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Shimpo Pottery Wheels

    Shimpo was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of electric motors.  As the simple potter's wheel is the ultimate application of that expertise, the first Shimpo electric potter's wheel were introduced in 1955 and have become the classic pottery wheel design envied by every other pottery wheel manufacturer.  Today, Shimpo Ceramics is part of the Nidec group, an 8 billion dollar global company headquartered in Kyoto Japan that specializes in manufacturing some of the finest electrical motors, micro motors, spindle motors, drive units and industrial instrumentation in the world.

    Based upon nearly their half century of manufacturing experience with pottery wheels and other devices, Shimpo introduced the Shimpo Whisper Series of pottery wheels in 2003.  Well over a decade later, the Shimpo VL Whisper is still considered the finest pottery wheel available any where in the world at any price.

    For the ceramic and pottery industry, Shimpo manufactures electric pottery wheels, the world famous Shimpo Banding Wheel and a variety of accessory products with an emphasis in on well performing, quiet products.  The products showcased in the Shimpo Pottery Equipment Catalog are always on display in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply showroom and available in Dogwood's warehouse inventory for immediate delivery to anywhere in the United States.


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   Decades ago, Shimpo was purchased by Nidec, but until recently the Shimpo name was used as a stand alone brand for the pottery wheels and banding wheels.  Starting in 2017, Nidec-Shimpo has become the proper branding name and eventually Nidec will be used exclusively across all of the product lines.

Nidec-Shimpo Products

shimpo pottery wheels   Nidec-Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheel
Shimpo Banding Wheels, Group Shot   Nidec-Shimpo Banding Wheels

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Stacks of Nidec-Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheels in stock in the Dogwood Ceramic Supply warehouse.




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