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   Standard Ceramic Supply, aka Standard Ceramics, is a Carnegie Pennsylvania company established in 1960 to supply moist clays and related supplies to the school and professional ceramic markets through their Pittsburgh (Carnegie) area manufacturing plant as well as through clay distributors in the Central and Eastern United States and a large number of export markets throughout Europe as well as South and Central America.


   The primary emphasis of Standard Ceramic Supply is their extensive line of nontoxic moist clays, of which Dogwood Ceramic Supply maintains an active inventory of about 20 stock clay bodies.  During the past decade, Standard Ceramics has expanded their product selection to include a number of stoneware, porcelain and low fire casting slips which are critically important to support the slip casting market.

pallets of Standard Clay in stock at Dogwood Ceramic Supply


   Dogwood Ceramic Supply is the largest Standard Ceramic Supply distributor in the Deep South region and handles bulk clay and slip sales throughout our the region as well as to the Standard Ceramic Supply customers in the Western United States who lack a nearby Standard Clay Distributor.


Standard Moist Clays   Standard Ceramic Supply's world famous moist clays are always stocked by Dogwood Ceramic Supply in quantities sufficient to meet the needs of every professional potter or school program.

Standard Stoneware Slip   Stoneware Slip by Standard Ceramic Supply is packaged in 2 gallon premixed boxes for bulk purchases.  Available in single box, half pallet and full pallet quantities.

Standard Porcelain Slip   Standard Ceramic Supply's Porcelain Slips are available in traditional White as well as French Blush and new for 2018 is Black.  Packaged in wide mouth gallon jugs for ease of UPS shipping.  Available in single gallon as well as full pallet quantities in 2 gallon bulk packaging.

1 gallon jug of ceramic slip   Standard Ceramic Slip is packaged in wide mouth gallon jugs for ease of UPS shipping to hobby customers as well as traditional 2 gallon premixed boxes for bulk purchases.

Standard Ceramic Supply Wax Resist   Standard Ceramic Supply's Wax Resist for decorative use as well as to prevent glaze application to the wares.  Always in stock in both pint and gallon size containers.


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