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UPS Shipping Rates and Information

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply is serious about shipping ceramic equipment and supplies to our customers:

empty box   items in box
styrofoam peanuts added nearly finished packing the box

    For most routine UPS shipments, Dogwood Ceramic Supply will use NEW boxes completely lined on each side with ¾" expanded polystyrene (EPS) sheets that are precut to fit our standard sized boxes.  Wide-mouth bottles, such as the gallon of Duncan EZ Strokes (shown above) are taped for additional security and the empty spaces in the box is filled with virgin expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam peanuts.  Then invoices are enclosed, the boxes are sealed and stacked on pallets to await the arrival of the daily UPS pickup.

Shipping Boxes stacked, ready for pickup

A small stack of boxes awaiting the end of the day visit by UPS.

Delivery Days for UPS Ground Shipments

Delivery Day Map for UPS from Zip Code 39503

UPS Time in Transit for ground shipments originating in Zip Code prefix 395

    The number of delivery days, simply known as Time in Transit, are based upon distance from Dogwood Ceramic Supply and the location of major UPS service centers as well as normal routing between those service centers.  As noted on the service map above, both Memphis and Birmingham are 1 day shipping points from Dogwood Ceramic Supply's showroom and warehouse in Gulfport MS, yet Houston and Pensacola are both physically closer to Gulfport and are 2 day shipping points.  Please plan your purchases accordingly.

    Please note, shipping time shown above does not equate shipping zone. For example, Memphis is UPS Shipping Zone 4 yet only 1 day shipping time from Dogwood Ceramic Supply.

UPS Shipping Rates


    The charge for UPS services are based upon published UPS rates, the applicable UPS Shipping Zone, the weight of the merchandise and packing material and any UPS Accessorial Fees which include the residential delivery surcharge, delivery area surcharge for remote locations as well as any accessorial, insurance or special services which are required, deemed appropriate by UPS or requested by the customer in addition to the fuel surcharge which is adjusted monthly.

    Please note: All information on this web page is based upon UPS Ground Service for Commercial Delivery to the Continental United States.  Shipments outside of the Continental United States, Air and International services are also available at substantially higher prices.

2018 UPS Ground Shipping Rates

    Basic UPS charges for a single package designated for Commercial Delivery shipped Standard Ground.  The UPS Rate Chart below is shown in 5 pound increments for ease of presentation to locations within the Continental United States.  Actual UPS shipping rates are computed in 1 pound increments and any fraction of a pound is rounded up to the next whole pound.





    For customer convenience and in the interest of clear disclosure, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has included the UPS Fuel Surcharge into our published rate table based upon July 2018 rates.  The UPS Additional Handling Fee for packages weighing greater than 70 lbs. has also been included in the posted rates. 


    UPS Residential Delivery Shipping Rates for urban and suburban areas are included.


    The UPS Shipping Rates for Extended Rural Delivery areas are subject to surcharges up to $4.75 per package.




2018 Adjusted UPS Standard Ground Service shipping Rates

Pounds Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
5 9.48 10.53 11.87 12.54 12.95 13.65 14.52
10 10.94 11.62 12.89 13.92 14.50 16.29 17.83
15 12.27 13.30 13.71 15.51 17.88 21.55 23.99
20 13.11 14.78 15.09 18.26 21.27 25.88 29.33
25 14.24 16.63 17.61 21.12 25.68 30.99 35.69
30 15.90 18.65 20.69 24.54 30.30 35.53 41.87
35 16.87 20.75 22.99 27.24 33.89 39.67 47.57
40 18.08 22.06 25.01 30.15 37.97 44.20 51.75
45 19.13 24.01 27.68 33.50 42.13 50.47 56.06
50 19.67 24.61 29.14 35.33 44.78 53.54 60.08
55 19.72 24.67 29.24 36.16 44.84 53.59 61.44
60 20.66 25.79 30.80 38.59 46.14 54.63 64.86
65 22.36 28.78 32.18 40.55 48.39 56.39 67.17
70 23.52 30.19 34.55 42.37 50.31 57.18 68.41
75 45.90 50.45 55.30 63.88 72.33 80.89 88.20
80 50.79 55.42 58.80 67.10 74.65 85.47 89.90
85 55.21 59.21 63.26 69.96 79.12 89.84 92.15
90 61.71 64.02 67.73 73.43 82.63 93.17 97.15
95 66.21 68.24 71.40 76.50 85.85 94.17 100.58
100 71.57 72.02 76.23 80.43 89.37 94.68 104.71
105 74.72 75.13 78.97 83.55 92.23 98.88 107.09
110 78.85 79.34 82.44 86.16 94.97 102.46 111.09
115 82.14 83.35 86.01 89.62 98.27 106.02 115.43
120 85.94 86.92 89.60 92.57 101.46 109.34 119.78
125 89.19 89.37 93.25 95.73 104.64 112.66 123.42
130 92.67 92.93 97.66 98.86 107.76 115.92 128.29
135 96.02 97.05 100.67 102.09 110.98 119.20 132.35
140 98.41 100.25 104.66 105.59 114.67 122.83 135.55
145 102.25 105.56 109.47 109.50 118.14 126.23 139.31
150 105.43 107.79 113.50 115.09 121.84 129.86 143.90

