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Aero Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds

    Made in America for Dogwood Ceramic Supply, the industrial grade Aero Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds are used to strap (or bind) very small to mid sized 2-piece plaster ceramic molds for slip casting.  These inexpensive natural Rubber Bands from Aero are perfect for the ceramic molds made from plaster as the natural rubber breaths and prevents moisture from being trapped between the band and the mold itself.  Aero Rubber Bands are packaged in 1 pound boxes of a single size.

Industrial Grade Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds

Aero Brand Ceramic Rubber Bands

  Approximate Count
(per lb)
3"   88
5" 66
7" 45

Ceramic Rubber Bands Prices

  Price per 1 lb Box
1 $8.50
10 $6.00


The 10 box price may be any assortment of 3", 5" and 7" Aero Rubber Bands

prices valid until December 2018 

Additional Discounts:

     The Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds are packed in 10 lb cases of one size per case.  A quantity price break is available for 10 lbs of any assortment of 3", 5" or 7" Rubber Bands.


     Additional discounts for re-occurring 100 lb (10 case) bulk purchases.  All prices, including bulk purchases, are FOB Dogwood Ceramic Supply.  Advance order is not required as our inventory is usually sufficient even for the largest bulk buyers.



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boxes of Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds in stock at Dogwood Ceramic Supply


Estimated UPS Shipping Rates


UPS Shipping Zones 

Estimated UPS Shipping Rates
  Purple Orange Red Yellow Pink Blue Green
  Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
  1 lb Rubber Bands  $9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $11.00 $11.00 $12.00 $12.00
10 lbs Rubber Bands $11.00 $12.00 $13.00 $14.00 $15.00 $17.00 $18.00


    As actual UPS rates change each week, the Estimated UPS Shipping Rates are not absolute values but rather an approximation of the shipping charges.  Actual shipping charges may differ slightly than the posted estimates.  Each product sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply is unique in packaging requirements so the estimated shipping rates for one product may not apply to another similar product even though the shipping weights may be identical.  The estimated shipping charges are for schools, commercial and residential locations in urban and suburban locations.  Rural and low population density deliveries (what UPS classifies as Delivery Area Surcharge-Extended Range) are subject to $5 surcharge.


prices valid until December 2018 

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Rubber Bands for Ceramic Molds Tutorial

    All Rubber Bands are measured along the flat length when the two ends of the band are pinched together. The measurement from end to end equals the flat length. (If you were to cut one end of the band unfold it, the flat length would be approximately half the overall length) The width of the band is measured perpendicular to the flat length.  Obviously wall thickness of the band is just that and should be appropriate for the width and usage.  While synthethic rubber bands do exist, they are not appropriate or cost effective for use 2-piece plaster slip casting molds so all rubber bands sold for use with ceramic molds will be a natural rubber.  Natural indicates the rubber band is manufactured from coagulated latex combined with clays and other fillers.  The clay componets allow the waterproof latex to release water trapped between the mold and the band.  The quantity and quality of the fillers and the manufacturing process of the rubber will determine usability and durability of the product.  Commercial grade rubber bands, especially the bands found in big-box office supply stores, will typically have a higher clay content (hence the lower price) and will lack the elasticity and strength of the industrial grade bands.  The industrial grade Rubber Bands from Aero (and other similar bands from competing US manufacturers) can stretch up to 7 times the length of the unstressed length of the rubber band without breaking, are resistant to dry rotting and have limited diminished elasticity when exposed to temperatures below 50F.  The industrial grade bands may cost a bit more per unit but in the long run, especially in the ceramic mold storage room, the benefits outweigh any greater costs.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply recommends rubber bands for strapping most very small ceramic molds.  However, as the mold size increases the quantity (weight) of slip also increases and greater stress is placed on the band to hold the mold tight during casting.  For moderate sized molds (above 20 lbs in weight or holding more than 1 quart of slip) Dogwood Ceramic Supply STRONGLY recommends the use of mold straps rather than ceramic rubber bands as the rubber bands can be prone to leaking and/or breaking due to the stress of holding the slip within the mold.

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply's Rubber Bands for ceramic molds have a wide variety of uses besides binding together 2-piece casting molds.  Because of their relatively low cost, our Rubber Bands are often used in furniture making and wood-crafts as a low cost alternative to C-clamps to hold together wood frames/parts while the glued surfaces cure.  A quick cut and the band is instantly released thus preventing stress to the item while trying to remove the band. In one of the more unusual uses, rubber bands are used to strap gear to scuba tanks, especially for cave diving, as the rubber band will easily break/release in critical situations versus the more powerful bungee cords.


Aero Rubber Logo

    Aero Rubber, founded 1973, has been supplying Dogwood Ceramic Supply with our industrial grade ceramic rubber bands for the past 15 years.  Unlike many of their competitors, Aero Rubber has kept their manufacturing facilities right in here in the good ole USA, which is why Dogwood Ceramic Supply continues to support the company.  If somebody is offering you lower priced ceramic rubber bands always check the label.  Most low cost rubber bands on the market are manufactured in Sri Lanka, which will be imprinted on the product packaging and/or master case of rubber bands.  While there is nothing wrong per se with the Sri Lankan rubber bands we would rather pay a few pennies more and do our part to keep America fully employed.




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