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Universal Banding Straps for Ceramic Molds


     Made by Universal Strap in Jackson Wisconsin for Dogwood Ceramic Supply.   Color coded, polyester webbing combined with a rust resistant brass buckle, Universal Straps are perfect to bind heavy objects.   Hence we call these straps "Ceramic Mold Straps" because of suitability for the products we sell.  Universal Banding Straps sold by Dogwood Ceramic Supply in 1 foot increments from 3 foot to 7 foot in length.  Length includes the buckle.


Universal Banding Straps for Ceramic Molds


       Compared to rubber bands, the Ceramic Mold Straps have greater binding capabilities than stretchy rubber bands.  Greater binding capacity means fewer leaks.  And fewer leaks means better quality ceramic greenware.  Which is why Dogwood Ceramic Supply uses these straps on better than 95% of the molds we cast.  Even using straps on even modest sized molds produces noticeably better quality greenware.  An added benefit, the non-rotting vinyl webbing is durable.  Used for storage and casting at Dogwood Ceramic Supply, Universal Mold Straps purchased 30 years ago are still in use today.  The 4 foot and 5 foot lengths are most popular for ceramic studios casting the typical ceramic molds. 




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  Color Size Single 10 Pack 100 Case
3 ft Universal Banding Strap Yellow 3 Foot $2.95 $20.70 $192.00
4 ft Universal Banding Strap Green 4 Foot $3.18 $22.20 $206.00
5 ft Universal Banding Strap Blue 5 Foot $3.38 $23.60 $219.00
6 ft Universal banding Strap Orange 6 Foot $3.58 $25.00 $232.00
7 ft Universal Banding Strap Red 7 Foot $3.78 $26.40 $245.00



Starter Package, 1 of each size $11.00

prices valid until December 2018


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Universal Banding Strap Usage Diagram 

Usage Tips:

   Compared to the metal buckle, mold plaster is rather soft.  Always insert a small sheet of corrugated cardboard under the metal buckle to protect the mold from damage from the metal buckle.








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