To determine your Shipping Zone for locations within the Continental USA, please refer to the UPS Shipping Zones below:

UPS Shipping Zones

(for shipments originating in Zip Cone prefix 39503)

UPS Shipping Zone Map

Zip Code
Zone   Destination
Zip Code
Zone   Destination
Zip Code
Zone   Destination
Zip Code
Zone   Destination
Zip Code
004-005 6 333-349 4 548 6 673 4 835 8
010-042 6 350-355 3 549 5 674-691 5 836-837 7
043-044 7 356-359 4 550-558 6 692-693 6 838 8
045 6 360-363 3 559-561 5 700-704 2 840-844 7
046-049 7 364-366 2 562-567 6 705-706 3 845 6
050-089 6 367-368 3 570-571 5 707-709 2 846-849 7
100-146 6 369 2 572-587 6 710-714 3 850-853 6
147 5 370-386 4 588-592 7 716 4 854 7
148-149 6 387-389 3 593 6 717 3 855-863 6
150-168 5 390-396 2 594-599 7 718-735 4 864 7
169 6 397-398 3 600-619 5 736-739 5 865-875 6
170-178 5 399-409 4 620-622 4 740-745 4 877 5
179-196 6 410-412 5 623-627 5 746 5 878-880 6
197-241 5 413-427 4 628-633 4 747-768 4 881-885 5
242 4 430-470 5 634-635 5 769 5 889-893 7
243-279 5 471 4 636-639 4 770-775 4 894-897 8
280-282 4 472-474 5 640-647 5 776-777 3 898-933 7
283-285 5 475-477 4 648 4 778-787 4 934 8
286-316 4 478-496 5 649 5 788 5 935-938 7
317-319 3 497-499 6 650-652 4 789 4 939-961 8
320-322 4 500-539 5 653 5 790-799 5 970-978 8
323-324 3 540 6 654-659 4 800-820 6 979 7
325 2 541-544 5 660-666 5 821 7 980-994 8
326-329 4 545 6 667 4 822-830 6
330-332 5 546-547 5 668-672 5 831-834 7

    UPS Zones are based upon Zip Code to Zip Code combinations and the distance between those Zip Codes.  Please note, there is no correlation between the UPS Shipping Zones and the number of business days required for delivery.  For estimated time for ground delivery please refer to the UPS Service Map previously displayed near the top of the page.  The list of UPS Shipping Zones has been rounded for ease of presentation.  The Shipping Zone Map is a county based approximation of the shipping zones and errors are inherient as Zip Codes do not follow county lines.  Some modifications to the map were made to improve presentation.  Actual shipping zones and UPS rates always apply.

UPS Accessorial Fees

   UPS Accessorial Fees are described by UPS as "Value-Added Services". While "Value-Added Services" is technically correct in that these services are often above and beyond the normal expected scope of business services (such as re-routing a package due to shipper labeling error), these service fees can a source of great frustration when an unexpected fee is applied to one's invoice.

Common UPS Ground "Value-Added Services"

Fuel Surcharge: Rate set monthly, 6.25% effective December 26, 2017
Dimensional Weight Surcharge: variable
(billable weight)
Declared Value: $0.00-$100.00 $0.00
$100.01 - $50,000.00 $0.90 per $100.00
of declared value
  subject to $2.70 minimum
Saturday Delivery $16.00 (in addition to other Next Day Air charges)
Saturday Pickup $16.00 (in addition to other Next Day Air charges)
Proof of Delivery  (Fax or Mail) $3.00
UPS Delivery Confirmation (electronic) $2.00
 -Signature Required $4.50
 -Adult Signature Required $5.50
 -Verbal Confirmation of Delivery $3.00
Additional Handling $19.00
Address Correction $15.90
Residential Surcharge $3.60
Delivery Area Surcharge:
-Commercial $2.60
-Residential $3.50
-Residential, Extended Area $4.45
Package Tracking and Tracing Requests $3.00
Large Package Surcharge $90.00
Hazardous Materials $40.00


   The UPS Fuel Surcharge is subject to adjustment monthly. This surcharge applies to freight charges and specific accessorial charges.  For improved customer service and clarity in the presentation of UPS Shipping Rates, Dogwood Ceramic Supply has included the UPS Fuel Surcharge in our published UPS rate chart based upon the Fuel Surcharge rate as of December 26, 2017.

