.00
OPT Optional Top Mounted Mixer w/mounts $340.00
EX4 Studio Star External Pump, complete $375.00
SP4 Studio Star Submersible Pump, complete $375.00
30002 1" Utility Nozzle $42.00
31002 3/4" Utility Nozzle $42.00
XB400B External Pump Head for EX4 $145.00
LP-1-55 Packing and Bushing for XB400B $13.00

prices valid until December 2018 




Why use the phrase Slip Casting Equipment versus Pouring Equipment?

    Casting is the manufacturing process in which complex forms are produced in large quantities through the use of hollow molds into which a liquid material is poured, allowed to solidify and then released.  Obviously many industries cast materials and since ceramic slip (liquefied clay) is used in the process for our industry, the proper term to describe the entire process is "Slip Casting" or "Ceramic Slip Casting" when referring to the process of casting earthenware (ceramic) slip.  That said, the slip is "poured" into the molds and the term "ceramic pouring equipment" or "ceramic pouring table" is used by many in our industry.  However, the terms "pouring equipment" or "pouring table" do not properly describe the equipment items as some of the product items are indeed a table (such as a drain table) and others are much more complex with the drain table plus pump system attached to a storage tank.  Adding the descriptive adjective "ceramics" to the "pouring table", as in "ceramic pouring table" does little to clarify the identification issue because it does not assist with the basic description of the equipment itself.  Complicating this entire issue of Slip Casting versus Ceramic Slip Casting is the fact that while low fire earthenware slips (ceramic slips) are most often used with the Lehman Casting Equipment sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply other slips, such as terra cotta, porcelain or stoneware slips, may also be used.  Bottom line, everything is confusing and not exactly technically correct, thus we, following in the traditions of Lehman since 1965, use the generic "Slip Casting Equipment" phrase to describe the Lehman Manufacturing equipment we sell rather than the more specific terms "Ceramic Slip Casting Equipment" OR "Ceramic Pouring Equipment" as the generic phrase has a broader meaning and more accurately describes the products and variety of customers purchasing the equipment.





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