   Billable weight is the greater of the dimensional weight as compared to the actual weight.  Dimensional Weight is computed by multiplying the length, width and height of the package and dividing the total by 139.  When comparing dimensional weight versus actual weight the 18" cube box used by Dogwood Ceramic Supply must exceed 43 lbs or will be billed at 43 lbs.  The 139 dimensional factor is typically an issue with bisque and ceramic molds that are shipped by Dogwood Ceramic Supply but may also be an issue with some color products, slips and clay and some equipment items.

   The contents of UPS packages are "insured" for the first $100 of value. Additional Declared Value Insurance is available, subject to $2.70 minimum charge.  Damages are disruptive to the customer and costly to the business selling the goods. Dogwood Ceramic Supply would rather take the time and effort to properly pack the goods then paying $2.70 or more towards a minor payout should we make a mistake.

   Saturday Pickup and Delivery surcharges are in addition to Next Day Air shipping fees.

   An Additional Handling charge of $19.00 (per shipping box or unit) ($12 until June 20, thereafter = $19) may be applied to any item that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container, OR any package that, in UPS’s sole discretion, requires special handling including but not limited to packages weighing more than 70 lbs.

   Effective 2018, the Additional Handling charge of $19.00 is applicable to any package with an actual weight in excess of 70 lbs AND will apply to each package in Hundredweight shipments when the average weight per package exceeds 70 lbs.  The Additional Handling Charge has been included in our published rate charge for applicable shipments.

   Address Correction is charged per package.  There is no cap on the charge for multiple package shipments.  While Computerized Address Verification is performed with each shipment by Dogwood Ceramic Supply, customers are responsible for knowing their correct address and stating "UPS delivers here all the time" is not a valid excuse for not knowing your proper address.   Dogwood Ceramic Supply will not ship to an unverified address.

   Delivery Area Surcharge is generated by UPS software based upon delivery Zip Code. Refer to UPS Delivery Area Surcharge to determine if your zip code is affected.

   Package Tracking and Tracing will be assessed for package requests equal to or greater than 20% of the shipper's package volume for that week.  Package Tracking and Tracing charges are accessed on both voice and electronic methods of tracking or tracing packages.

   Hazardous Materials are only accepted in the UPS system from those customers who have a daily pickup account and have signed an "Agreement for Transportation of Hazardous Materials” or have those provisions incorporated into their existing customized contract for shipping service with UPS. Hazardous Material shipments are charged the HM fee per designated HM packages.

   A package is considered a “Large Package” when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches, but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches.  Large Packages shipped using UPS Ground are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds (OS 3).  A Large Package Surcharge of $90.00 will also apply.  The $19.00 Additional Handling Charge will not be assessed when a Large Package Surcharge is applied.  The minimum billable rate will not apply to UPS Hundredweight Service shipments though the "Large Package" surcharge will still be applied.

   Over Maximum Limits apply to packages with an actual weight of more than 150 pounds, or that exceed 108 inches in length, or exceed a total of 165 inches in length and girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined, as measured to determine their billable weight, which are not acceptable for transportation, and if found in the UPS system, are subject to one of the following additional charges: – Over Maximum Weight: $350.00 – Over Maximum Length: $350.00 – Over Maximum Size: $350.00.  Over Maximum packages will not be delivered nor returned to the shipper.

   A residential delivery is defined as delivery to a location that is a home or residential dwelling, including, but not limited to a business operating out of a home that does not have a distinct dedicated entrance to the public with published and posted business hours.

Additional Explanations & Dogwood Notes:

Additional Handling Charge:

   In Dogwood's experience the discretionary Additional Handling surcharge has been assessed on package when the delivery driver was required to perform services that he/she deemed excessive including but not limited to delivering packages to an interior room or moving packages up or down stairwells.

Address Correction Fee:

    Addresses at Universities and military facilities are often assessed the Address Correction Fee as UPS does not recognize institution attempts at standardizing building identities and addresses contrary to USPS or official municipal standardized zoning designations (such as E-911).  Hubbard Hall, University Way may sound like a nice address and may routinely receive UPS packages from your regular UPS driver without penalty, but the USPS recognized address is Building 14, 1212-A University Blvd and the UPS relief driver will be accessing the Address Correction Fee in compliance with UPS rules.  Please provide the correct address to Dogwood Ceramic Supply to avoid the Address Correction Fee.

   Address Correction Fees are often assessed against residential deliveries for failure to comply with E-911 or US Postal address requirements.  Apartments and rural addresses are especially sensitive to the Address Correction Fee.  Please provide the correct address to Dogwood Ceramic Supply to avoid the Address Correction Fee.

UPS Damages:

    Dogwood Ceramic Supply strives to insure that each and every package that is shipped by Dogwood Ceramic Supply meets or exceeds the standard set by UPS.  Unfortunately, some loss or damages do occur.  Historically about 1 in 20,000 packages shipped by Dogwood Ceramic Supply will be damaged during shipping and the vast majority of those damage packages will be detected prior to delivery to the customer.

Damages during shipping:

   UPS is very diligent about notifying shippers of goods lost or damaged in transit.  In transit means between when Dogwood Ceramic Supply tenders the packages to UPS and when the delivery driver completes the delivery.  Any qualified goods which are lost or damaged in transit will be replaced by Dogwood Ceramic Supply at our expense upon written notification by UPS that damage/loss has occurred.

Hidden (Concealed) Damages:

   Damages found after the customer accepts delivery of the goods is deemed Hidden or Concealed Damages.  To minimize problems with Concealed or Hidden Damage Claims, inspect the shipment carefully for damage or loss at the time of delivery.  If at all possible request the delivery driver to note any visible damage at the time of delivery.  If Hidden or Concealed Damage does exist call the carrier within 7 days of the delivery date.  Save the damaged item and all packing materials in the original carton.  Liability for in transit damage is the responsibility of the carrier.  YOU MUST INITIATE CLAIMS PROCEDURES as we can not do this for you as we are not in possession of the damaged goods.  It is your responsibility to hold the carton and its contents until final resolution of the claim which can take up to 12 months from the time of the shipment.

   Contact UPS (1-800-PICK UPS).  UPS will ask for our shipper number, the complete tracking number listed on the label of the package, your address, the contents of the package, the portion of the package which was damaged and the value of the damaged goods.  The shipping information will be on the shipping label.  Regardless of the value of the damaged goods you MUST request an on-site inspection of the damage goods. UPS will attempt to waive the on-site inspection requirement with the consignee (customer receiving the goods) as general procedure for all claims in hopes of denying the claim or settling for a lesser value at a later date.  Regardless of the value or amount of damage DO NOT waive your right to an on-site inspection.  Then contact Dogwood Ceramic Supply with the same information as above. Dogwood Ceramic Supply will be notified by UPS regarding your inspection report, at which time we can reship the replacement goods at our expense.  Hidden Damage Claims received without an UPS inspection report or additional proof of damages will be denied.

Additional UPS Information

   Any prices quoted on this website, verbally or written by Dogwood Ceramic Supply employees or by UPS personnel are an estimate of standard UPS rates to commercial locations, not inclusive of any UPS rate adjustments, accessorial charges or any product specific packaging or handling charges assessed by the driver due to customer requirements.

   Dogwood Ceramic Supply’s selling price of all of our products is based upon over the counter sales which do not require any packaging material to complete the sale and deliver the goods to the customer.  Packaging and Handling fees are based upon the complexity of the items purchased, the size of the order and the amount of packaging material required for proper protection of the items during UPS shipment.  When a substantial Packaging and Handling fee is appropriate the fee will be noted on the individual product pages rather than being treated as a hidden charge to be found after the transaction.

Reverse or 3rd Party Billing for UPS Shipments:

   Reverse billing, meaning UPS shipments shipped freight collect and charged to the consignee UPS account. Reverse or 3rd Party Billing requires management override on the Dogwood Ceramic Supply UPS computer system. Dogwood Ceramic Supply will ship on the customer’s UPS account, however, there will be a $15.00 administrative charge assessed on the first shipment to cover the cost of modifying our computer system to accommodate the Reverse or 3rd Party Billing for that particular customer.  Discounts received by Dogwood Ceramic Supply from UPS may be used internally by our business to offset normal packaging and handling fees.  As such, when Reverse or 3rd Party Billing is requested there may be additional packaging and handling fees not otherwise specified on individual product pages.

UPS Address and Telephone Number Verification:

   PO Box numbers may be still be used in some rural areas, but UPS regulations require a physical address with street name and building/house number for delivery.  Customers whom are unable to provide a valid street name and number shall be subject to a $15.90 UPS Address Verification Surcharge per package.

   Published Land Line telephone numbers may be used for verification of delivery addresses.  Unpublished and Cell Numbers are not viable for address verification.  Failure to provide a viable telephone number can result in Additional Handling Fees or even refusal to accept the packages for delivery.

    For information about larger shipments please refer to Dogwood Ceramic Supply's dedicated Motor Freight web page that includes basic freight rates.



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